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WeTransfer is an online file transferring platform, where you can send your documents, and they're automatically transferred to the right recipient with no hassle, no stress and no charge.

WeTransfer's mission is to create a platform that allows anyone in the world to send large files. With this application, you can send up to 2GB per transfer simply, securely and for free.

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  • Add comments to files
  • Quickly upload 2GB of content
  • Add and send multiple files
  • Safe transfer of files
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WeTransfer Review by Cloudswave

WeTransfer is a file transfer service that is cloud-based. It is located in Amsterdam and co-founded by a well-known Dutch digital entrepreneurs Nalden and Bas Beerens in 2009. Unlike its competitors Dropbox or Hightail that were heavily funded since inception, WeTransfer was bootstrapped until early 2015 despite being consistently profitable since 2013. According to co-founder Nalden’s statement,  he knew it was a profitable business but he only wanted to fund based on actual revenue. Thus, it gave him a privilege in negotiations.

This philosophy of doing things unconventionally is reflected in the User Interface as well. For starters, there is no visible login or sign up button on the homepage and registering is not at all necessary to use the basic service. Considering every other file sharing service requires registration beforehand, which it’s a big plus.

WeTransfer Review 1

The WeTransfer homepage is very simple and striking at the same time. The navigation bar has just two tabs. As soon as you agree to the terms and conditions you’re ready to go. A simple click and you can add any number of files in any format up to 2 GB for free.   

The highlight about WeTransfer is its extremely simple interface. All operations are carried out from a simple small box on the left-hand side of the homepage. The uncluttered feel of the homepage is refreshing.

WeTransfer Review 2

Just add the files enter your destination and your Email ID, click on transfer and voila the process is initiated. The transfer completion depends on the speed of the internet connection and the file size. Once it is completed, you receive a notification.

WeTransfer Review 3

On completion, the recipient receives a direct download link from which the file can easily be downloaded with a single click. Files are stored on WeTransfer servers for up to 2 weeks in the basic version.  Something you need to be careful about in case you’re transferring some important files just make sure to have a backup since WeTransfer’s primary function is file transfer and not file storage on the cloud.

WeTransfer’s ad revenue model is unique. Look up any free service on the web and the chances are that it will be cluttered with ads everywhere and it’s a nuisance if you need to use something like that regularly. On the other hand, WeTransfer has a single full page colorful wallpaper ad mostly propagating some creativity such as art, photography or music. These full page wallpaper ads are displayed on the home screen, and they keep rotating every minute. These ads are consistent with the creative image of WeTransfer as the wallpapers are sourced from local photographers, artists, brands and event organizers. This brilliant idea stems from Founder Nalden’s positive experience with full page ads on his blog.

Due to its ease of use and creative undertones WeTransfer has become a highly used application in the sound and film industry, where large files are to be transferred continuously. An added incentive is that creative people do not usually like to deal with the nuances of complicated software, making WeTranfer the perfect tool for them. WeTransfer Review 4

WeTransfer Plus is the paid version of WeTransfer for advanced users. Priced at $10 a month it’s not too much on the wallet if your usage is high and involves sending large files.

WeTransfer Plus comes with a variety of added features. With Plus, you can send files up to 20 GB, thus eliminating the need to break down large files into smaller parts. A Plus membership also comes with 100 GB free long-term storage. Therefore, there is a backup of all the files sent, unlike the free version where files expire within two weeks. This feature also reduces the time spent resending a large file, since you do not need to upload the file again.

Additionally, you can also protect sensitive files using passwords to make sure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. It also enables you to customize your downloads with your background and personalized URL.

WeTransfer Review 5

One of the main highlights of WeTransfer Plus is that it offers you a subdomain called a Plus channel. A Plus channel being a public URL is viewable by all users, which means others have access to uploads and details of your account, but transfers made by the Plus user are not visible to everyone. The advantage here is that all files uploaded to your channel are available for four weeks instead of the seven days offered in the basic version.

