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TeamDrive is an intelligent software which enables the fast, simple, secure, and automatic exchange of files over the Internet. A group of users can have on-line, as well as, off-line access to the same data at any time, without administrative expense, and without security risks. Setting up secure virtual work groups is as easy as creating a folder in your file system. The user has complete control over this folder and who may have access to it. TeamDrive watches any folder in your file system and synchronizes via Ad-Hoc VPNs. Full version control included. Any Web-Dav server can be used as a relay server. In addition, numerous hosting partners are offering special hosting services. TeamDrive technology and TeamDrive solutions are geared to any user and any company to better manage documents, files, input and contributions from co-workers by virtualizing their content. As a result the data becomes completely device independent, durable and still always accessible even when off-line, which grants higher productivity, more flexibility, security and backup. TeamDrive is the solution for companies and individuals to share data across LAN boundaries and manage documents in distributed organizations.

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  • Hosted Cloud Storage : 2 GB
  • Multiple Server Support: Unlimited
  • Client side limitations: 2 GB



  • Hosted Cloud Storage : 2 GB
  • Multiple Server Support: Unlimited
  • Client side limitations: unlimited



  • Hosted Cloud Storage : 2 GB
  • Multiple Server Support: Unlimited
  • Client side limitations: unlimited
  • Extended range of functions
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  • TeamDrive for Mac offers high data security and is suitable for any user concerned about the security of file transfer services they are currently using. Some users might be looking for a more custom solution that provides toughened-up security in order to feel more confident using such systems on a daily basis. For those users, TeamDrive for Mac proposes an alternative. The software felt a bit slower but is worth trying out.

  • TeamDrive has been around for very long time, and there is no doubt that it is really useful for teams too. Even for individual users, 10GB free space offer is enticing, as well as its privacy controls. The software is simple to use, but the pricing information on website is just confusing. A lot of things we can do with TeamDrive are also more suitable for technically-inclined users too. So if you have someone with technical capabilities in your team, TeamDrive will work great for you

  • Teamdrive is a decent alternative to SpiderOak and definitely better than Dropbox, where the company can decrypt your data, if you care about privacy drop Dropbox now.

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    Luca Campanelli

    TeamDrive is a good cross-platform data synchronization and cloud software. To use TeamDrive you must first download the software from the official website, the site allows you to download and use the software for free if you are private users, but if you are business users, you can download the trial valid for 30 days. Once you download the setup, before you install the software you need to register, creating a user and password.

    Pros :

    • The professional plans for business users are 3: Pro Starter 1 Cloud: € 5 per month, 1 License, 10GB Online Storage Pro Starter 5 Cloud: € 24.90 per month, 5 Licenses, 50GB Online Storage Starter Pro 5 Server: € 24.90 per month, 1 Personal Server, 5 Licenses It also provided a traffic limit that is 10 times the storage space included in your license.
    • The software is available for multiple platforms (Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, etc.).
      TeamDrive is a software easy to use and provides a very intuitive interface, it is a very lightweight software and takes up little disk space (think that the installer weighs 61MB).
    • The convenience of TeamDrive is to allow the user to easily synchronize data between multiple computers, servers, and devices.
    • Through this software, you can then share any type of document files or folders of all types, music videos and more with those who prefer, friends, family or co-workers if you use it in the company.
    • The use in the company is reduced by the possibility of establishing working groups to manage shared documents.
    • A great convenience is to have an integrated system of versioning management, using this feature every time you make a change to a file that is automatically recorded and you will then tracking of all changes. -Another strong point of this app is the cripting files, those are run and managed in total data security, in fact, before making a file transfer, these are encrypted by TeamDrive through a coding system AES-256, you can then decide by a system of permits and security who should see your files and who can not access it.
    • Another feature is the ability to create Backups of the data, but the backups are of course managed in Cloud that lets you avoid the risks of data loss from your local client, also restore the backup data is obviously a feature made available and easy to use.
    • Another key feature of TeamDrive is the Synchronize in real time or in different modes of folders and files.
    • Synchronization is, of course, valid for all your devices or workstations.

    Cons :

    • It has no particular minus point, just the interface is a little bit too Windows style, but it is not, of course, a problem.

    • March 10, 2016
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