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File Sharing Software Alternatives for SmartCryptor


21 Expert reviews

WeTransfer is an online file transferring platform, where you can send your documents, and they're automatically transferred to the rig...
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Google Drive

110 Expert reviews

Google Drive let you have all your files withing reach from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. It's faster and easy to use applicatio...
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1189 Expert reviews

Dropbox is a file hosting service and cloud-based application that allows users to create a folder on their computers and then synchro...
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6 Expert reviews

Jumpshare offers file sharing services and lets you keep track of all your file sharing activity. In addition, it makes it easy to prev...
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3 Expert reviews

Ftopia is an Internet document sharing service for professionals that enables you and your team to create customized private workspaces...
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7 Expert reviews

WatchDox enables organizations to access, protect and control their critical documents wherever they go: on any tablet, smartphone, or ...
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Office 365

20 Expert reviews

Office 365 is a cloud collaboration service that affords a special and safe location to save, share and edit files and documents. It al...
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4 Expert reviews

XXL Box (XXL Cloud) stands for secure cloud storage for any file type. Whether it’s photos, videos, word documents, or even compute...
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17 Expert reviews

Microsoft OneDrive is an online document storage that allows users to save and share photos, videos, documents, and more. Microsoft OneDri...
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Citrix ShareFile

19 Expert reviews

Citrix ShareFile is one of the best solutions to share large business files with several people at once. Citrix ShareFile is an easy wa...
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25 Expert reviews

SugarSync is a service that helps you sync your life. With a simple download on your computers and mobile devices, you have access to a...
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4 Expert reviews

Total Intranet Functionality: A customizable Enterprise 2.0 platform with 15 intranet modules and integrated permission system. C...
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26 Expert reviews

Hightail is a reliable cloud platform with robust online storage, sharing, and file management capabilities, developed for businesses o...
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26 Expert reviews

Egnyte provides Adaptive Enterprise File Services that especially anticipate the needs of users and IT departments, so they can securel...
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StuffIt Deluxe

13 Expert reviews

StuffIt provides file compression, encryption, and expansion. In addition, it lets you create both ZIP and SITX archives, and also simp...
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5 Expert reviews

Workshare is a leading provider of secure enterprise collaboration applications. The Workshare platform allows individuals to easily cr...
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5 Expert reviews

Cubby lets people turn any number of PC or Mac folders into 'cubbies' that can be accessed from other devices, stored in the cloud, and...
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32 Expert reviews

SpiderOak is an online backup tool to back up, share, sync, access and store data using an off-site server. SpiderOak is accessible thr...
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Alternatives to SmartCryptor

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