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  • Socialcast is a great tool for dispersed teams

    Socialcast Use Cases and Deployment ScopeIt is being used across the organization, though not among all departments. It allows employees working in different countries to connect on a single platform, on formal issues and projects, as well as informal discussions, and share project management files.

    Pros : Socialcast offers project management tools, where you can upload files, and set up checklists right on the platform.It allowed my team across different countries to convene in a single platform, where it was easier to follow the string of conversation rather than in an email chain.

    Cons : It would be useful to have an integrated video app for video conferencing.

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    Work Smarter with Socialcast

    Socialcast Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSocialcast is deployed to all FactSet departments and employees worldwide.  We implemented Socialcast in 2009, as we had experienced rapid growth which was putting pressure on our ability to share information.  We needed a way to quickly onboard new employees while preserving our corporate culture.  Now, Socialcast goes beyond onboarding and has become the go-to hub for employees to ask questions, share information, and solve problems.

    Pros : Share the collective knowledge of our company in a centralized locationPublicly praise and thank employeesMake strategic information and corporate values accessible to all employees worldwide

    Cons : Tagging and groups are useful, but that only extends to text posts. We post a lot of images in our community and it would be great to tag those for people and topics as well.When we purchased Socialcast in 2009, they were the only provider with analytics on platform usage. However, in the years since, I haven't seen a lot of development in their analytic tools. This is a shame, as analytics are critical to demonstrating usage and proving the ROI of an enterprise social network.

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    Socialcast - a sleek dark horse in a competitive field of ESNs.

    Socialcast ProsSocialcast has an exceptional user experience. With very few idiosyncrasies, it works well on every platform I've tried.The platform has such a high level of ease of use, it becomes somewhat addicting.Social analytics are superb.The platform is highly intuitive and requires zero training or coaching in order for network members to become productive with it.It's extremely reliable. Only once in 4 years, was the product not available, and that was only for about a half-hour. In that half-hour, we realized how dependent we were on it. (Very.)The multi-device and deployment options are excellent. On-premise, Private Cloud, and Multi-tenant SaaS all available.The mobile apps for iPhone, tablets, and Android render well with a beautiful UI/UX. The desktop AIR app is equally highly usable.

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  • Socialcast is ideal for companies that need a simple way to bring everyone together. The application is ideal for medium to large size organizations that have to manage larger numbers of employees and resources. Users can collaborate online and work more efficiently through activity streams, private messages and other social features. Small companies may not find Socialcast as appealing unless their employees work in different locations or with different schedules.

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  • If you run a company with young employees who frequently use Facebook during their off time, then Socialcast is a communication application you can be sure your employees will embrace with enthusiasm.

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  • Socialcast, a company that impressively applies to businessideas from FriendFeed and Twitter, continues to refine its product. Personally, I'd love to use a system like this to track items in Bugzilla, not to mention various other internal corporate workflow systems, like our expense reimbursement product.

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