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StumbleUpon uses collaborative filtering (an automated process combining human opinions with machine learning of personal preference) to create virtual communities of like-minded Web surfers. Rating Web sites update a personal profile (a blog-style record of rated sites) and generate peer networks of Web surfers linked by common interest. These social networks coordinate the distribution of Web content, so that users "stumble upon" pages explicitly recommended by friends and peers. Giving a site a thumbs up results in the site being placed under the user's "favorites". Furthermore, users have the ability to stumble their personal interests like "History" or "Games".

Users rate a site by giving it a thumbs up, thumbs down selection on the StumbleUpon toolbar, and can optionally leave additional commentary on the site's review page, which also appears on the user's blog. This social content discovery approach automates the "word-of-mouth" referral of peer-approved Web sites and simplifies Web navigation.

In the settings section of Stumbleupon you can further filter the types of webpages you may come across. There are interest filters which allow you to include only content for all ages, R rated content, or X rated content. There are also content filters in which you can choose to allow stumbles with audio, video, flash, images, and PDF's.

On October 24, 2011, StumbleUpon deleted years worth of user-generated content, and removed HTML blogging, standalone blog posts, and photoblogging capabilities. Additionally, all previous blog posts were converted from HTML to plain text, and all photos were deleted from previous blog posts. StumbleUpon stated, "Over time, we’ve come to realize that we are not able to support and scale a blogging platform, in addition to our recommendation engine."

Content that is "stumbled upon" is informed by user's stated preferences, the thumbs up and down of their friends, as well as demographic information.

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  • StumbleUpon for Android is a worthwhile download for killing time and discovering new and interesting Web sites.

  • Whether you are interested in creating a page for personal reasons or business or both, Stumbleupon is the best place to be. Stumbleupon.com is one of the most popular social media networks and their community continues to increase everyday. Stumbleupon.com is about diversity and everyone can enjoy being who they really are. There are many people in the world who are certainly interested in what you are about and the things you do and you can share it all with the Stumbleupon.com community. Start your Stumbling any time of the day or night and see the most positive results.

  • StumbleUpon for Windows 8 is a visually pleasing and easy way of the using the service. We like the minimalist interface, simple navigation and the fact the app is free. Our only real quibble is the lack of a refresh button.

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