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Alfresco is an Open Source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that provides features for Document Management, Collaboration, Records Management, Knowledge Management, Imaging and content management. Alfresco is an extremely powerful system that’s known for being a bit painful to get running. With the JumpBox for Alfresco that’s a non-issue, you just download and run and within a couple minutes you’ll have a production ready Alfresco installation.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Document Management
  • Collaboration
  • Cloud Sync


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Canada,  United States
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  • Web Based
API availability
API is available. Protocol / Formats : JSON, REST .
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Alfresco integrates with eXo and more than 2 other solutions. View details
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Alfresco Free Network

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Initial Storage (Max Storage): 10GB (10GB)
  • File Size Limit: 50MB

Alfresco Standard Network

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  • Starts at 5 users
  • Initial Storage (Max Storage): 25GB (500GB)
  • File Size Limit: 2GB
  • Network Admin and Custom Branding
  • 9-5 online Support

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Alfresco Integrations

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eXo Platform

Enterprise Networking

Alfresco integrates with eXo Platform. eXo Platform is the first cloud-ready enterprise portal and user experience platform-as-a-service...
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Critic Reviews

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  • Alfresco ECM Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Alfresco to manage digital documents for both our HR department and Student Records departments. We have over 12,000 employees and 85,000 students who's records are all managed using Alfresco and a combination of a custom interface and back end process applications.

    Pros : Document Management - The ability to store documents, manage custom aspects and metadata. Plus full control over versioning of documents with the ability to check in and out.Custom API's - Alfresco supports multiple API's both internal and external and pretty much allows you to customize and integrate with any applicationSearching - Lucene and SOLR which are integreated into Alfresco offer a multitude of ways to find documents/folders.Auditing - They have a fairly powerful (although somewhat con

    Cons : Documentation can be challenging -There can be pages of documentation on features and api methods, but they often lack real world examples and are quite often out of dateEarly adoption of features can be problematic - Alfresco seems to change quickly and often trying to use newer features can be frustrating. Especially when they keep tweaking/modifying functionality between versions. There has been cases (IE: Records Management) where they've completely re-worked how it works.Customization of

  • What do you like best?

    Flexibility, integration and customization

    What do you dislike?

    Company is more interested on their cloud solution and business orientation than on making a better product.

  • Alfresco does have a bit of a steep learning curve. You're probably going to have a break-in period of a few weeks to not only get it configured correctly, but also to get employees to use it rather than just mailing files back and forth. The ultimate result, however, is worth it. Alfresco isn't the only game in town, of course, but its features and maturity make it a top choice for small businesses that are open to using FOSS to solve their problems.

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