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  • To sum it up, ScreenConnect is a handy and easy to use program meant to assist you in performing technical support tasks on remote computers, enabling you to connect to several machines at the same time and transfer files, record their screen or collaborate with other people.

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  • ScreenConnect packs a ton of punch for a low cost with a wide range of platform options on a stable and rapidly developed software package. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen about ScreenConnect is the speed at which they’ve moved forward and provided more features, iterated on parts that were lacking and end up delivering a stable polished product every time.
    In my opinion it is a must-have. With UPNP support it allows small-time technicians to purchase a copy, install it and run it on their home machines with no effort at all, but it includes the feature set and stability to be used at your SMB office (and probably beyond).

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  • I have been a happy ScreenConnect user for over two years. ScreenConnect has made our business much more productive and profitable because we are able to solve many more problems remotely. This saves us a lot of travel time and reduces the amount of time it takes us to address and fix problems.

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  • ScreenConnect comes at a competitive price, but the current version lacks some key mapping for Macs. A new version is due out soon, and I’ve been told this is one of the items they have been working on.

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