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  • Slack for when you aren't slacking

    We love this method of communicating in the office. So easy to use. It has become a valuable tool in the way we coordinate projects with one another and with how information is shared.

    Pros : Easy to use, easy to set up, based on old school IRC

    Cons : I haven't ancountered any yet.

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    Slack Review

    We are using Slack for over hte past years. It has been a great tools for collaboration and probably help us in our productivity. It was a charm migrating from Lync :)

    Pros : -Web base, so it's multiplatform. -Beautiful graphic -lightweight -Fast

    Cons : -Downtime can happens sporadically.

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    Slack has changed our company's culture (for the better)

    We have a remote team, so good communication is super important for our productivity and our company culture. Before Slack, we were using text messages and email. Conversations would get buried. Ideas would be lost. And questions wouldn't be asked. Slack changed all this and the product literally gets better and better every week.

    Pros : Great design, easy to use, multi-platform apps, tons of integrations, free plan is awesome

    Cons : Paid plans can be pricey for bigger organizations, notifications don't always go away when working across multiple devices

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  • Slack kicks email out of the park!

    Slack Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOur entire company uses Slack - every single department, and especially the people and sales reps who work remote. It completely takes away the need for email, and as a growing startup our inboxes are already cluttered as can be, so this helps to take out some of the needless emails that can take up space. We use Slack for a variety of ways, from "general" channel, to joke channels, and department channels as well. We also use it for our morning conference calls, so people are able to speak and 'interrupt' with questions and comments in the Slack channel while not disrupting the conversation on the phone. 

    Pros : Ease of use. Literally everyone in the company knows how to use Slack.Customization. This might be a personal thing, but I love the customization! To add your own emojis, change the color of the sidebar, etc., it makes it personal since Slack is something I look at a lot throughout the day.Mobile access. The mobile app is great - and very useful for when I'm traveling.

    Cons : I wish that there was more detailed profile options. Since we have no social intranet, we mainly use Slack for this, and it would be great to be able to have more of a 'profile' feel than what is currently there.

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    Slack doesn't lack anything for us.

    Slack Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSlack is currently being used by various departments. First, our developer team uses Slack every day to collaborate with our support staff and account managers. Second, our marketing team leverages Slack daily to share content, ideas, and feedback about upcoming campaigns. We also have a few "fun" rooms for the entire company to collaborate in. A handful of sales representatives use Slack as well, but they tend to "live" in Salesforce's Chatter, so we have considered building a basic integration with Zapier, but for the most part don't have to worry to much about it.

    Pros : Private and public groups for communications are way better than other platforms we have used (Google Hangouts / HipChat).Generally speaking the indexing and file management aspects of Slack are stellar. Dragging and dropping files in the chat is such a wonderful tool.The ability to delete messages in Slack is also REALLY neat. If you sent something too soon or didn't mean to send you can actually remove it from the conversation and start over :)

    Cons : I honestly can't think of anything to improve about Slack... they're doing a great job.

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    Slack brings our users back to an experience similar to Google Talk but better.

    Slack Use Cases and Deployment ScopeFor us, we started using Slack after the Google Talk windows app was no longer supported or available. We tried to use Google Hangouts but were hugely disappointed. We are in a small office environment of less than 20 employees all in one location so our instant messaging needs may be different than others.

    Pros : Direct 1:1 instant messaging.Small group instant messaging.Topic (hashtag) conversations about a particular item.The mobile app and notifications are nice and well supported.

    Cons : I may be unique in that I would like to be able to enable notification for all activity, rather than just mentions or direct messages.The windows app can be a little slow sometimes when searching for an individual I want to direct message.

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  • It's not one thing that makes Slack so great. It's all the things it does, in one place, in an interface that makes it fun and easy to stay in touch. It's a team chat app that'll help you do more, together.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Slack is so much more than a chat app, pretty much meaning you can replace all collaborative apps in existence thanks to the number of integrations supported.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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