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  • Alfresco - A breath of fresh air in the content management arena

    Alfresco ECM Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAlfresco is being used across the whole organization for document management/retention, blogging, audit trails and approval workflows. We have integrated Alfresco with our home grown database. As soon as a deal is entered into it, a site creates with standard folders and rules that make metadata assignment easier or completely automated. All parties working on the deal are able to easily access and save documents to the right place. Workflows are used for obtaining and tracking deal approvals based on credit submissions. Blogs are used to make the sharing of information interactive and are part of our knowledge management strategy.

    Pros : Basic workflows are easy enough for casual users to set up and utilize.Cloud sync capability provides a great way to share documents with third parties and to use as a backup system for critical documents.Alfresco mobile app makes it easy for those on the road to access, approve and share documents.Folder rules are easy to set up and make assignment of metadata easier to automate.

    Cons : When users are members of 1000 sites or more, certain features such as sites dashlet do not work properly.There isn't any integration between Alfresco and Microsoft Outlook for Mac. IMAP integration has flaws that can cause loss of email.Mobile app doesn't have a site search feature. this is problematic when you have thousands of sites and you need to access one where you have not saved it as a favorite.

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    Alfresco Document Management Review

    Alfresco ECM Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Alfresco to manage digital documents for both our HR department and Student Records departments. We have over 12,000 employees and 85,000 students who's records are all managed using Alfresco and a combination of a custom interface and back end process applications.

    Pros : Document Management - The ability to store documents, manage custom aspects and metadata. Plus full control over versioning of documents with the ability to check in and out.Custom API's - Alfresco supports multiple API's both internal and external and pretty much allows you to customize and integrate with any applicationSearching - Lucene and SOLR which are integreated into Alfresco offer a multitude of ways to find documents/folders.Auditing - They have a fairly powerful (although somewhat con

    Cons : Documentation can be challenging -There can be pages of documentation on features and api methods, but they often lack real world examples and are quite often out of dateEarly adoption of features can be problematic - Alfresco seems to change quickly and often trying to use newer features can be frustrating. Especially when they keep tweaking/modifying functionality between versions. There has been cases (IE: Records Management) where they've completely re-worked how it works.Customization of

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    Alfresco is great at what it does good.

    Alfresco ECM Use Cases and Deployment ScopeAlfresco is being used across whole organization, it solves content management and document integrity.    

    Pros : The out of the box Alfresco is very good.Easy customization.Support from Alfresco is great.

    Cons : Using YUI (Yahoo User Interface) for id's makes my job in Quality Assurance tough.

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  • Great well all around software depending on cusomizations

    What do you like best?

    Easy to use interface that makes new learning really quick and easy. Some customization such as workflows can be easily integrated depending on customization level. The customer support is awesome, and my current company also goes through a third party company that called Formtek that supports and helps us with our software.

    What do you dislike?

    I dislike how it is so hard to find various information on the internet about Alfresco. If it is a bug that occurs more than likely it will take a lot of digging, searching around, and trial and error to resolve the issue.

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    If considering Alfresco, I would highly recommended the community free edition first to play around with and make sure that it can do everything or is able to be customized to your liking.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    The company that I work for will use Alfresco as a content managing system where we can utilize workflows as far as seeing upcoming jobs that needed completed. Alfresco also gives us a great way to store various files and formats since we usually use pdfs and we often reuse the same drawings so Alfresco makes it very easy to retrieve and manage those documents.

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    Complexity, difficulty of customization, solution in search of a problem

    What do you like best?

    If you need a commercial ECM/Document Management system backed by a reasonably stable company, Alfresco is inexpensive compared to its competition, and somewhat more customizable, if you have enough budget to get a team of java developers.

    What do you dislike?

    The APIs are incoherent. There's the RESTful API, the Surf API, and probably some others. You can't do everything with any of them, and it feels like some parts of the API were built by different people at different times, so when you have to try to cobble together a working application, you have to navigate this byzantine history. Worse, it's buggy, and we spent a lot of effort assuming we were doing something wrong, only to find out it was a known issue.

    Ultimately, if you really want to customize the product, you need java skills and full time developers, which was out of budget for us.

    I've followed the company since 2006, and watched them follow buzzword after buzzword (open source, cloud, social, etc), rather than listen to their customers' needs/pan points, or to solve real problems.

    Their cloud offering is a sort of platypus: not really usable, but it lets them tick off the "cloud" buzzword in their marketing material.

    Ultimately, the complexity

    Recommendations to others considering the product

    Dropbox keeps getting better and better, their API is sane, their compliance level is acceptable to us, and their desktop sync application can't be beat. We will eventually replace our Alfresco back-end with Dropbox.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    Building a content and document management application for a market/business information services company.

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    Alfresco - Swiss Army Knife of Content

    What do you like best?

    My comments are restricted to the commercially supported version of this java based open source enterprise content management ECM platform.

    Alfresco stands alone as the most versatile and powerful ECM solution available, running circles around dinosaurs Filenet (IBM) and Documentum (where most of the initial brain-trust came from) and exceeding relative newcomer Sharepoint (Microsoft) on most measures other than the "free" part. Sharepoint is free to get started with and very expensive to use and replace once you discover its shortcomings and eventually discover how Microsoft monetizes it...free from MicroSoft? You knew better.

    On the easy low hanging fruit end, Alfresco can easily integrate with Exchange and replace you P drive, and in so doing instantly enable a full range of document disposition capabilities across a spectrum of content types. You may also choose to leverage Alfresco's UI or build your own, and you may build a solid enterprise search solution (Solr based)...

    What do you dislike?

    Alfresco's licensing discourages use of small "pieces" of its capability (see some of the above examples of projects). I much prefer to use the commercially supported versions of software like this, but the entry point is too high to justify the cost for anything but the more traditional ECM projects.

    The cloud version is appealing but does not often fit either my client's technical model, or the arcane security governance policies of many large "old school" enterprises we serve.

    What business problems are you solving? What benefits have you realized?

    The perspective from which I share is that of an enterprise business analyst and product owner on small, medium, and large projects in government, transportation, manufacturing, financial services and e-commerce. In some projects Alfresco "was" the project, while in others it simply solved one or more of our business requirements and was a small part of larger initiatives.

    Some projects were designed for 2 or 3 administrators with 10 to 50 users, and were built for a single device which securely served just a few hundred pages of content from the cloud to an app on a secure tablet. Think e-learning, Board Room communications, PKI monitoring, BI, or compliance management.

    For a global manufacturing company with 27 USA based facilities, we successfully used Activiti to model and implement a multi-department workflow in support of a heavily regulated materials change request process.

    One financial services project leverages just a small piece of Alfresco capability, image...

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  • Alfresco does have a bit of a steep learning curve. You're probably going to have a break-in period of a few weeks to not only get it configured correctly, but also to get employees to use it rather than just mailing files back and forth. The ultimate result, however, is worth it. Alfresco isn't the only game in town, of course, but its features and maturity make it a top choice for small businesses that are open to using FOSS to solve their problems.

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  • Alfresco is an excellent choice if portability and cloud storage are important to you. This solution offers many of the features we look for in an enterprise CMS; however, we would have liked to see backup capabilities and FAQs for additional support. Alfresco is designed to help your corporation better manage their files, and overall they will not leave you disappointed.

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