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About Yammer

Yammer is a business social network built to encourage team collaboration, boost workers, and manage business conversion. It allows workers to cooperate in real time over departments, geographies, and business applications. It also supports them to build teams to work on projects, share and edit documents. The service of yammer.com can be accessed over the web, desktop and mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and Blackberry. This service allows a “virtual office” that workers can plug into while on-the-go. Moreover, Yammer can be simply united with other systems such as Microsoft SharePoint, building a social layer across all business applications.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Enterprise Microblogging
  • Private Messaging
  • Office 365 integration
  • Company Directory
  • Mobile compatable
  • Archives conversations
  • Create and join private or public groups
  • High level security
  • Share files, Links, and images
  • Message and content tagging


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Japanese, Chinese, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : JSON, REST, XML .
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Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
cloudswave Score
Domain Authority 80
Alexa Rank 2557
Facebook 65
Twitter 60
Google+ 76
Integration 77
Platforms 100
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Plans & Pricing

Yammer Enterprise Standalone

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Collaborate internally and externally in a secure
  • Closed network with feature rich administrative capability
  • Advanced security
  • Integration options
  • Microsoft support

Office 365 For Business

for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Access the full cloud suite of Office productivity
  • Communication and collaboration tools
  • Rich compliance and management features for IT

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Critic Reviews

  • 68

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    Rating based on 56 Critic Reviews

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    6 Mixed reviews
    40 %
    0 unfavorable reviews
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  • Overall this is a good Internal / Enterprise Social Network solution for the price range and by compared with other services out there.

  • What do you like best?

    It promotes communication with coworkers from different departments that you don't work with very often.

    What do you dislike?

    Its just another social network, nothing to special about it. After a week after my company signed up for it every one stopped using it.

  • Most things in Yammer are focused around the idea of groups having conversations, there is still much flexibility in what that means. When I go to share an update with the group I am able to add text but also do much more, including adding a document to my post, creating a quick poll question, giving someone praise or posting information about an event. In addition, for each item you can add Tags to help classify the content and make it easier to be found later.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Eric Foutch

    We were looking for a solution that worked for the entire company. We needed a way to increase employee engagement and also keep our employees up to speed when they were working remotely. The solution was Yammer!

    At first everyone was hesitant to start using it, but eventually everyone caught on and loved the system. We were able to communicate better and everyone stayed on the same page when it came down to clients and projects that we were working on.

    Instead of feeling like we HAD to communicate on Yammer, we were using it as our internal social network as well. Pictures, GIFs, polls and questions were all posted on our network.

    Pros :

    • Yammer has a very user-friendly design. It resembles a Facebook stream and since we are very picky about our user experience and interface we were more than pleased by the design of Yammer.
    • Notifications were also great! You have the option to receive emails or even text messages every time someone mentions you or asks a question.
    • We loved the integration that Yammer had the most. When a client blog post or update was released, we were able to create IFTTTs to automatically upload into our stream where everyone could see it. Seriously, this feature is amazing!
    • We also appreciated how easy it was to hashtag and filter results. By adding a hashtag to a post, we could easily click that and find other posts related to it and ensure that we weren't missing any important information.

    Cons :

    • Going back to the notifications part, I would say that if you haven't edited your notification settings they can become annoying. This is easily managed in your settings to eliminate some of the clutter in your inbox.
    • It would also be nice to have a little more integration for project management, but that's something that would change the face of the product and I can understand why they might leave this feature.
    • We have since moved on from Yammer, but always talk about how much better it is than Slack!

    • May 25, 2016
  • User review from

    Christina Alvarez

    Similar to Facebook, Yammer makes it easy for employees at our global agency to collaborate, share best practices, celebrate notable cover and client wins and share photos from team events at each office. Unlike Facebook, all information is private and only those invited to the group have access to internal conversations. Yammer is ideal for large organizations that want to connect with one another within a matter of seconds.

    Pros :

    Yammer allows you to connect instantly with colleagues around the world. The user interface is easy-to-use since its features are similar to Facebook. For example, you can “like” a post, send messages and see recent activity. You can also use hashtags on Yammer. It's enabled us to interact with individuals we may have a chance to actually meet in person. We can share photos from team and client events, as well as industry articles that provide insightful information we can all benefit from. You can also organize these into separate galleries. Since it's private, you must be invited in order to participate in the conversations and see the group's activity. The mobile app also gives you access from your phone, allowing you to stay connected while you're traveling. Yammer gives your organization access to an internal social media platform without having the potential distraction of outside users, such as friends and family, on Facebook and Twitter.

    Cons :

    Since the platform is so similar to Facebook, I think it made individuals shy to participate or start conversations. Since we're in the PR industry, we often over think about what we post to social media, even on our personal accounts. With larger organizations, it's easier to keep the conversation going. The desktop notifications and emails can also become annoying, but you can change the settings. It also has certain limitations. For example, you cannot reply to comments or moderate a discussion.

    • September 18, 2015
  • User review from

    Jess Messenger

    Employees at our firm have used Yammer to keep in touch with one another and share information, such as industry news, team promotions, client wins, project updates, event photos, etc. with everyone in seconds. We have several offices around the world, so it’s helpful to be able to connect in one private network despite being far from one another geographically. I think if our organization was larger, Yammer would seem much more useful because at present, it’s not too difficult for us to draft an email to the entire team.

    Pros : I like that Yammer can help connect our offices around the globe. We can add team members as new people are added in each office and it’s a great way to get to know new additions to the teams. We can share articles, photos from client events and tips with everyone quite easily even if we're working in different countries. I like that it's a private social network specifically for our organization, unlike Facebook or LinkedIn (unless we had a private group). There is a mobile app available so that you can stay connected to conversations and updates from your phone. Our organization hadn’t used this feature but it’s useful that you can access the network even while you’re on the go.

    Cons : The desktop notifications and emails can become a bit incessant so it's important to change your settings if your organization will have a lot of conversations going on throughout the day. I think Yammer would be more engaging for a larger organization that can keep many conversations going. Even with multiple offices, we have small teams in each country and sometimes it seemed hard to keep people motivated to communicate via Yammer. If we were discussing projects, most people still gravitated toward sending an email rather than typing up a post on Yammer.

    • September 10, 2015
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