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Best WeTransfer Alternatives

Anyone who needs to transfer files over the Internet knows how important it is to have a tool that is reliable and that can handle the amount of data they need to move.
One of the most popular options for moving and sharing files today is WeTransfer. A number of large companies have taken to using the system including Toyota, Spotify, and Disneyland.
Users are able to send files that are up to 20GB, making it easy to send video files, large groups of photos, and much more. They also allow the users to keep the files available for as long as they wish, up to 100GB.
Users can create their own backgrounds, use password protection for transfers, and more. The current cost is $10 per month billed annually.
However, this is not the only option for transferring files on the web, and you may find that some of the WeTransfer alternatives are more to your liking.
Let's look at some of the most popular alterative options available today to see what they have to offer.

1. Minbox

Minbox is a cloud sharing option that could make a good WeTransfer alternative for your company.
The goal of the tool is to make it easier to manage the team, as well as to share in real time, which can make collaboration much easier.
One of the things that helps to separate this from some of the other options is that it allows you to bring many of your different cloud based files and applications together in one place.
They will also let the users customize the interface with their own branding.
The tools will make it nice and easy to track all of the different activity that's happening with various projects in the company.
You can receive notifications and info when people comment on the files, or view or download them.
They have four different plans from which you can choose, all of which have some interesting names. The Hustler plan is free, and it comes with an impressive 2GB of storage, three integrations, 500 files per upload, and 100 downloads per month.
The next step up is the Gangster plan, which is currently $8 per user per month when paid annually. This has unlimited storage, unlimited integrations, 1,000 files per upload, and 500 downloads per month. It features custom branding, HD video, file and folder locking, and there is no signup needed to download.
The Baller plan is $15 per user per month when paid annually, and it also features unlimited storage and unlimited integration. This plan offers 2,000 files per upload, and 1,000 downloads per months. It has the same features as the other plans, as well as file encryption.
Those who choose the Boss Plan will currently pay $38 per user per month. It has the same unlimited storage and integrations, as well as 5,000 files per upload and 5,000 downloads per month. It has all of the features of the other plans, as well as premium support.

2. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere bills itself as the simplest way to send files anywhere, and it does offer some robust features that make it nice and easy to use.
It is a multiplatform system that allows users to send files quickly and securely no matter the file type. Users will be able to send an unlimited number of files as well.
While it can certainly be a very useful tool for many who need to send files, it does have one major difference from WeTransfer. It only saves the files you are transferring for 24 hours. You, or the person to whom you send the file, will need to download it before the time expires.
They have apps available for your computer, as well as through the web, and for all smartphone devices - Windows Phone, iOS, Android, and Amazon Kindle.
It is free to download and use, which is one of the key reasons it is as popular as it is. In addition, there is no limit to the number of files, or the size of files that you can send.

3. TransferBigFiles.com

Here is another free offering that could be a good alternative for those looking for a file transfer system on the web that could make a good WeTransfer alternative.
In addition to the free version, they offer a paid option that has more features including the ability to send files that are up to 20GB. The paid version also features a personal drop box, a higher download limit, more storage space, and a transfer history.
The free version allows you to keep the files in the system for five days, while you will be able to determine how long you keep the files in the paid version.
The free version offers up to 100MB per file you send, SSL secured uploads, and management of the transfer history. You are limited to five downloads per file, and this version is ad supported. They actually have three tiers of paid plans. The Awesome plan is currently $8 per month and includes three users in the price. It features user management, security roles, up to 20GB per file, 100GB of shared storage, and up to 100 downloads per file. In addition, there are no ads.
The Awesome+ plan, currently at $19 per month, features everything that the Awesome plan has, but with 200GB of shared storage space, up to 250 downloads per file, up to 10 users included in the price, and a file plugin for your website.
The Amazing plan, which is currently $45 per month, allows for unlimited users, a full terabyte of storage, five plugins for the website, and customizable branding.
In addition, it is very easy to get started with the site and to transfer your files. The free version can give you an idea of what to expect, but the paid plans are where this one really shines since it gives you the ability to send such large files.

