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ScreenConnect is a remote support, access and meeting solution. With this solution, you can use remote support and access to repair computers, provide updates, and manage machines. Users can also conduct online seminars and presentations using remote meetings. ScreenConnect is fast, reliable and includes the same features as competing remote control solutions.

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  • 1 session per Tech
  • 10 Access Agents
  • Mobile Technician Client
  • 1 Tech License per Account


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • 1 Session per Tech
  • 10 Access Agents
  • Mobile Technician Client
  • 1 Tech License per Account


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • Up to 3 Sessions Per Tech
  • Unlimited Access Agents
  • Mobile Technician Client
  • Support Mobile Guests
  • Expanded Chat Options
  • Remote Command Line
  • Wake on LAN
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Critic Reviews

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  • To sum it up, ScreenConnect is a handy and easy to use program meant to assist you in performing technical support tasks on remote computers, enabling you to connect to several machines at the same time and transfer files, record their screen or collaborate with other people.

  • ScreenConnect packs a ton of punch for a low cost with a wide range of platform options on a stable and rapidly developed software package. One of the most impressive things I’ve seen about ScreenConnect is the speed at which they’ve moved forward and provided more features, iterated on parts that were lacking and end up delivering a stable polished product every time.
    In my opinion it is a must-have. With UPNP support it allows small-time technicians to purchase a copy, install it and run it on their home machines with no effort at all, but it includes the feature set and stability to be used at your SMB office (and probably beyond).

  • I have been a happy ScreenConnect user for over two years. ScreenConnect has made our business much more productive and profitable because we are able to solve many more problems remotely. This saves us a lot of travel time and reduces the amount of time it takes us to address and fix problems.

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User Reviews

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    Luca Campanelli

    Lately the company are gaining more and more customers not only in their own city or in your country, but especially abroad.
    Even more often that the same company has an establishment in its main branches in different countries and different country offices, taking into account the fact that each of these locations needs well-functioning IT infrastructure is not the best option to have a system engineer in each of these locations ... in these cases probably a software as ScreenConnect able to afford a computer technician or a more experienced user access to machines that require remote assistance without leaving your chair is surely a good scenario.

    Pros :

    • To start testing the product you have just to go on the official website and get free trial, it will be free for 14 days.
    • The installation procedure is quite simple, however you will have the online guide to follow the procedure step by step.
    • Once the proper network settings installation completed and verified you can start using the program.
    • The strength of ScreenConnect is definitely the software stability and ease of use, is a professional product and allows you to have complete control over the servers or clients when connected remotely.
      Once the connection is quite fluid, from this point of view is software that can certainly be compared to TeamViewer as a good alternative or even the premium version of ShowMyPC.
    • The Management screen is well designed, very useful functionality to send invitations to access a given session directly via email with an easily shareable link.

    Cons :

    • It has no particular contraindications, side of the Admin management is quite complex but allows you to manage each individual settings, such as the use and installation of special very useful extensions browser side, the creation of triggers, security settings, settings database and much more. Also with regard to the pricing, it is in line with the other remote software support and connection.
    • There are 4 packages pricing from $ 19 to $ 64 per mont each with specific limitations clearly listed on the site.

    • May 12, 2016
  • User review from

    Charles Pirollet

    ScreenConnect is a great platform for remote assistance. This platform has very basic features and is very affordable which makes it a good contender for small businesses with limited budgets. While there are many competitors in this market, ScreenConnect stands out with its attractive pricing.

    Pros :

    • ScreenConnect is multiplatform, it works on both Windows and Macintosh.
    • A big plus is that it probably is the best non-install reconnect system I have experienced so far. It is very easy to download and get started in seconds, it also does not require you to create an account if you just need quick assistance. If you don't issue a reboot command and if the remote system gets restarted it will auto reconnect to you.
    • This is a significant advantage over some of its competitors.
    • The system seems to be secure, if the program is not running on your computer, then nobody can connect.
    • If the program is running a code is still required to connect and expires after a few minutes.
    • This ensures no unwanted person can connect to your computer.
    • Support of multiple monitors.
    • You can also specify if you want to share your entire desktop or just specific windows.
    • Speed seems to be very fast and stable, I have not experienced significant lag.
    • This software seems well optimized and works great even on low bandwidth connections.
    • There's a free version which you can try enjoy all the premium features. This is a good way to get familiar with the product before committing to a paid plan.

    Cons :

    • There is no central manager when you can manage multiple connections and clients from one unified window as opposed to TeamViewer or LogMeIn.
    • Lacks high-end features that its competitors have.
    • However, ScreenConnect is still in its early stages of development, so it has time to grow.
    • The installer can be buggy at times and struggles to kill services when they are no longer needed.

    • November 19, 2015
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