WeTransfer Plus also allows you to create your own Plus channel. A Plus channel includes a personal subdomain that you can customize as you like.  This feature gives you a personalized WeTransfer page, which is the landing page for any friends, family or colleagues who have received a transfer from you. All you have to do is log in with your Plus membership details.

WeTransfer Review 6

The Plus channel has personalization page where you can customize your WeTransfer page as per your preferences. You can give a name to your channel, which is displayed on the right lower corner of the page and set a default recipient address.

Another great feature making WeTranfer Plus fast and user-friendly is the default recipient option. You can set your e-mail address as the default recipient, so any users or clients visiting your page don’t even need to fill out your address. Just attach your file, enter their email address and within just 3-4 clicks a file is sent.

Plus also includes branding options, where you can upload up to 3 wallpapers of your choice. These wallpapers can link to another website, LinkedIn page or Facebook page making it a great advertising platform for professionals or organizations.

While the basic free service allows the user to transfer only to 20 recipients at a given time, a Plus account gives the option to send a file to a 100 recipients at once.

You can also benefit from an address book feature where you can store your recipient addresses, which enable easy access. Every address you use in the friends email field is also automatically added to your address book.

All in all WeTransfer is easy to use, eye-catching and refreshing without clutter ads. It’s ideal for users who frequently need to transfer files above the email transfer limit. On the other hand, a Plus account is the best file transfer service you will come across for that price. It’s ideal for sending large audio and video file or even a large folder for that matter through a zip archive.

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  • Ive been using WeTransfer for a long time for my bussines and I found WT very usefull to share my work to each client when it comes too big to send in an email attachment.

    Pros : Extremelly user friendy and simple. Even a child can handle this.

    Cons : Its only in english. It should be in many other languages.

  • WeTransfer has been my file transfer service of choice for quite some time now, simply because I don’t think there’s a more reliable and straightforward file transfer service out there.

  • WeTransfer is easily one of the best file transfer apps ever created. It’s great that their business model not only generates revenue but also ensures a better user experience for end customers. Everything, from the responsive background to the upload interface to the notification emails, looks great and works really well. And at the great price of free, it really can’t be beat. If you’re sending files, look good while you’re at it with WeTransfer.

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Patricio Santirso

    I have seen many Marketing teams use this tool and some other non-IT departments. They used this tool to share big size files (videos, HQ presentations, etc.). The tool allows to share up to 2 GB with its free version and up to 20 GB using the Plus version. The Plus version currently has a monthly fee of 12 US Dollars. The Plus version gives you other options rather than sending files, it also stores up to 100 GB of the sent files in your history log in case you need to re-send or provide the same information to another person.

    I think this tool is used because the restriction that company emails have to send files, if some day email systems allow sending many Gigas file, this tool will disappear, but still very far for that to happen.

    Another good point that covers WeTransfer is the fact that allows setting up a password to the file you are sharing in order to protect it. I strongly recommend you always use this password when sending files to others as we do not know if the channel where the file is being sent is secured. Also, if you can password protect or encrypt the file before sending is also a good recommendation to ensure confidentiality and integrity. andnbsp;

    The only issue I had with this tool was that if you use this tool under your company's internet connection (and if this is not so fast), you can affect network performance. I used to recommend users to send anything they wanted after business hours when most of the users were not at the office anymore.

    If you are an IT manager, it is good to make these recommendations to the WeTransfer users, as you might always have a better and more secure tool to make this File Transfers.

    Pros :

    • Quick and easy to share with anybody.

    Cons :

    • It is not as secure as an SFTP.

    • August 25, 2016
  • User review from

    Laura Palumbo

    WeTransfer is the best solution to send big weigh files to a client. This product is impressive for the speed at which you can upload contents: then, you have just to copy the link that is automatically generated, and paste it into the message you have to send.

    After so many years of use, I must say that WeTransfer saved my life several times, especially when I happened to have very large files and having to send them to the other side of the world. In just a bunch of minutes, problem solved!

    It's better to remember that the link you send or you receive, expires in 7 days, so if you forget to download the contents, you have to repeat the procedure.