4. Hightail

This company used to go by the name YouSendIt, which you might recognize.
Hightail is a file storage and sharing tool that has a number of features similar to the other tools discussed in this article. You will be able to send files up to 10GB securely whether you are on your computer or on a mobile device. It is possible to share project folders with coworkers and with clients.
You will be able to determine who gets to view them, and who gets to make changes and updates to them. It is a reliable service that is useful to many companies and individuals, and it could make a viable WeTransfer alternative.
Through Hightail, you can choose from three different plans - Lite, Professional, and Enterprise. The Lite plan is free and features 2GB of storage, and a share file size limit of 250MB. It also features the ability to verify recipients, return receipts, data encryption, and a Microsoft Outlook plugin. You can access it via your desktop or your mobile device.
The Professional plan features all of the same elements as the Lite plan, and is currently $15.99 per month. It has unlimited storage and a share file size limit of 10GB. It also features password protection, file expiration management, read only sharing, download tracking, and the ability to receive large files from anyone.
The Enterprise plan could be a good solution for businesses that are looking for a WeTransfer alternative.
It has everything that the other plans have, as well as Enterprise support, a dedicated account team, Net 30 invoicing, user management, centralized policies, custom branding, SharePoint integration, deployment packages, customer success, integration with Active Directory and volume pricing. The cost for this is currently $19.99 per month.
The Professional and Enterprise versions have free trials available so you can use them to see whether they will work for your needs or not. It is a good idea to try it out before you commit any money to it.

5. FileSender

This browser-based file transfer system is simple to use and it is entirely free. Since everything is transferred right through the browser, you do not have to rely on any third party software to send files.
You will not have to sign up or register either. It is as simple as dragging and dropping files of any size and type to anyone who is a part of the transfer. You can accept or decline files that have been sent to you.
Since it is based in the browser, many wonder whether it is actually secure.
The company sends an encrypted file connection and basic info to the servers to create a connection to the other party. Then, the file is transferred directly to the peer through a channel that has been encrypted.
This means that the files you are sending, or receiving, never actually go through the FileSender servers; it is all peer to peer. Since they do not have to incur large costs of transferring files through their servers, they are able to offer the service free to anyone who wants to use it.

6. Let's Crate

Let's Crate is a simple way to share files, including incredibly large files - up to 5TB with the Pro plan. Once you sign up, you will be able to drag and drop your files into a "crate", where it will be stored in the cloud.
This will make the files accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. You can share the link to the entire crate or to a single file, and those people will then be able to download it. The company provides short URLs that you can use to make it easier to send the links.
At Let's Crate, you will not find a free plan. However, the first month of your service will be free. The company has three tiers of priced plans. For the Basic plan, you will currently pay $10 per year. It includes a 2GB file size limit, as well as short URLs, and 256-bit SSL encryption to ensure the safety of your files.
The Plus plan has the same features as the Basic, and it allows you to send massive files that are up to 500GM. It also has password protection. The current cost of the plan is $20 per year.   The current price of the Pro plan is $50 per year. It has the same great features as the other plans, as well as a 5TB file size limit, and direct upload to email.
Something to keep in mind about the company is that they also charge for storage and transfer. For the Basic plan it is currently 50 cents per GB, for the Plus it is 30 cents per GB and for the Pro it is 20 cents per GB.

7. Digital Pigeon

Digital Pigeon can make file transfer far more interesting, which is certainly saying something since it is generally a very tedious affair.
They allow custom branding that you can change through the appearance editor. They have custom backgrounds, and the designs will work on all different types of devices.
They create media ready previews for images, video, and audio content that you upload. The recipient will then be able to preview the files through their device before they download. You can choose from different presentation modes, and enjoy very fast and secure transfers, and much more.
Digital Pigeon is available in a number of different pricing options - Freelance, Boutique, Business, Business+, and Enterprise.
The Freelance plan is currently $26 per month and includes just one user license. The max file size is 10GB, and you will have 50GB of storage. You will also have one custom branded theme. The Boutique plan is $53 per month currently and is good for up to three users. The maximum file transfer size is 20GB, and you will have 100GB of storage. This plan also has three custom branded themes.
The Business plan is $107 per month currently and allows for up to five users. The maximum file size transfer is 50GB, and you will have 250GB of storage (unlimited if you choose an add-on). You will also be able to use ten branded themes.
The Business+ option can be used with up to ten users. The file transfer size limit is 100GB with this plan, and it comes with 400GB of storage (also upgradeable to unlimited with an add-on). You will also have the ability to use 20 branded themes. The current price for this plan is $161 per month.
The final plan from Digital Pigeon is Enterprise, and it is currently $242 per month. You can have 20 active users, which is upgradeable. You will be able to send files that are up to 100GB and will have 600GB of storage, also upgradeable. You will be able to use 100 branded themes with this option.
As mentioned, you can choose from a number of add-on options per month. These include adding any extra team users, an extra GB of storage, and increased downloads.
They offer a 14-day free trial that does not require a credit card. If this seems like a good WeTransfer alternative to you, make sure that you check out the free trial before signing up for a paid account, just to see if it does everything you need.

