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  • The best way for business collaboration and code syncing.

    SugarSync Use Cases and Deployment ScopeCurrently we use SugarSync to group sync and backup code developed to ensure stability and current development release between the coders. This allows us to seamlessly update code without too many out of sync revisions which is critical for our in house development.

    Pros : Seamless syncingBackup of critical dataEasy Colaboration

    Cons : A free version, 30 days is sometimes not long enough to see if it is suited for a project or business.

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    SugarSync, the good and the bad

    SugarSync Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSugarSync is being used as a backup assurance for my company in our post-production department.  We use it to back up multi-million dollar project files and select assets daily.  My initial thought on SugarSync was for it to be constantly syncing our files without much oversight required.  It has not worked out as promised by SugarSync videos. As far as doing an initial backup, SugarSync the program works great!  Our account went over our storage limit once, we instantly removed some files, but since it went over it would no longer sync.  I had to manually delete everything from SugarSync and re-sync the folder for SugarSync to start working again.  Since this happened, SugarSync does not sync files daily- it usually requires forced syncing. The idea of SugarSync is a great one, I love what it is supposed to do, I just have not had the success I hoped for.  I have been in touch with SugarSync support staff multiple times and they are pleasant to work with, but for the most part, unhelpful.  All they can recommend is to wipe your account and re-sync all files.

    Pros : Great for bulk backups if you do not require syncing.Can give peace of mind if you do not go over your storage quota.

    Cons : Once you go over your storage quota once, it seems that the account will not work properly with syncing.

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    Sugarsync is worse sync app ever...

    SugarSync Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI have used SugarSync as the Sync app. I have suggested that many companies to purchase SugarSync as it was better layered than  Dropbox. But SugarSync didn't want to continue with charity accounts so they closed all the free accounts including mine, which contained more than 100gb of data at the time.

    Pros : Sync appSync with any device, even mobile devicesSync quickly compared to other Sync apps

    Cons : Let free users contine to use it, as they are the ones who spread the word about this appImprove on Windows 8 appShare files simultaneously

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  • Overall, SugarSync provides a really good cloud storage service for small or large business users, particularly with an unlimited amount of online storage space. There are lots of handy features, functions and cross-platform compatibility that come with all accounts, enough to handle just about any type of file and any type of situation. With good (but not cheap) pricing, you get a lot for your money making a SugarSync a highly recommended choice in cloud backup services.

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  • There are tons of great deals about SugarSync that I personally like. If you are like me doing business online and would like to backup your files securely and safely, I would recommend SugarSync.

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  • SugarSync is simple enough for the average user looking to back up their home computer, yet powerful enough to help organizations seamlessly manage their important files with robust mobile and software-integration tools.

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  • SugarSync is our #1 pick for Best Online Backup. It keeps 5 versions of each file archived. The down side is that they don't have many options for customer support.

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  • SugarSync's unique selling point of being able to synchronise any folder to any device remains its key strength. While its price is fairly high and the mobile apps not as good as they should be, as a desktop PC service for those who work from different locations and on multiple devices, it's invaluable and a Best Buy.

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  • Pros:

    • File versioning & File Recovery
    • Available on an impressive number of platforms
    • AES-256 local encryption (via plugin)
    • TLS (SSL 3.3) encryption when moving files
    • Flexible sharing system
    • 30-day free trials for all plans


    • File sharing could be simpler
    • Free accounts are limited at 90 days
    • No unlimited cloud storage option

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  • SugarSync is by far the most sophisticated of all synchronization programs. Covering PC, Macintosh and mobile phone users, the company has presented a full range of data protection for the kaliedescope of computing users.
    Ease of use, secure sessions between the cloud transfers, support for mobile users, and add on storage for some company referrals isn’t a bad deal for the price. All in all this product’s appeal is as sweet as “sugar.”

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  • SugarSync offers real-time syncing, which most other services lack, and the free account offers up to 32 gigabytes of space. However, the higher prices for subscriptions will likely put off some users.

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  • Overall, SugarSync works well with a user-friendly interface and setup process that rivals the best in its category. The basic service is free and comes with 5GB of online storage. Users requiring more storage space can upgrade to one of SugarSync's premium plans.

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