    The maximum size for file sharing, for a standard user, is 2 GB, but if you need more space, you can choose to subscribe to WeTransfer Plus, at a cost of 120 euros per year (really little price, for example for large agencies).

    From the interface point of view, I would like to make a special mention also for illustrators: thanks to them, I always have fun with their artworks. A simple page (composed exclusively by the file upload form) becomes, thanks to them, colorful and extremely charming!

    Pros :

    • To be able to share all of your files in so little time, with your friends, colleagues or clients.
    • If you choose to subscribe to WeTransfer Plus, you can keep your files also for more than seven days.
    • It's extremely easy to use: you just have to drop and drag the file in WeTransfer page (of course, you can drop all the files you want, as long as they don't exceed the maximum 2 GB space).

    Cons :

    • I think there are no Cons for this products. I absolutely like everything about it!

    • May 30, 2016
  • User review from

    Alejandra López

    I first started using it over 4 years ago for my school projects, and now I still use it, mainly for my work at a design agency. I love the fact that you don't have to sign in to be able to share files like other platforms, which makes transferring files faster and easy.

    Now I use the wetransfer plus version at work with a 50 GB file total storage, and one of the most important features, at least for my work is that you get to personalize your pages with your photos and logo, which is great when you use it with clients. Overall is a great product, easy to use and budget free.

    Pros :

    • Everything about this software is you get to share huge files to people who's mailboxes are not big enough. In a small amount of time your files will be in the cloud and it is a great feature the fact that the files that you share are available only for a certain amount of time (like 7 days or so), then they are removed, so you know for sure that they won't be wrongly used in the future.
    • The fact that there is a 2 GB free version is also amazing, especially for design or architect students who need to send heavy files to classmates or teachers.
    • The price for the premium account is also very affordable when taking the competition in mind.

    Cons :

    • I can't really complain about anything with this software, I use it pretty much everyday at work with my clients.
    • There is so much of competition out there, but over the time I've found that this is a great alternative if you don't have an account on Google Drive, Dropbox or any other software online that need a log in, in order to access.

    • April 21, 2016
  • User review from

    Julie Regimbal

    My overall impression of this system when I was first browsing looking for an online storage and sending files was this system is staying updated with the times. Their website was clear and concise. I liked that right away and was able to find the information I was looking for within a couple minutes (storage space and trials). This system is the easiest way I have found to send files that take up a lot of memory. Our company uses a lot of pictures, videos, and graphs that take up a lot of space. These powerpoints are hard to send, so that is why we needed a system like WeTransfer to help us send and store files from coworker to coworker. Another nice thing about this system is they are able to be free because they have nondisruptive advertisements that help them make their money. They also have a Wetransfer Plus account for people to upgrade to, but they can still just use the basic system which is free!

    Pros :

    • There are many pros of using this system. You can send up to 2 GBs of files per each transfer.
    • I have never even been close to that limit before!
    • Their system is simple, user-friendly and secure! I find the secure part to be the most important. Working in HR, I work with a lot of confidential documents for employees.
    • I need to make sure to keep their information safe and secure. With this system, I know their website and transfer process is secure, and I have never had any issues with it. It is also free!
    • This is what we were looking for because we did not have any room in the budget for this transfer and storage space.
    • So when I found WeTransfer and saw it was free, I presented it to the corporate office and was able to get it approved!

    Cons :

    • There are not very many cons about this system. I haven't had any issues with it. I would like to see more GBs available for the transfers in the future. I could see out company going over 2 GB in one transfer. We have not yet, but with the Wetransfer Plus you can transfer up to 20GB in one process and also keep it available for as long as you want. That is one feature that the regular system does not have.
    • I also would like to have the password protected transfer where you have to put in your password to ensure that your files are not able to be opened.

