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  • No matter the size of your business, Litmos delivers a surprisingly affordable and capable learning management system with integrated e-commerce.

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  • Good and Bad

    Good system as far as setting up, creating tests, and audio and video quality. I have about 600 learners on their platform. We are growing far beyond that and I am seriously considering dropping them and going with another company. Their customer support has always been difficult and at times down right arrogant. My last 2 requests via email have not been answered. The reporting function is cumbersome and flawed.

    Pros : Easy to learn. Simple interface.

    Cons : terrible customer service. A bit pricey.

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    I love the user interface--both backend and trainee. Its simple intuitive and easy to use. Clean and crisp without a lot of clutter.

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    Awesome customer service

    Fantastic support. Nicole has always been there when I needed her. Seems that commitment to service is being adopted by the whole staff. You just don't see that anywhere else.

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  • The Litmos LMS app can be used by both SMBs as well as large enterprises, providing a learning management solution for teams from 25 to 2000-plus employees. The app is not exclusively used by any one industry, but instead is used by all kinds of sectors, from bio-tech, healthcare, legal, and transportation to entrepreneurs, start-ups and non-profits. The app is suitable for anyone looking to cut down on outsourced training costs and who wants to provide branded, tailored and blended training experiences to their staff, clients and partners. Litmos is also easy to master for technical and non-technical users alike.

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  • The key in administrating an LMS is the ability to deploy learning solutions and track them effectively and efficiently. Litmos is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution, meaning that you won’t need an internal IT team to maintain it for you and Litmos has all the support you need. Also, you have tremendous features to send notices to learners, display important news when they log into the system and also set notification workflows to give the learners direct links to the courses (a practice known as Deep Linking). I couldn’t really find any flaws here.

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  • The Litmos LMS packs a powerful punch in such a Lite system. While it provides solid front end learner features, it would be nice to see an added feature or two to really take it to where it needs to go. Aesthetically, the front is very nice, especially when you see other systems whose front end appears as though they just recently read the book, “Best of Web Design: 1994″.
    The Oomph of this system is the back end. It is a magnum engine in a Lite system racing down the LMS road. Streamlined and easy to use.
    Put the parts together, and you have a system that offers a nice exterior, excellent interior and power.

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  • With Litmos you can easily create your own online courses with a mix of multimedia content like Flash, audio and video files and even PowerPoint presentations made with any kind of PPT templates. Moreover, you can upload PowerPoint presentations and other content made using a SCORM compliant tool like Adobe Captivate, Camtasia or Articulate. This is another major feature that makes Litmos stand out from other LMS and can be a major point for Learning management system comparison before selecting your LMS.

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  • Litmos is so light and agile that I was able to set up a demo site, add a few learners, add a couple of SCORM courses, and send a few email notifications all in less than 30 minutes. Minutes later, I was accessing the LMS on my smart phone. The Litmos experience is amazing–so different from the LMS nightmares I was used to with the larger LMS beasts out there.

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