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  • Brilliant service and good idea

    I use Glasscubes every day and it has revolutionised the way in which I work and provided an easy portal for document sharing with business partners.The customer service is always spot on. Very reliable. Much recommended.

    Pros : Easy to use. Quick. Saves time

    Cons : Price is the only issue. Quite expensive. But worth it.

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    Great Intranet system with the added bonus of task management.

    We tried various alternatives before we found Glasscubes and this is by far the best value for money and the easiest to use. Great for Document Control, especially when more than half of your workforce work remotely from the office. We use Glasscubes as part of our Quality Management System and Health and Safety System and its a great way to get appoval and acceptance of documents from employees. Also useful for sharing documents with suppliers in a controlled way. Our ISO9001 auditor also seems to approve, which is always good..

    Pros : Simple, intuitive, and requires very little user training. Good value for money. Good online support.

    Cons : No mobile app - although don't let this put you off trying Glasscubes as they have this in development, and in the meantime, you can still access Glasscubes via a browser on your mobile device.

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    Like a friendly dropbox

    I've been using Glasscubes for a few months now, at first it took a little while to get my head around but I'm comfortable with it now. It seemed to be like a different version of Dropbox to start with and, reluctant to change as we all are, I wondered why we couldn't just use that! But as I got into using it I find it has much better features, the ability to lock documents while editing them, to ensure nobody else edits that version at the same time is handy, and the discussion boards are very easy to use. The interface is straightforward and looks attractive and the support team are always there with tips and advice if needed.

    Pros : It looks friendly, it's easy to upload/download documents and to organise in folders

    Cons : Not everyone in our group is using it properly yet which makes it difficult to orchestrate team projects - can't really blame the program for that though!

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  • The Good:

    • Free plan for a small team.
    • Work online or in your email.
    • Organize team members into groups.
    • Create documents within glasscubes.
    • Get text reminders.

    The Bad:

    • Missing Gantt charts.
    • Unable to create dependencies.
    • Must upload files one at a time.

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  • Glasscubes is a helpful tool for small to medium size businesses. The application covers everything from team or department communication to project management. The design is simple and professional, making it a great choice for almost any industry.

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  • The software is easy to use considering its range of features and it provides some cool time-saving features. The biggest benefit, of course, is that users can access Glasscubes from anywhere as long as they have Internet access and a Web browser.

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  • Whether it’s for school, managing projects for your consulting practice or dealing with sales leads, Glasscubes seems to be a great alternative to more complex and more expensive systems on the market. The fact that it is completely hosted online and can be accessed anywhere by any of your team members is also a huge convenience. I definitely recommend it for anyone that wants to be more organized and more effective when dealing with any task requiring collaboration with others.

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