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  • SkyPrep is designed to help businesses train employees and evaluate their knowledge and skills. The applications goes beyond the realm of business. It can be beneficient for educators, online entrepreneurs, and even individuals who sell online courses.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • Excellent product.

    Very easy to use. Can upload and begin training within minutes. Easy to add/revise training and trainee information. Trainees have found it very easy to navigate as well. Allows tracking of training completion by class, group, individual, time requirements for completion, automatic periodic (ie, annual) reassignment of training.

    Pros : Ease of use, price, customer service.

    Cons : Would like to be able to sort trainees by last author instead of first within the app "people" list.

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    Great platform for online learning and information sharing

    Since the latest update Skyprep became one of the main tools for online learning and knowledge sharing at the company. We are using the system to educate our team in technical and business topics with a very useful, dynamic and intuitive tool.

    Pros : Fluid, intuitive, constantly updated, stable

    Cons : Track the amount of time in each question / exam Some kind of feed to share progress and motivate late users to engage in courses

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    SkyPrep is a winner!

    I started out teaching live fitness education courses a few years back, and last year I decided to take my courses online to reach a bigger audience. At first, I had a hard time finding an online platform that would meet my needs and not break the bank. However when I came across SkyPrep, I knew I had a winner with their "easy to use" platform with many features. The SkyPrep team has also provided excellent customer service since starting the platform, which I always appreciate. If you are looking to build courses online, SkyPrep is the platform for you!

    Pros : Great customer service, easy to use platform, reasonable price packages

    Cons : Ill let you know when I find one

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  • SkyPrep App Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI have been on both sides of the IT tech/user interface. I can enthusiastically and unequivocally say that I have never known an IT operation with a more positive can-do attitude than SkyPrep's. First, they have a stellar platform. But no platform is perfect and there are always features and options that might make it better. In other IT operations -- including the ones I have belonged to -- the attitude on the part of the tech people was very much we/they. "We (the tech people) know all. And wouldn't this be a great job if it weren't for all those users and customers we have to deal with." The attitude at SkyPrep is much healthier and ultimately much more constructive for everyone. If you have an idea for a feature, SkyPrep's approach is open-minded and creative. "Hmmm. Maybe that would be a good idea. And maybe it would be even better if we also did such-and-such..." I'm not saying the SkyPrep tech people don't have to prioritize and I'm not saying they can drop everything for every request you make, but they seem to think of customers as partners, as scouts for what the training market needs. So if you need more than a cookie cutter approach to a learning platform, I would make two suggestions. Number one, sign up with SkyPrep; most if not all the features you need are probably already there. Number Two, think of yourself as their partner in return by respectfully and appreciatively letting them know what you think would help them in their mission of making SkyPrep even better and better and better. And that's saying a lot.

    Pros : Can-do attitudeFlexibility, creativityConstant improvementGreat customer service/tech support

    Cons : SkyPrep is doing everything I need it to do.

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