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With the motto "click, share, move on" we are ready to change the way we think of sharing files online.

Sharing files today is based on an old web paradigm where you first have to store a file on a server before someone else can download it. Ge.tt changes this. With ge.tt, users can share and publish files in an instant. No matter how numerous or how large, the files are ready to download in the second they are selected. It is file sharing that matches todays real-time web paradigm where you no longer wait for things to happen - they just do.

So this is all fancy-talk, but what is it really?

Ge.tt is an internet service where you with one click can share any number of files you want to. With another click you send those files to a friend, your Twitter page, Facebook profile, or to a client in an email. And that's it. The files are ready to be downloaded, while they upload to our servers. It really is that easy. This saves a lot of time and frustration. Click. Share. Move on

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  • I often send an email containing all of the files, and then a follow-up message, just to confirm that my oversized message arrived safely. But not anymore: Now I'm using Ge.tt (various pricing, starting at free). This free file sharing service has made my life a whole lot easier.

  • Ge.tt is a brilliant free service for sending people huge files with a minimum of fuss. It’s fast, easy andlets you share links to your files even before they’ve finished uploading.

  • Ge.tt is a great solution for anyone who needs to share files online. The free price tag makes it appealing to non-profit organizations, small businesses and start ups. Anyone on a tight budget can use Ge.tt. The service is simple, but this is a good thing. Creating an account is free and gives the user a few additional features.

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