Evernote Software Alternatives

Best Evernote Alternatives

The human memory is a funny thing. One moment you’re dialing a colleague’s number to share with her an unusual occurrence in the just-concluded meeting. The next moment, for some reason, you’ve totally forgotten what you’re calling about.
You can blame work stress or inadequate sleep for forgetting things too easily. But no, they’re probably not the culprit. Nor is anything inherently wrong with you. It’s just how the brain works.
How can you work your way around this, then?
One is through pen and paper. Another is through technology, which is where Evernote becomes handy.
Evernote is a note-taking app that allows you to record video notes, take snapshots, snip web pages, and save them all in one place. All the data is stored in the cloud and can be synchronized across all your devices, making it easy to share information and ideas with others anytime, anywhere.
But Evernote, no matter how useful it is, isn’t the only available note-taking app or document manager in the marketplace. If you’re looking for alternatives, this article will cover 10 apps, in no particular order. 

1. Box

Box is a cloud-based document sharing platform for businesses. It comes with tools that support file storage and sharing among teams that include colleagues, clients, vendor partners, third-party service providers, and other stakeholders. Because it’s cloud-based, Box can be accessed on any device, whenever, wherever.
Just drag and drop the files you wish to share from your computer to Box, generate a sharing link, and you’re ready to collaborate with your teammates. Box supports various file types, even large media files. You’re notified whenever someone opens or reviews any content you’ve uploaded, so it’s easy to track how your files are being used.
Sharing links can be password-protected and set to expire after a certain period of time. To further secure your files, access permissions can be restricted to certain users, depending on their role within the organization. For example, vendor partners can only view the shared files but not edit or download them.
To organize and better manage your content, folders can be created for each of your projects. Coworkers can be invited to folders where they can share content of their own and collaborate with other members through centralized comment threads. File and folder updates are synced across all devices, and workflows can be created to protect your company’s data against loss or unauthorized distribution.
Aside from the ability to invite members, and set and revoke access permissions, Box has an audit feature that grants administrators full visibility into each uploaded and shared document, including how users interact with your data.
Box offers desktop apps for your Mac and Windows computers and mobile apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Phone devices. To expand its capability, Box integrates with third-party tools like Slack, Google Docs, Salesforce, Folloze, NetSuite, Microsoft Office, SharePoint, and more.

2. PaperPort

A desktop file management system by Nuance, PaperPort is used to scan, store, organize, locate, and share scanned documents, photos, and forms. It is an affordable, all-in-one, and easy-to-use application that allows users safe and secure access to their digitized files anytime.
It converts documents into premium PDF files that are easily searchable, and works on files and paperwork such as legal notices, images, tax information, bills, receipts, warranties, forms, and mail, among others.
PaperPort comes in several different variants: PaperPort Professional for documents that you can upload, share, and locate in the cloud or on your company’s local network; PaperPort Enterprise for documents and other files that can be stored in the cloud, Microsoft SharePoint, and your company’s network; and the PaperPort variety for home offices and individuals.
What differentiates PaperPort from other document management systems is its efficient use of your scanner – desktop scanner, multifunction printer, or mobile scanner. PaperPort uses optical character recognition (OCR) technology  to digitize your reports, receipts, forms, and other essential documents, and turn them into PDFs that are searchable, easy to assemble, and can be shared across groups.
PaperPort converts files into PDFs and combines several small files to form a new PDF. The FormTyper feature is one of the easiest ways to convert paper forms into electronic versions that can be filled out online. PaperPort Notes for iPads, on the other hand, lets you more efficiently take notes using Dragon speech recognition software and through quick data capture of handwritten notes, and so on.
While PDF files can collaboratively be read, edited, and annotated, PaperPort’s security features ensure confidential files are kept confidential and safe from being altered without your approval.

3. pCloud

pCloud is an online storage space for photos, videos, music, and other important work documents without the hassle of size limits. Because it’s cloud-based, it can be used on all of your devices so you can instantly access your files wherever you are in the world. Sharing large files is possible through a unique link, which can be shared any way you deem convenient – via Facebook or Twitter, email, messaging apps, or whichever service is enabled on your device.
Your friends and colleagues need not own a pCloud account to view your files and download them locally. If you’re worried about your files or folders falling into the wrong hands, links to folders can be deleted any time.
pCloud grants users up to 20 GB of free storage space – 10 GB at signup, plus another 10 GB when you recommend the software to people you know. The app enables easy uploading of big files because it enforces no limit to the size of your file uploads or downloads. pCloud also ensures your data are synchronized across all of your devices – home and work computers, tablets, mobile phones – so you’re free to access and share your files from anywhere.
pCloud Drive, pCloud’s desktop application, can be downloaded to your computer so you can conveniently store, access, and sync your files and documents in the cloud. pCloud Drive allows file synchronization between the pCloud web platform and your computer in real time.
To access files on your mobile device while you’re offline, save the said files or folders to your favorites by tapping the star icon at the bottom.

