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WiseStamp Email Apps enable users to transform their emails into a powerful self expression and promotional tool.

For users - Email Apps enable you to easily customize your email signatures with your personal social profiles and allows you to add to each outgoing email dynamic content such as your latest eBay item, recent blog post, your latest tweet or a cause to promote. The recipients of your email will see the updated content of the Email App and will be able to also interact with it directly from the email (e.g. retweet or follow in the Twitter App or buy in the eBay App).

For partners - WiseStamp Email Apps Platform enables social services, brands and publishers to distribute their content via Email Apps in one of the biggest online markets - email. Email Apps enable publishers to enjoy an effective distribution channel as well as the ability to constantly engage users with their own brand and content beyond the boundaries of their websites. Email Apps are a powerful engagement and user retention tool.

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  • If you currently run any kind of social media business, this email signature tool provides an excellent way to show off your skills. Simply add a stream to an account that you control, and everyone you send an email to will see what you can do – free advertising at its best.

  • If you’re blogging for your company, adding status updates to Facebook, Twitter or other social sites and you want a low-key way to promote your latest content in your emails, then you should take a close look at WiseStamp. The basic signature app is free, but you can customize it further by spending between $24 and $36 a year. The premium levels allow you to create a custom social icon (and the option to make the icons larger, which would be a good thing). Depending on your social presence the premium might make a lot of sense.

  • WiseStamp is a fun and useful browser extension that lets users insert custom signatures into all Web-based e-mails, and we think it's a good choice. We recommend this extension to all users.

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User Reviews

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    Stefano Caliò

    A useful tool for anybody wanting to get a custom email signature: Wisestamp was a service I used with satisfaction as a free account user, and I was able to get a brand new, very personal signature.

    It allows the user to create its own signature with a few clicks, offering a great variety of customization options: colours, links to social network accounts, banners, personal details...the result is pretty impressive, given the small amount of time and effort it takes to complete the customization, and looks good both on computers and on mobile devices, while offering a simple way to get more clicks to the one's websites and social network accounts.

    Pros :

    • Really easy to use: the web interface gives all the options one needs at click distance, and a useful preview is updated at every change the user makes. A Google Chrome plug-in is available, and it is as easy to use as the standard website (and stable, I have never encountered any issue). A Mozilla Firefox plug-in is available, as well, and there desktop-based solutions, such as the possibility to use Wisestamp with email clients as Thunderbird.
    • It provides with quite a high level of sophistication even with just the free account, letting the user to deeply customise a signature with many useful links and data, and the templates and colours are actually pretty nice, too.
    • The signature can be used with basically any kind of email account (i.e. Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo...)

    Cons :

    • The free version implies a "branding line", only removable with a purchase of the Pro account (which is probably a bit expensive, for a single, home user). Other than this, there are no major flaws: the experience is smooth and runs with no issue.
    • On the aesthetic side, the user interface might be nicer (it's a bit of a shame seeing a flat all-white one, given the colours one can get on his/her signature!), even if it's functional enough. I have found the Chrome plug-in to look more modern, in this sense.

    • April 25, 2016
  • User review from

    Ana Paulina Valencia Rubio

    Wisestamp is without a doubt one of the most straightforward apps I have used, and I have used it both for personal and professional purposes, as well as recommended it to every single one of my customers –and the occasional friend in need of a cool, clean and professional-looking signature. The first thing that you have to know is that it does not do much. Creating signatures are what they do best, and they have chosen to stick with it and are very, very good at it. Their templates are beautiful, fairly customizable (even if you are only using the free version), and they allow you to take your image to the next level. Considering an e-mail is often the first impression that you make with potential customers or employers, a service like the one offered by Wisestamp comes in very handy. And that is the one reason I simply can't refrain from recommending it: you may not think you need a signature, and this may be something that you had never even thought about, but it will help make you look more polished, professional and, at the end of the day, reliable. That said, it would be very difficult to argue that their service is in any way unique. While efficient (and definitely the shortest way to have a great-looking signature), it would take twice as long, at most, to create a signature using a different tool –and it takes absolutely no time with Wisestamp. This means that upgrading to the paid version might not be worth it, even in the short run, and especially if you are not a big company that needs to look flawless. Regarding performance and ease of use, I would give Wisestamp a 10. However, given that I can't find more than a very weak reason to recommend the paid version, I have to go with a lower grade which, again, is keeping in mind that this app does a beautiful job in exactly what it is supposed to do –with the sole flaw of being devoted to something that may be too simple to invest in.

    Pros :

    • Very simple to use.
    • Beautiful designs.
    • Free version is enough for most.

    Cons :

    • Can't think of one, it's just a very simple app that does exactly what it's supposed to do.

    • December 2, 2015
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