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About HelloSign

HelloSign enables you to quickly sign & send documents online using your electronic signature. No printing. No scanning. No hassle.

Getting documents signed has never been simpler. We've removed paper entirely from the process and built tools to facilitate document signing, tracking and management.

Notifications keep you apprised of the signer's activity and our audit trail logs it. Once completed, signed documents are securely stored and accessible from the cloud so you can always get to your important documents.

Sharing is just as easy. With HelloSign you can share templates and signed documents with your team, other internal departments and even outside counsel, so everyone is on the same paperless page.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Documents stored with AES-256 encryption
  • Hosted in a state-of-the-art ISO 27001 certified SAS70 Type
  • Documents and data transferred using Secure Sockets Layer (S
  • Credit card information is stored by a PCI Level 1 Service P
  • Signer authentication via email and access code
  • Document signing directly through a browser or smartphone
  • Document signing notifications
  • Detailed audit trail
  • Automatic and manual reminders
  • 17 different file formats accepted including PDF, DOC, DOCX


Supported languages
Serviceable Area
World Wide
Supported Platforms
  • Web Based
  • Mobile Web
  • Desktop Windows
  • Desktop Mac OSX
  • Desktop Linux
  • Mobile App IOS
  • Mobile App Android
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : JSON, REST .
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Support Options
  • Phone Support

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Integration 50
Platforms 90
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  • 3 Documents per month
  • 1 Sender
  • 0 Templates
  • Integrated with Google Drive
  • Status notifications
  • Audit trail


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  • Unlimited documents per month 
  • 1 Sender
  • 1 Templates
  • Integrated with Google Drive
  • Status notifications
  • Audit trail


for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • UNLIMITED Documents per month
  • 5 Sender Included
  • 5 Templates
  • Integrated with Google Drive
  • Status notifications
  • Audit trail
  • Branding
  • In-person signing
  • Two-factor signer authentication
  • Team transaction overview
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Critic Reviews

  • 63

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  • HelloFax leverages tasteful design and strong cloud integration to rapidly emerge as a major player in the online fax services industry.

    The good:

    -Excellent Integration with cloud services
    -Multifunctional digitized signature tool
    -Stylish and fresh design
    -Informative blog

    The Bad:

    -Limited contact management resources
    -Minimal support

  • For those that have integrated Google into their business model, HelloSign could be a welcome addition. Although it doesn't have the analytical data as many other alternatives, the ability to use the API key for additional development could be worth the investment of time. The automatic integration of Cloud services is also a nice touch and could make the tool that much more versatile for your eSignature needs.

  • The more I played around with HelloSign, the more I started to see that this is the future of signing documents. They make it so simple and easy for you to sign and send documents that it is almost a no brainer to start using a service like this. I love the features they have built in for businesses, which makes it even more useful. Best of all, everything that I just talked about is free to use, yes, free!

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Anant Jain

    HelloSign is one of the most powerful and dynamic tool for business professionals and innovators. It gives a user a complete sense to complete application process faster, obtain various approvals and contract signatures at ease and in a quick manner. Helps in closing various business deals quickly and in a fast manner. Features are best in business class that allows business needs to work efficiently. Creating e-signatures with a bank level security of authentication and confidentiality. The interactions and the integration of the app with the various Google features have helped the software to associate with Docs, drives, and emails. It helps to faster hire professionals by just sitting at a location where an individual’s office is located and hiring the person located at a much distance away from the source. Easy integration of the API with a user-friendly interface and cleanest along with the fastest documentation.

    Pros :

    • The available version for Google Chrome is much faster to the versions of another signature capturing applications.
    • It has helped me in saving me thousands of money by just signing my job contract to the company by just signing it off electronically at my place without being actually present there. This was a method I found out to be very efficient and quick with the work.
    • The whole process is completely free, and no charges are hidden or applicable.
    • This being one of the best e-signature tools for individual and personal purposes while the paid versions for various organizations and businesses.

    Cons :

    • The e-signature is not valid for various certain legal documents thereby it needs to be reviewed for all the documents.
    • The paid version available for the app is quite expensive for small business organizations and enterprises.
    • The signature capturing is easy along with authentication, but I had faced certain issues in relating my signature over my tablet.
    • I think I need to find some other software for working over it.
    • The technical support team could not solve my issue thereby I consider lacking of trained personnel over the customer service network. This could help them more grow.

