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Jumpshare offers file sharing services and lets you keep track of all your file sharing activity. In addition, it makes it easy to preview over 200 file formats online, and all in real-time from and all in the same place.
Jumpshare enables you to upload files, folders, links, screenshots, and notes; and instantly provides you with a link to send via email, or share.
This application lets you access your personal dashboard that is made up of "collections". Each file and folders contained in the "Collections" can be shared, organized and updated.
The best part is that Jumpshare offers a military grade encryption to all your files for maximum security.

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  • These days, you can share files using all of the different cloud storage providers like Dropbox and OneDrive, but if all you want is a super easy way to share files with people, Jumpshare might be worth a look.

  • If you are looking for a file synchronization client, then Jumpshare is not what you are looking for. It is designed for users who want to make files available to others, or themselves, as quickly as possible. Webmasters may find the branding and scheduling options useful, especially if they distribute files on their sites to users regularly.

  • Jumpshare is probably the newest cloud storage and sharing solution, which has been in its beta phase for a while now. I need to say that I was amazed with the speed of Jumpshare’s OSX tool. Uploads were very fast, syncing as well, and I was very happy with the overall performance.

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User Reviews

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    Luca Campanelli

    Today it is really easy to find an online storage solution, there are all kinds, those who need large spaces to choose paid services and those who need little space can take advantage of many sites that allow free storage like DropBox, Google Drive, iCloud and many other really famous. Jumpshare wants to differentiate themselves a bit from the concept of online storage, and mainly focuses on the "file sharing".

    Pros :

    • -Jumpshare, therefore, offers a mainly web service through which you can make your file uploads but above all sharing with other users and viewing in a facilitated manner.
    • When compared with many other sites currently on the market, I think the file loading time is fast enough (some are really very slow).
    • It is possible to use Jumpshare directly from the browser and view more than 200 file formats (as stated on the site).
    • It can be easily integrated into both Windows and Mac, thanks to this feature sharing is truly optimized and is easy to interact directly from your PC.
    • Comfort from this point of view is that you can make a simple drag and drop of your file or your folder and will immediately begin the online upload.
    • Once uploaded the file, you can then use the relevant link to share your files with users who want a special feature of Jumpshare than other competing sites is that you can use the link immediately without having to wait so compulsorily charging is finished.
    • Of course, you can share your files even your favorite social networks. -A feature that I do not find particularly useful but is still available, is that it can also share the screenshots with the usual sharing of the link.

    Cons :

    • It has no special minus points. Also, the program is free.

    • March 8, 2016
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    In the overcrowded space of cloud services, there is not much room for new companies offering more of the same thing. There are literally hundreds of services which offer file storage and sharing capabilities, and very few of them have unique features which set them apart from the competition.

    One would, therefore, think that Jumpshare is just another cloud-based file sharing service. However, it is not just a normal file sharing service - it is one of the fastest ways (if not the fastest) of sharing large files with other users. It is, therefore, the best suited for power users who often need to share large files with other users, and do not concern themselves much with actually keeping files online for use later on.

    While Jumpshare offers the same functionality as Google Drive, Dropbox and other services, its main selling point is being able to share files with other users very quickly, through an extremely quick workflow. This is accomplished by generating a shareable link as soon as a file is dragged and dropped onto the Jumpshare taskbar icon - i.e. before the file is even uploaded. This hence allows users to share a link to a file before it is even uploaded.

    Screenshots can also be automatically uploaded and a link shared to the clipboard. Users can then view most files in the browser itself, through an excellent viewer. For users who don't want to download a desktop application, Files can be dragged and dropped on the website too.

    Finally, triggers are available so as to customise what happens when a file is dragged and dropped into Jumpshare, such as sending the link by email straight away. Jumpshare is not without limits, though - individual files cannot be larger than 250MB within the free plan, unlike Dropbox and Google Drive. Furthermore, the free plan only grants users 2GB of space, which contrasts greatly with services like Box.net.

    Pros :

    • Extremely fast and easy to share files - much easier than its competitors.
    • Allows users to drag and drop files into the application, and a shareable link is automatically generated while the file uploads.
    • Excellent online viewer available for a large array of file types.
    • Excellent for power-users due to the fast workflow involved with uploading and sharing a file.
    • Can share files while they are still uploading.
    • Files can be uploaded on the website or through the desktop application.

    Cons :

    • Files cannot be larger than 250MB in free plan.
    • Free plan has limit of 2GB.

    • February 13, 2016
  • User review from

    anchal jain

    Jumpshare is one of the fastest ways to share a file with anyone and everyone. It provides space to share files for individual as well as corporate use to friends and family as well as clients and colleagues. The users can either share files though simply mailing it to the recipient or can create a link for the save so that countless people can view it at the same time. The files through Jumpshare can also be posted on Social Media Networks. Jumpshare is purely designed for file sharing purpose and hence it is better and faster than its competitors due to its focus on its core competencies. The free version of the software allows an individual access to free cloud space of up to 2 GB were as the paid version can get you space up to 1 TB.

    Pros :

    • What I love about Jumpshare is that it allows you to share everything.
    • One can not only share Excel files and presentations but can also share pictures, videos and audios through this software.
    • This software does not insist on the receiver to create an account on Jumpshare; thus our client complains of downloading applications and creating an account on file-sharing software have reduced drastically.
    • It allows the recipient to view the shared files in any modern web browsers.
    • It also provides a free trial version for users to test the tool before the final purchase and the trial version also allows the user to create his/her folder in the cloud that can be edited multiple times.
    • I also love the drag and drop feature of this software as it makes my work very easy and fast.

    Cons :

    • Jumpshare is not a very secure medium as compared to its competitors.
    • More so the cloud storage space provided in the enterprise package is very nominal and higher versions are not cost efficient.

    • December 2, 2015
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