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WatchDox enables organizations to access, protect and control their critical documents wherever they go: on any tablet, smartphone, or PC, even those beyond the IT department’s control. Available as SaaS or on premise, the WatchDox document-centric security platform allows organizations to collaborate with partners, adopt bring your own device (BYOD) initiatives, and control or wipe their documents remotely, all while providing their users a superior experience across every device. 

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  • Watermarks
  • Recipient restrictions on file printing, copying and forwa


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  • Control and track documents
  • Extend and utilize existing corporate solutions
  • Send large files

How to Get Your WatchDox Free Trial

Acquired by BlackBerry Limited in April 2015, WatchDox is a file and document managing software application that offers organizations the most secure way to control, sync, share and access critical documents wherever they go. Available as on-premise or SaaS, the software also enables organizations to wipe or control documents remotely, collaborate with partners, and adopt BYOD initiatives, all while providing an easy-to-use, responsive, and intuitive user experience.

The software is currently in use by more than 500 organizations, among which 150 are from the Fortune 1000s. Do you plan on using WatchDox too? If yes, follow these steps to get a free trial:

Step 1:

WatchDox Free Trial Step 1

Enter WatchDox's website and explore it to understand how the document managing software application works and keeps you in control of your files. Once done, click on the “Try It Free” tab, located in the center of the page (right next to the “View a Demo” tab).

Step 2:

WatchDox Free Trial Step 2

After you click on the “Try It Free” tab, you will be redirected to the “Request a Free Trial” page. As you can see, you will be asked to provide a little information about your company. Therefore, enter your first name, last name, the number of employees, job title, industry, business phone number, country, email address, and preferred sub-domain. Once done, click on the “Submit” option and wait until you receive a notification for a free trial.

Step 3:

WatchDox Free Trial Step 3

The free trial won’t last you forever and will expire sometime or the other. Subsequently, if you want to continue using the software subscribe to the monthly plan. In general, WatchDox charges $15 per user/month, which is quite reasonable for any startup business looking for an efficient way to manage their documents.

Now that you are familiar with the steps mentioned above, obtaining a free trial at WatchDox won’t be a problem.

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Critic Reviews

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  • What do you like best?

    WatchDox solution working in the same way like DropBox

    What do you dislike?

    Version control is not user friendly

  • WatchDox offers syncing capabilities in support of work efficiency, secure sharing capabilities for ease of collaboration and accurate access. It also offers high tech, yet easy to use editing capabilities for documents with annotative capabilities, which allows users to use the most up to date tools for graphing, excel datasheet building, etc.

  • The Watchdox site is recommended to any individual or company that needs to securely control and track the sending and receiving of documents. The ability to grant users various permissions to documents makes for a very flexible solution. In addition, the site is very easy to use. The site provides an elegant solution to a need that has existed for some time.

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User Reviews

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    Rajat Jain

    Watchdox is an application that allows users to share documents in the most secure manner. It is very convenient to use, and the users can specify the read, write, print and other permissions for their documents. The document is then shared through a link over email. Depending on the permissions set for that particular user, the receiver can access the document. Watchdox offers a choice of hybrid, SaaS or on-premise deployment to businesses. Watchdox even has a Blackberry app that is quite obvious now as Blackberry has acquired it. It offers various plugins so that various documents can be shared via Outlook using Watchdox protection.

    Pros :

    • The best part is the document tracking capability of Watchdox.
    • It provides a tracker for all the activity related to the shared documents.
    • It tells you if the document has been opened and printed the document if the document has been forwarded and even the geographical location from where the document is accessed.
    • The permissions specified while sharing the document can be modified anytime even after sharing the document.
    • One can also specify the time after which the access to the document will be revoked automatically.
    • Another important feature is that one can even edit Office documents using its mobile editor that makes the need for editing the documents with another app redundant.
    • Watchdox also allows the annotation of the stored documents and these documents can be shared along with comments and annotations with other users.
    • Few advanced security features make Watchdox one of the most secure file sharing and sync service for enterprises.
    • One can disable the screenshot capture of the shared documents.
    • One can set watermarks so that even if someone takes a printout or a screenshot, the content remains copyrighted.
    • Also, Watchdox builds security within the document that is as good as it can get to secure your documents.
    • All other security tools like Firewalls, anti-virus solutions, etc. have loopholes and can be exploited by hackers but when the documents itself are encrypted, your critical data is in safe hands.

    Cons :

    • Watchdox mobile editor packs a punch of functionalities by allowing editing the office documents, but it is far away from a full-fledged office alternative.
    • There is no option of creating new documents from scratch.

    • December 2, 2015
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    With the rise in legal formalities, organizations have developed a need to maintain a large amount of files that have to be created and reviewed now and then and have become a great hassle. Watchdox helps us to reduce this hassle by providing a platform where we can share files and documents among employees. This is very secure software as it claims to utilize Amazon Web Services which are trusted in the market for its security features. Individuals can manage the cloud space provided by Watchdox for individual logins, and the documents can also be wiped off with the help of features like Auto Wipe off after the sharing and download are complete for all users. One can edit all types of Microsoft Office files both on iOS and Android thus making the product extremely user-friendly and helps to manage time.

    Pros :

    • It has a version that is suitable for small scale organizations as well with a maximum capacity of 10 users at a time.
    • This is in contrast to its competitors like SharePoint, which provide an interface for only large scale organizations.
    • Watchdox most outstanding feature is that the user or the sharer of the document can pre-define the control parameters of the document that includes who all can edit it, who all can view it, etc.
    • These parameters can be defined separately for separate documents.
    • It is an extremely secure medium and is capable of holding sensitive and confidential data.

    Cons :

    • The most tiring feature of Watchdox is that the old Documents need to be manually managed if not on Auto Delete else the new documents are all in pending stage and would not flow into your Inbox.
    • There is no free trial package available which is a necessity in today’s competitive world.
    • Also, the customer support services of Watchdox are very slow, and you have to mail rigorously to get a response from them.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Tapan Jain

    WatchDox is a file sharing and cloud storage service. It takes data security to the next level. It has a lot of features to keep your data completely safe. It allows enterprises to keep their data completely safe even when data is not on their devices and outside of their network. One is in full control of its data even when it is on unknown devices and can changes the permissions on the fly. This helps in increasing employee productivity as now the enterprise content can be accessed and edited on their personal mobile devices without the worry of it being stolen. One can access and edit documents with the MS-Office integrated in the core application. It has solutions for everyone – individual users, small and medium enterprises and large business houses. It offers cloud deployment as SaaS, on premise or hybrid deployment. People who are paranoid about their data in cloud servers owned by a third party can go for an on premise deployment.

    Pros :

    I really like that there are so many layers of security one can deploy to prevent the data theft. It provides the watermark functionality so that someone can’t even take a snapshot of your sensitive content without giving a due credit to you. There are few other ways where in it displays the content in a short window only. It can even help wipe out the information even after it has been downloaded to other device. One can have complete control over their data –when a file was opened and from which location, when and by whom it was edited or printed or who has forwarded it. The owner of the file is in full control of his files. He can set restrictions like disable downloading, file expiration date and time. As told above, the best part is all these constraints apply even if the file is on an unknown device. It also offers content connectors which let you connect Watchdox to your other cloud storage providers or Enterprise File Management systems. This helps to share the data securely and also makes the ECM data suitable for mobile use.

    Cons :

    It does not provide identity verification systems so that files are not even opened by unintended recipients. The data resides on Amazon servers and not on Watchdox own servers which make it a little vulnerable.

    • September 16, 2015
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