    • January 19, 2016
  • User review from

    Marc Herschberger

    Before we started using HelloSign, we spent hours, if not days, tracking down new clients trying to get them to print out, sign, scan and email back contracts for new work. Not only did this waste precious time closing deals but it also created a large amount of headaches trying to figure out unfamiliar technology and deal with final documents that came from a scanner instead of a computer program. HelloSign has changed the game for our sales team, allowing them to collect quickly and easily signatures from people across the country in minutes without worrying about scanner problems and copied documents. What's even better is that it integrates with our CRM (HubSpot CRM) and gives us a second and third source to show when documents are signed. It's hard to imagine ever going back to the old way of signature collection ever again.

    Pros :

    • The application is extremely simple to set up and start using immediately.
    • It also integrates with some different platforms, including CRM's and Google so you can quickly store activity in your location of choice without worrying about double work.
    • The product is relatively inexpensive for small businesses looking for 1-2 sales people.
    • The ability to standardize and save frequently used documents makes it very easy and helpful when requiring multiple documents to be often signed by different parties.

    Cons :

    • The general idea of digital signatures can sometimes be met with hesitance from some users you are looking to collect signatures.
    • It can also be somewhat expensive for small to medium-sized businesses as you bring more of your team on to use.
    • The mobile applications (both Apple and Android) have limited use.
    • The customer support for HelloSign is not the greatest. It can be hard to get answers and solutions to any issues you may have both because of timing as well as quality in responses from their team.

    • December 1, 2015
  • User review from

    Rajat Jain

    HelloSign allows users to send, receive and sign documents for signature right from the Gmail applications. This helps to avoid the redundant process of printing, signing, scanning and faxing the signed document. The service is completely free for the receiver of the documents. The documents are secured using high-end encryption and stored securely as well. You can save your signatures, draw it using a stylus on a tablet or use the mouse to sign the document.

    Pros :

    • One can not only specify the order of signature, but the location of signatures can also be specified for each receiver. Telephonic support is available round the clock which is a great advantage.
    • HelloSign can be integrated with almost all the major cloud service providers like Google Drive, Google Docs, Gmail, DropBox, Box, etc.
    • Mobile apps are already there for iOS and Android platform which helps people to remain productive even on the move. Its integration with Gmail is the most useful feature. Whenever I receive a pdf form or a document that needs to be signed as an attachment in Gmail, I get an option to open it with HelloSign. This is saving a lot of time and a lot of paper which ultimately helps the environment.
    • A copy is sent to both the sender and signer automatically.
    • The standard documents which are used very frequently like the employment contracts with just a few changes can be saved as a template within HelloSign and can be quickly sent when a signature is required.

    Cons :

    • HelloSign is expensive when compared to other solutions existing in the industry.
    • Technical support is not that great and needs to be improved.
    • A feature which can add a lot of values is the ability to schedule when the document gets sent to the receivers for signatures.
    • A lot of clients are still not so comfortable using HelloSign as it seems too technical for them.
    • It should have a functionality to chat from within HelloSign so that one can discuss with the client in case any change is required.
    • It also does not allow editing the document while it is out for signature.
    • The mobile apps have limited functionalities which limit their use.

    • November 24, 2015
  • User review from

    Tapan Jain

    HelloSign is a digital signature solution. It's a cloud-based solution that facilitates users to sign, send and save documents in a digital manner. It is available on all platforms and cloud-based so that one can access it from anywhere and any device. It can be integrated with existing cloud storage solutions so that documents can be accessed from and saved back to cloud storage. It also offers an API, which can be integrated with most of the web applications. So companies can easily integrate HelloSign within their existing website. It also allows setting of complex sequential and parallel workflows, and when the document has been signed by all the parties, a copy of the document is sent to each of the stakeholders. It is an effective tool to enhance productivity of employees and close the business in much lesser amount of time when compared to paper solution.

    Pros :

    It offers high-level security for safeguarding your sensitive documents. It also offers its proprietary Access code two-factor authentications so that only the authorized persons are allowed to access your data. It also allows you to save the frequently used documents and agreements so that one can simply edit the document from within HelloSign and send it. Complete audit trails are available for review. Its seamless integration with Gmail through a chrome plugin and other Google apps like Docs and Google Drive makes it more convenient to use. I can sign the attachments received in my Gmail inbox without even leaving Gmail environment and send them back immediately. This I can do from any place having internet connectivity. Its integration is not limited only to Google apps. It integrates with other cloud storage solutions like Box, Evernote, One Drive and Dropbox. So, one can sign or share documents from within their secure cloud storage and get the signed documents saved back in the cloud storage. Mobile apps work as a scanner along with electronic signature solution. 

    Cons :

    Signatures are difficult to record using mouse. So making electronic signatures using Desktop or laptop computers is very difficult. It can never look similar to your existing signature. So, only option with a desktop or a laptop is to use a signature image.

    • September 18, 2015
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