8. Sharefile

This tool from Citrix has a good reputation for being reliable and safe to use thanks to the high-grade data encryption and the customizable security settings. It is even capable of supporting various industry regulations, including HIPAA.
The company has four file sharing plans from which you can choose.
The Personal plan is a good option for individuals. It costs $16 per month billed annually currently. It offers 100GB of storage and file size transfers up to 10GB. It also has 24/7 customer support, custom branding, unlimited client users, multifactor authentication, mobile apps, sync, a desktop widget, versioning, and FTP.
The Team Plan is currently $60 per month billed annually for up to five employee accounts. To add more accounts, it is an additional $10. It features 1TB of storage and file transfers up to 10GB. It has the same features as the Personal plan, as well as mobile editing, an email plugin, and third party integrations.
The Business plan, which they say is their most popular offering, is $100 per month billed annually and has five employee accounts. You can add more at $12 per additional account. This plan has unlimited storage and a file transfer size of 100GB. It has the same features as the other plans, along with quite a few extras. These include encrypted email, device security, a user management tool, full text search, file check-in and checkout, archiving, folder Q&A, folder templates, folder invitations, and file drop.
The Virtual Data Room plan is best for the advanced security options and tracking, which can be useful for large businesses that need to keep information as secure and confidential as possible.
This plan currently starts at $295 per month billed annually. It has 5GB of storage and a transfer file size of 10GB. It has the same features as the other plans, except for encrypted email and file check-in and checkout. It also features dynamic watermarking, view only, and click trails.
Sharefile offers a 30-day free trial so you can see whether it works for you. The trial is for their Business plan, so be aware that if you choose one of the lower tier plans, it will not have all of the same features.

9. Jumpshare

This tool offers users the capability to share an unlimited number of files and to do so in just seconds. It is easy to share between friends, team members, and clients alike.
You can share all manner of different data including files, folders, notes, links, and screenshots. You will then get a link that you can share online or send to someone through email so they can download it.
Jumpshare will work on all devices including Windows, MAC OS X, iPhone, and Android.
In addition to the free version, they have Jumpshare Plus available, which provides more advanced options for sharing files.
You can determine whether someone is just able to view the file or whether they can download it as well. You can schedule shares to determine when they will be available. This version also comes with password protection, self-destruct for the files, custom branding, a custom domain, analytics, unlimited file sizes, a terabyte of storage, higher bandwidth, priority support and early access to new features. The current cost of this plan is $9.99 per month or $99 per year.

10. Infinit

Infinit is a powerful and easy to use WeTransfer alternative for those who need to send large files quickly.
They allow users to send files and folders of any size and file type. You can send documents, photos, audio, and HD movies. It utilizes point-to-point technology so that users will send files from one device to another without going through the cloud and servers.
This means that the file transfers tend to be much faster, cutting the download times in half in many cases.
It is extremely simple to use as well; all you need to do is drag and drop the files and click send. It is just as easy to accept files on any desktop or mobile device.
It will appear in a download folder so you do not have to worry about using links or ZIP files to get what you need. It is also possible to send files directly to someone's email so they can download without them needing to have Infinit installed.
They have four pricing tiers for the service. The free Basic plan has a 10GB file size limit, 1GB of storage, unlimited transfers per month, and five transfers to yourself per month. The Plus option is currently $7 per month and has an unlimited file size limit, 5GB of storage, unlimited transfers to others and yourself per month, and a personalized domain.
The Professional plan, which is $9.99 per month currently has all of the same features as the Plus plan, along with 100GB of storage, links expiration dates, password protected links and branding. The Team plan is $12 per user per month currently and has 150GB of storage per user. It has the other features that the Professional Plan has along with tram branding.

Wrap Up

These are some of the best WeTransfer alternatives to consider. Some may have different features than what you need, so explore all of them to find out which works best for you.

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