    • April 19, 2016
  • User review from

    Ronnie Rask

    WeTransfer gives you an easy quick way to send files to people. I've used it and received files many times over the past year. Quickly you can send any file across the internet to a Friend's Email. Up to 2 GB seems to be enough to send almost anything. Easy to use and quick to use for all different skill levels. andnbsp;

    Pros :

    • The main purpose I use WeTransfer for is sending Audio to other producers to do remixes.
    • You can send a quick zip file, and it gives you the freedom of doing it quickly.
    • The servers seem to upload very fast and download very fast. I've never had it fail.
    • It's also nice that if you want to send to multiple people you can just grab a download link.
    • Share the download link and everyone can download.
    • I even use it for sending video files for my Video production.
    • Almost every system can use it very quickly over their browsers.
    • No need to install anything.
    • They do offer a very personal upgrade service where you can customize the download portal to look like your company.
    • Easy cloud service to use.

    Cons :

    • My main dislike is that I get a lot of files from people over email. I don't have time to download, or I'm on the wrong device.
    • If I forget to download it and get back to clearing my email tasks out a few days later.
    • The WeTransfer link is no longer available. I know it's a part of their Free Version, but it's annoying how quick the links disappear.
    • Next, I never have seen a value to purchasing the pro version.
    • The free version is good enough.
    • I have encountered some larger video comps that were too large for the 2 GB limit. Although it's few and far in between.

    • March 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Luca Campanelli

    WeTransfer is one of the best sites currently on the market that storage and online sharing, you will not need to install any application, the service has been designed by its developers for the purpose of enabling any user even a beginner to send large files size.

    Pros :

    • WeTransfer is a free service that enables you to send files with a weight of no more than 2 GB, in WeTransfer are supported virtually all the available file types and most used.
    • WeTransfer Plus is instead the paid service, is obviously an advanced service and much more professional than free, via the Plus you can transfer files with a maximum weight of 20GB, and these files will always be available.
    • Another convenient option is that your file will be password protected (this method will prevent forwarding the link to other users, third parties are able to download these files).
    • It provides a detailed of the various historical letters sent and the same can be recovered again, allows you to manage in full autonomy also the list of accounts and the various addresses and other useful features.
    • Once you have decided which sort of service to use (I recommend you start using the standard for understanding the basic functioning) simply click the Add Files button, then you will open a screen that will allow you to upload the file you want, once filled out the form required with your personal information but above all the necessary information to file sharing (so your email address, the address of the recipient or multiple recipients more addresses to which you want to send the file and a header message of the documents).

    Cons :

    • For the Plus the price is not very convenient if you think about many other online storage sites, but it should be said that WeTransfer is one of the best, the site is very attractive, easy to use, the basic user is followed step by step and the destination user does not have any difficulty in downloading files.

    • March 8, 2016
  • User review from

    Ana Paulina Valencia Rubio

    WeTransfer is one of the most effective and easiest ways of sharing or transferring large files. I've used it both for work and for personal purposes, and it has almost always been ideal. Sending files is a very straightforward process: enter the website, tell them which file to transfer, write down the recipients' e-mail address, as well as your own, and then a message if you want to, though you don't have to. The click the button and voilà! Your file will upload and then send. You'll get a confirmation e-mail letting you know that the file is on its way, and one when the file is downloaded. The transferred file (or the link that goes to it) has an expiration date. If it has not been downloaded two days before the expiration date, WeTransfer will send you a reminder. If the expiration date goes by with no downloads, you will have to do the transfer again. Downloading is easy, too, simply click the link in an e-mail (I always advise the recipients to check their spam folder, because the sender's address is WeTransfer's, not your own) and then the download button. Then, the fact of depending on the speed of your connection and how heavy the file is, you wait for a few minutes, and that's all! You now have the file. One thing that annoys me about this otherwise very efficient service: sometimes, for no reason, the transfer continues after the total weight of the file has been uploaded –if this happens, your transfer will not go through, and you have to restart it. On the bright side, I suppose, the second time has worked well every time, but I've had this happen on many occasions, and if you're in a hurry because the file in question is urgent, it can get very annoying.

    Pros :

    • Easy.
    • Effective.
    • Fast.

    Cons :

    • You need a stable internet connection, any turbulence and your transfer has to be restarted.