4. Trend Micro SafeSync for Business

Trend Micro SafeSync for Business is a cloud-based document management software that provides an easy and secure way to store, back up, sync, and share files among colleagues, clients, and even outside partners from across the globe. Essential business documents such as price sheets, invoices, media and presentations, accounting reports, and contracts can be accessed on demand, anywhere, on any device.
SafeSync’s money-back SLA guarantee ensures 99.9% availability. Data synchronization is continuous and automatic, and happens in real time. Folders can be shared using sharable links that you can password-protect for added security.
SafeSync for Business accounts accommodate multiple users, with each user issued a total of 50 GB storage space. The total storage allocation for each account or organization depends on the number of user licenses you purchase. Team folders for easier and better collaboration can be created as needed, on the fly, by both staff and administrators.
In terms of security and confidentiality, Trend Micro owns and operates the data center where your files are stored – no third-party participation. SafeSync uses bank-grade encryption (AES 256-bit) so your data is safe while in transit from your device to Trend Micro’s servers, and vice versa. SafeSync for Business also provides a centralized user control system that lets you manage how users use your company’s data. You have the power to grant and revoke user access to shared files as you see fit.
SafeSync keeps a history of all your file updates and allows you to recover previous file versions. It also has a feature similar to a recycle bin where deleted files go until completely erased from the system. In case of accidental deletion, you can simply restore the deleted file.

5. MediaFire

MediaFire is a file hosting service that covers file syncing and cloud storage. Used by people from all walks of life, it’s equipped with apps for the web, desktop and mobile devices for anytime, anywhere file sharing between friends, families, and colleagues. MediaFire supports 200+ file formats, which means you can view, listen to, and share media of different types straight from your browser or mobile device.
MediaFire is likewise built for collaboration. It allows you to invite friends to your side projects and share files and folders with coworkers, all the while maintaining full visibility and control over who can view or edit your shared files. Invitations can be sent through email, Facebook, Twitter, or Google.
Compared with other document storage systems that also offer free subscription plans, MediaFire is more generous in terms of storage space it affords each registered user – up to 50 GB. You start off with 10 GB of storage upon signing up. Referrals and other actions, such as downloading the mobile app and connecting your social media accounts, let you earn additional free storage.
The only downside is that file downloads are ad-supported – if you can call that a downside, considering you’re getting their service free of charge.
Aside from its forever free basic plan, MediaFire has two other packages: Professional and Business. Both are ad-free and can accommodate up to 20 GB per file upload. Storage runs from 1 TB to 100 TB and offers priority support. Business supports 100+ additional users and provides detailed download statistics and security log, as well as a fully brandable and customizable interface.

6. Nero MediaHome

Nero MediaHome is a software solution that helps you manage your digital collections. Because it integrates with iTunes, Windows Media Player, and the Nero BackItUp cloud storage system, the app functions as your one-stop multimedia manager. MediaHome can be used to flow media content to different devices linked to an HDTV or a stereo surround system via the Nero streaming player app.
Equipped with a clean, easily navigable interface and layout, Nero MediaHome functions as a centralized access point for all your videos, images, and audio playlists. This means you can showcase your multimedia content on demand, as long as you have your smartphone, computer, or TV screen available for viewing.
It’s also prebuilt with tools for creating films or audio presentations, copying multimedia content from external devices, applying various filters to your photos, and putting together slideshows using your various media files.
The app appeals to people with a vast media library looking for an easier way to store, manage, and play their content. It makes content organization, search, and retrieval quick and simple through tags that can be automatic or customized. It also has editing tools for red eye removal, cropping, and photo resizing.
MediaHome comes with a face recognition capability that, over time, can pinpoint matching faces. This is particularly useful if you’re looking for a particular person’s photos or video clips in your media library. Nero MediaHome has basic CD-burning features, geo-tagging functionality that places your content on the map, and social media sharing capability to sites like Facebook and YouTube.
Nero MediaHome can be downloaded for free. And because it’s bundled with a bunch of premium Nero products, it gives you a feel for how the other products actually work.

