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  • Immediately Boost Customer Service

    Designed to simplify enterprise IT operations, Freshservice is a complete Service Desk, packed with powerful automation features that suits every organization's IT needs. But not only that. We use also and as customer support platform Freshservice has one core value proposition: to help businesses understand and connect with their clients to build more effective services. Support tickets, feedback forums, knowledge bases and metrics are all features of this tool.

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    CMDB with a Modern UI

    All of the big CMDB vendors seem to have clunky, slow user interfaces stuck in the late 90's; I'm looking at you BMC Footprints and HP ServiceDesk. Given that tons of data move through a CMDB and it's meant to be a labor- & time-saver (and in my leanly-staffed organized I need it to be), none of the big players I looked at would work for me- FreshService does.

    Pros : Extremely intuitive, snappy interface Reliable cloud hosting "White-label" interface that you can brand with your organization's colors Data imports from other CMDB products and CSV files

    Cons : No hands-off data export/backup ability for organizations that want to keep a copy of the FreshService data on-premises. They can schedule dumps and email you links though, so do not let this keep you from an amazing product!

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    Sign up feature is not working

    I been a customer for a week and the user sign up is very flacky at best. My users can sign up to submit a ticket so it's been pretty much useless at this point. I have mentioned this several times and submitted tickets to the company's helpdesk. They seem to get back but always ends up as they are looking into the issue and they close out the ticket like it's fixed. One week later I still having issues. If problem still occurs I will mostly cancel within the next few days.

    Pros : Layout and app feature is nice

    Cons : Price per asset is pricey. I bought into because of the layout. The sign up feature doesn't work which is huge. Seems like a small company that needs to still work out issues and add additional features.

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