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Wireframes Software Alternatives for HotGloo


26 Expert reviews

Lucidchart is the #1 online diagramming, drawing and visualization application for individuals and corporations. It features real-time ...
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10 Expert reviews

Mockingbird helps you to save money and time, to satisfy your clients, to focus your team and build better products.toDecide what...
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Axure RP

4 Expert reviews

Axure RP gives you the wireframing, prototyping and specification tools needed to make informed design choices, persuade any skeptics, ...
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Prototyping & Development Tools Software Alternatives for HotGloo


12 Expert reviews

SignalMind (formerly piJnz) is a cloud-based platform designed for agencies, freelancers and marketers to build custom mobile-friendly ...
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37 Expert reviews

WordPress is one of the best CMS platforms that helps you create a blog or a website started in no time. All you need is an email addre...
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8 Expert reviews

Slickplan is an excellent web app that helps you plan a website sitemap or any other organizational project. Planning your information arc...
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User Testing Software Alternatives for HotGloo

Sauce Labs

4 Expert reviews

Sauce Labs is a cloud-based service allows savvy developers to quickly test web applications on over 100 browsers and platforms includi...
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5 Expert reviews

UserTesting has a large panel of users who will record their screen and voice as they use a specified website. Clients can request user...
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1 Expert reviews

TryMyUI is a remote usability testing tool that captures the "voice of the customer" via a video recording of users testing a designate...
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