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  • What do you like best?

    I was able to set up a training course in less than 10 minutes. I quickly uploaded a file and was able to customize it and send to the team for training.

    What do you dislike?

    Would like more features. Lack of social is an issue since our sales team requests it.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Training a sales team who is not familiar with our product. Training them on how to use our products and also training them on other software tool we use.

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  • I think it's called Mindflash because you can get training online in an instant

    Mindflash Use Cases and Deployment ScopeThis product was selected to first help the Safety group deliver 'safety orientation' training to shop and field workers across several provinces and into the US without involving travel or face-to-face interaction. The group needed an online delivery system that was easy to use, easy to administer and easy on the budget. The Safety group likes that the online training can be given to new contractors and permanent employees before they even show up for work. Now that we are seeing its benefits, other groups, such as HR, IT and QC are using it too. HR is using it to offer another option to take Conflict Awareness training and we are rolling out 'new employee orientation' as well. IT is using it to offer simple, focussed, fast courses to the whole company to save trainer resources for sessions that truly justify face-to-face training.

    Pros : The user interface is clean and uncomplicatedMindflash isn't bogged down with unnecessary bells and whistlesNo matter what the source of your content, Mindflash converts it into one seamless presentationTutorials are built inTheir customer service are prompt and friendlyThe people at Mindflash listen to your suggestions to improve the product and incorporate them when they can.

    Cons : Adding voiceovers from within Mindflash is easy, but unforgiving. You have to do each slide in one uninterrupted take, or do it over.Mindflash doesn't handle animations in PowerPoint well. This is OK though, as animations tend to be a distraction anyway.You can't delete or re-order or edit slides once they're in Mindflash. You can hide them. If re-ordering or editing is required, you have to upload a new, polished presentation.Mindflash doesn't help you schedule training or re-training.[Update:

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    Mindflash - An Easy and Effective LMS

    Mindflash Use Cases and Deployment ScopeOne Child Matters is a nonprofit organization that serves children who live in poverty in sixteen developing nations around the world. My department, primarily responsible for training our international staff in all sixteen counties, uses Mindflash to instruct these same international staff in important service and program-oriented skills. Being a nonprofit, One Child Matters strives to decrease our administrative costs as much as possible in order to devote a maximum amount of resources to the children we serve. Traveling to our countries and training our staff in person costs a great deal in terms of both time and money. We simply do not have the resources necessary to train all of our staff in person. Mindflash allows us to train a large number of our international staff simultaneously, even if they are scattered across the world, for a fraction of the cost of in-person training.

    Pros : One of the core strengths of Mindflash is undoubtedly is its ease of use. It is a very intuitive tool that any training manager can learn to use quite quickly. Additionally, Mindflash is very easy for the trainees to use as well. Trainees with even the most rudimentary of computer knowledge and skills can take training courses through Mindflash. Because it is so easy to use, trainers and trainees do not have to worry about spending inordinate amounts of time learning how to use it.Mindflash's ab

    Cons : As a trainer, I want to ensure that trainees achieve proficiency before going on to the next course in a training series. Mindflash does not have the ability to stop trainees from going on to the next training course in a series if they do not secure a passing score on the proceeding course. This means that even if a trainee fails a training course in a training series, they can still go on to the next course. This creates the possibility of trainees going through an entire training series witho

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    Mindflash: Perfect for a fast growing sales org.

    Mindflash Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI am currently using Mindflash to distribute and track my new hire modules for the Sales and CSM organizations. I also use Mindflash for ongoing elearning modules.

    Pros : Mindflash is ideally used by an organization that needs a nimble platform for the development and deployment of elearning. I've used Mindflash at two different companies for sales training, from preboarding through ongoing learning. I have also used Mindflash for the delivery of a lightweight partner program. It has performed well, regardless of use.I think Mindflash is the ideal platform if you have SMEs building their own training programs, especially in a start up environment.

    Cons : This is a harder question, because some of the areas for improvement are there for the very reason that Mindflash is such a quick and easy platform. Mindflash is not the ideal solution if you have a stable of Instructional Designers who will be building complex elearning programs.Mindflash has had issues with unusual fonts.I'd love to see flexibility with the quizzing tools.

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  • Intuitive for trainers and essential for trainees

    Mindflash is a superb tool for companies that need to train a large amount of individuals but aren't able to do so in person. I am just in my first year of using the program as an admin/trainer. I designed the course and distributed it globally. It's very easy to create a course and tailor it to your needs. My team is now able to access and educate hundreds of clients that we were unable to reach before.

    Pros : Easy to create, distribute, and track courses/trainees. Anyone can be trained as long as they have an internet connection. The team that works for Mindflash is very easy to reach and extremely helpful when it comes to questions that come up.

    Cons : Very few trainees complained about the password strength rules. One trainee was unable to complete a course because she was on an older device, but this is not a huge issue at all.

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    User friendly, does exactly what is says on the tin and I have now had about 60 learners go through courses and none as of yet have reported anything other than how much they enjoyed the courses which basically means Mindflash did it's job providing the platform. Would 100% recommend them!

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    So Easy!

    I was able to get up and running in no time and start training my staff. Pros: Easy to set-up and fast/helpful customer service. Cons: Nothing Yet!

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  • My assessment –Mindflash is the entry level LMS. It currently lacks a lot of features of traditional LMS solutions but is a very viable solution for your extended enterprise of sales channel, agents, members and customers. For about $15,000 investment per year, you can prove the eLearning business case for both external and internal audiences in your organization. As Mindflash grows, they will continue to be able to offer support for more and more advanced scenarios.

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  • Employee training costs businesses billions of dollars each year. Mindflash has created a way for companies to cut costs without sacrificing quality, which is why I heartily recommend this platform to any business that is hosting courses, seminars, or training sessions multiple times per year. Mindflash courses flow in a way that makes sense to the average trainee, and the platform’s feedback data and analytics tool help managers pinpoint specific employees who may need extra help understanding new concepts or systems. The web-based application is also an ideal solution for businesses that employee a largely remote workforce or have multiple offices.

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  • I have always been a fan of Mindflash as a whole, but readily admit to not recommending it because of their insistence of using instructor led terms for an online learning environment.
    Mindflash has told me in the past, that they do not offer non-linear and thus a TOC (table of contents) in the active courses because people are not asking for it. However, I have always felt that to be a poor excuse.
    In the ILT world, it would be expected to find people who are unfamiliar with WBT, its terminology and its premise, so as the vendor you should know this information. I’m not saying that Mindflash doesn’t, on the contrary, I know they do, especially when you consider the non-linear navigation option they offer in the preview window.
    Why this isn’t an option when the course is live, is incomprehensible.
    That said, if you look at the solution from its “training management” perspective, and that perspective is infusing a greater instructor led training approach with some online components, then yes, it fulfills what it sets out to do.
    Personally, I’m disheartened at that approach, because e-learning should be distinguishable from its instructor led cousin.

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  • Mindflash.com is a great tool for companies who need to set up training courses. The application is easy to use and offers six diverse membership plans that begin at free and go high enough to accommodate very large companies.

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