7. Gladinet

Gladinet is a file management service that enables both cloud and on-premise collaboration.
It offers solutions that work for individuals, teams, service providers, and enterprises. It supports real-time syncing, on-demand access, mobile access, private file sharing, file locking, brandable on-premise interfaces, drive mapping, multi-tenant syncing and sharing, role-based access controls, multi-site collaboration, integration with third-party business tools such as Active Directory and OpenStack Swift, a unified workspace, and more.
Gladinet merges cloud and local storage into a single path to create a solution that allows users to seamlessly access files that are both in the cloud and on in-house servers in different locations. Even without a VPN subscription, Gladinet allows you to securely access remote files from anywhere, on any device. The app works well with all the major browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera).
Your file server can be set up to transfer information straight to the cloud, instead of uploading your files and folders to the cloud prior to sharing them out. As a result, content from different sites are merged into a global namespace for easier and quicker accessibility by clients, external partners, vendors, mobile staff, and remote workers.
Also, Gladinet allows you to map cloud storages such as Box.net, FTP, Google Docs, Windows Live SkyDrive, and Amazon S3 into a virtual network drive. Once done, all you need is drag and drop local documents into the virtual drive to back them up in the cloud.
Gladinet can be white-labeled by service providers looking to offer a file storage and management service to their customers.

8. Wondershare MobileTrans

Wondershare MobileTrans is a service that enables users to transfer data – text messages, call logs, apps, contacts, photos, calendars, and all media files – from one phone to another. It functions as a go-between and offers one-click data transfers between iPhones, Androids, Windows Phones, Blackberry devices, and Nokia (Symbian) phones.
Phone data can be backed up to your PC for later restoration, to keep copies of important contacts and photos, or transfer iTunes content to any supported device.
Wondershare MobileTrans supports 3,000+ phone brands that include Samsung, Apple, Nokia, LG, Sony, HTC, HUAWEI, ZTE, Motorola, and Google and works well with phone providers Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Sprint. The app has a permanent-erase functionality that totally wipes out the data on your phone, a feature that comes in handy if you’re planning on donating or selling your old phone.
Wondershare MobileTrans uses advanced fraud protection and data encryption techniques to ensure your data is safe from unauthorized access or interruption, especially while in transit. In case you need help, Wondershare MobileTrans customer care representatives are available to assist you via email and live chat. They respond to email requests within 24 hours upon receipt.
Wondershare MobileTrans lets you test the app risk-free with its 30-day money-back guarantee.

9. Wondershare MobileGo for Android

Wondershare MobileGo for Android is a backup, restoration, and mobile management platform that links your mobile phone to your Windows computer, allowing you to transfer data (apps, photos, videos, and music playlists) from your computer to your Android phone, and vice versa.
Installing MobileGo on your device allows you to literally connect your Android phone to your computer. Aside from exporting the data on your phone to your PC, and vice versa, MobileGo helps you back up important messages, get rid of duplicate contact entries, and send messages to your friends and colleagues using your desktop.
Advanced functions the app supports include accessing the device’s core operating system and rooting your Android device to bypass your phone’s permissions and unlock hidden features, increase your phone’s speed performance and boost battery life, remove preinstalled software you don’t need and that only takes up space, and block annoying ads.
For a minimal fee, the MobileGo Data Recovery feature lets you restore accidentally deleted data or content lost due to malicious hacking, as long as the data hasn’t yet been overwritten with other data.
MobileGo mirrors your Android phone on your computer screen, so you can watch multimedia content, play games, and run your Android apps on your desktop without any issues.

10. MyCase

For legal professionals, MyCase is an affordable and insightful legal practice management system that simplifies the administration of various back-office activities associated with running a law firm. It centralizes all your legal documents, clients’ contact details, cases, timesheets, and invoices in one cloud-based location, allowing you to work on cases and consult with clients, expert witnesses, and fellow counselors anywhere, anytime.
MyCase significantly reduces the time you spend on scheduling meetings, data entry, and other relevant admin tasks and gives you and your staff more time to work on the more important aspects of your business. It stores, organizes, and manages your calendars, tasks and to-do reminders, contracts, and other data in one platform, eliminating the need for multiple disparate applications to get things done. Templates and merge fields let you quickly assemble legal documents with similar content.
MyCase also comes with a client portal, making communication between counselor and client faster, easier, and more productive. This feature keeps clients happy through faster communication and by providing them 24/7 access to case data. This gives them the attention they deserve without imposing added stress on your staff. The app supports online payments, so clients can easily view and pay their invoices online.
Communication and collaboration happens through MyCase’s built-in messaging and commenting system, and status updates are fed to your activity stream in real time. Facebook-style notifications and alerts ensure you’re always on top of your tasks and activities.


With 150+ million people now using Evernote worldwide, there’s no question that Evernote is a powerful and valuable productivity tool. It helps businesses and individual users conveniently take down notes, organize files, and share documents with friends and coworkers.
These and more are the reasons it remains one of the most efficient and easy-to-use of its kind despite similar offerings in the market.
However, if you feel Evernote isn’t the right one for you, consider test driving any of the apps in this list to see how they work out for you.

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