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About PaperPort

PaperPort is the most productive and cost-effective way to scan, organize, find, and share scanned paper, files, and photos. PaperPort delivers anytime-anywhere access to files in the cloud. It also combines the efficiency of document management, the convenience of perfectly scanned document, and the power of PDF document creation – all in one easy-to-use application.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Scan paper, create PDF files
  • Access, view, edit, and convert your files on your PC
  • Protect sensitive documents
  • Works with any scanner


Supported languages
English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Desktop Windows

Ratings Summary

Metric Score Rank
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Domain Authority 85
Alexa Rank 18654
Platforms 50

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Plans & Pricing


Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Reduce paper clutter all over the house
  • Empty desk drawers and get rid of bulky file cabinets
  • Scan, view, edit, and share PDF files with unprecedented speed and ease
  • Find documents instantly
  • Organize and manage all documents in one easy-to-use software application

PaperPort Professional

Single payment / 1 user(s)


  • Store, share and find documents on the network or in the cloud
  • Anywhere-anytime access to your files using iPhone, iPad, or Android
  • Fast, professional, and productive scanning made easy from any device
  • Powerful 100% industry-standard PDF creation and editing
  • Create and fill out electronic forms quickly and neatly

PaperPort Notes


  • Quickly take typed and/or freehand notes
  • Leverage Dragon voice recognition to capture your ideas and notes simply by speaking
  • Leverage powerful annotative tools to quickly mark-up documents
  • Never miss another detail by adding audio page by page within your notes
  • Combine full documents, individual pages, content from the web, and notes into a single document
  • Take advantage of powerful search, copy/paste, reordering, and bookmarking tools
  • Access and share content using your favorite cloud storage services
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Critic Reviews

  • 72

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    Rating based on 7 Critic Reviews

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    1 unfavorable reviews
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  • All in all, Paperport is a long-time document management solution intended for individuals or smaller businesses.

    Pros: Cloud connector option, ability to edit and share PDF files, can capture scanned content from any scanning device.

    Cons: Desktop product is not compatible with Macs, slow customer service, no version control functionality.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • PROS:

    • Scans. Recognizes text.
    • Directs files to other programs and elsewhere, including sending by email.
    • Automatically syncs with PaperPort Anywhere.
    • Connects with various cloud services, including Evernote and Google Docs.


    • Cloud Connector doesn't check for updates during installation, and it needs updating to work with at least one site.

  • Despite a few reservations, related to bugs and privacy, PaperPort Notes shows a lot of potential, with a solid range of tools to make collecting information and note-taking, never a particularly easy process on a tablet, a more efficient and pleasant process. We can only hope Nuance builds on a fairly solid start and turn PaperPort Notes into a must have app.

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User Reviews

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    Sean Caruana

    In the area of document management software, there are quite a few options available, although most are targeted towards offices rather than home use. PaperPort is one such tool which handles the complete management of implementing a paperless system (which is not always straightforward), by including tools to scan, organise, sort, print and share documents. PaperPort is an excellent solution for offices which deal with large amounts of paperwork on a daily basis, as well as home users who have many documents which need to be scanned and indexed for fast searching. In the case of scanning, PaperPort simplifies the process of saving the respective document and getting organised. In environments where many documents are scanned on a daily basis, it can be cumbersome to keep things organised, when doing so manually

    PaperPort keeps scanned documents in meaningful locations, and allows users to choose where they are saved to in a very easy and intuitive manner, which essentially can save time and money for an organisation. It also speeds up the searching process when trying to look for a document, with a great indexing system. Once documents are scanned, character recognition is used for indexing purposes, so that searches based on the content of a document are possible. While this is an excellent feature, the actual optical character recognition is not the best, and there are better tools available for this part. However, a decent amount of documents can be read fairly accurately on average. Sharing of documents is simple, thanks to the integration with Google Drive and other cloud-based solutions. This also indicates that backups are taken care of and are not something which the user needs to worry about. While PaperPort can be an excellent tool to boost productivity and speed up searching, for organisations which deal with many documents, it comes at a relatively steep price, especially when considering that there are many free tools available. It is, however, a very solid product on the whole.

    Pros :

    • Can scan documents and save them easily.
    • Scanned documents can be organised.
    • Excellent indexing engine.
    • OCR for recognising text.
    • Sharing documents is easy.
    • Cloud-based storage.

    Cons :

    • If indexing is not necessary, PaperPort can be replaced with a manual process.
    • Expensive.
    • OCR is not the best.

    • January 26, 2016
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