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  • All in all, pCloud is a new document management solution that provides enterprise-level security.

    Pros : No limit to file size upload, advanced security, unlimited cloud storage space.

    Cons : pCloud Crypto is not yet available for mobile and web.

    Pros :

    Cons :

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  • it becomes clear that pCloud is an awesome cloud storage provider, on which you can depend. Particularly, we loved features such as Upload Link, Download Link and option to upgrade file storage by following simple steps that does not consume money. Evidently, we would say all our readers should check out this service, and you will love this, we bet. In addition, through features such as upload link, it has become clear that pCloud is also capable of handling business-based works, and they are getting ready with an enterprise type plan, which would be suitable for business-based purposes.

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  • The pCloud app is very useful, easy to use, and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a cloud storage option for their iPhone.

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  • If it's not already obvious, I find pCloud to be an excellent free cloud storage service. Allowing up to 20 GB of free space and complete control over your account from the mobile app certainly makes it a favorite of mine.

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  • pCloud has some great unique features that shows innovation does not just come out of the Silicon Valley and if you want an easy to use cloud storage service with easy access on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS and Android they could easily be a great choice.

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  • I thought pCloud was a great experience. It took less than 30 seconds to setup a new account and get started. Also the generous 10GB of starting space is a great bonus. Personally, having tried both the Android and iOS version of the application, I would have to say that the Android version feels much slower, with a lot more lag (running on the one of the fastest devices – Galaxy S4). The iOS version is about 10 times smoother and overall faster when it comes to playing music and browsing photos, however both apps will get the job done.

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  • pCloud is a great file backup, file synchronization, and file sharing service. I liked almost everything about the service. It has desktop clients for every major operating system, and the web interface is clean and easy to use. The ability to backup other online services (including Facebook) is a very unique and useful feature.

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  • pCloud is a nice addition to the cloud storage market. It gives a fair amount of cloud storage and features for convenient use. Thanks to its intuitive design, you can adapt to pCloud really fast. I'd recommend you try it out and see how it works with you. You could even change your friends' mindset about cloud storage as a whole, thanks to the service.

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  • The pCloud app can be used on your iPod touch, iPad, and iPhone to easily and quickly store all your files and access them from anyplace.


    Provides users with up to 10GB of free storage space
    Supports real-time changes
    Syncs across all your devices and your computer automatically
    Share upload links to give others access to a file
    There are no file size limits
    There are no speed limits
    You can purchase more space if you need it


    The additional storage packages can be pricey depending what you need
    There aren’t many additional features and tools

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  • The tool itself keeps power of simplicity in every aspect. Apart from its simple User Interface and reliability, there are some impressive features as well. So, we do recommend all of our readers to check out this superb cloud storage service.

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