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Torch LMS is an LMS for the 21st century organization. It is both powerful and easy to use. Administrators who use the system will will save up to 70% of their time compared to other providers. The software is as powerful as the most expensive solution providers, but more affordable and more intuitive to use.

The system focuses on the essentials of the workplace learning, with a particular emphasis on processes, navigation, and tracking compliance training. Training administrators will spend far less time setting up classes, inputting data, and reporting. The system makes these and many other processes very easy—and in some areas, it does these things for you. Training professionals need a system that is easy to use, requiring minimal training to use it effectively; a system that empowers them with actionable reporting data so they can focus on strategy and relationships.

Torch LMS is incredibly intuitive for users and administrators, requiring little or no training to use it effectively. The system is easy to navigate, with common sense terminology and that won’t confuse your users. Our system is laser-focused on the user experience. We want users to look forward to coming back to the site to monitor their progress. We focus our development on having as few clicks as possible. Your users will experience the system as quick and easy.

If you are searching for the ultimate LMS, as a first-time buyer, or if you are frustrated with your current LMS solution, Torch LMS is the perfect solution to manage the training

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