    • January 7, 2016
  • anonymous


    WeTransfer is fast, easy to use, and up to 2GB free with no sign-up. Most email servers have size limits that they allow you to send files up to. That becomes extremely challenging in my line of business, marketing, and advertising as we are often sending extremely large files, whether they're working design files, commercials, billboards and more. Not being able to send them in a normal email becomes a pain, but WeTransfer has made the process of sending large files painless! I have used many times and recommend it to anyone who needs a simple method to get a large file to another person. Dragging-and-dropping is all it takes to get things to upload, which is so easy and avoids you from having to have multiple windows open. You're then able to copy and paste a link or enter the email and email message you would like it to go to, and the message is off. On the receiving end of the email, everything is just as easy! The link to download is right there, downloads right to your desktop, no sign-up or account needed. It sends the email straight to your inbox, so there is no other window that you need to open. The email is extremely clean and professional looking. I really couldn't be happier than I am with WeTransfer. My only complaint that is like DropBox offers, there is no storage of the large items, it's simply good for sending the files to someone else and for them to download and save. It's not a collaborative system like Dropbox. I would love to recommend to anyone that has to send big files via email on a regular basis, even if it's only every now and then. It's a free system, and easy to use on both the sending and receiving end. Highly highly recommend as a frequent user of the program.

    Pros :

    • Easy to use.
    • Looks professional.
    • Free.
    • No account/sign up needed.

    Cons :

    • Doesn't store large files.

    • November 13, 2015
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    This is a multi-facet, file transferring interface. This software allows its users to transfer files as large as of 2 GB for free, which is indeed a large amount of data. The free version of the software allows users to do file transfer without creating an account though creation of user account would help in reviewing sent data. The receiver of the file also need not have an account on We Transfer. The receiver would simply receive a link which will allow the receiver of the file, instant file download. This tool supports nine different language files transfer. It has a smart feature which saves a little bit of user time, the tool allows the user to enter the recipient's address while the file is being uploaded.

    Pros :

    • We Transfer has a very simple and easy defined process of transferring file which are impossible to send across through emails due to their size.
    • Transmitted files are stored onto user account for two to four weeks, thus facilitating its users by making a short-term backup.
    • It can be used on smartphones thus making it easily accessible. Once the receiver has received the file, the sender receives a notification from We transfer which has complete details of time of transfer with file size and also the time at which the receiver received the file. This notification also provides to the user a link to forward the same file to multiple people without going through the process of uploading the same again and repeating the process.

    Cons :

    • The free version is not capable of dealing with even small-scale organizations needs and hence can’t be tested for free.
    • The free version though is sufficient for individual’s requirement. To keep the tool simple to use, very little features have been added to the platform. Thus it a very specific purpose tool.

    • November 8, 2015
  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

     What is the most simple way to transfer files via email? The majority answer that it is the attachment. And what to do if the files are too big to attach them? You can upload them somewhere and then put the link into a letter. WeTransfer is the simple way to download big files and send the letters with the links in them. It allows you to transmit by email any number of files, up to 2 gigabytes. You don't need to register anywhere or pay for it. The uploaded file list can be sent up to the twenty e-mail addresses. Herewith every recipient receives the individual letter, without disclosure of the recipients to each other. The WeTransfer's interface combines primitive file uploader and e-mail client. Enter your address, the recipients, write the accompanying text, select files to send and click the button. You'll receive a letter with the details. Here is the Forward link in the letter. If you want the same files to be sent to someone else, you can follow the link, add recipients and send them the same files (without uploading them again). Thus, the restriction to 20 recipients can be easily bypassed any number of times. The link in the email is not direct, but the download page is extremely simple. No ads, Captcha, registration. Just protection from misuse and that's all. The letter to the recipients contains the message sender name, its address, the names of all transferred files (and their sizes, which is especially useful), as well as the date until which the file will be stored on the server. WeTransfer stores the files for two weeks without any deletions.

    Pros :

    •  Extremely simple way to transfer big files Send up to 2 Gb in one letter for free Send up to 20 Gb in one letter for $10 a month.
    • Apps for Android and iOS for transferring files from smartphones.

    Cons :

    • No way to store old files more than 2 weeks in free version.

    • October 22, 2015
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