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4shared is a fantastic place for your photos, videos and other media. Whether you're at home, in the office or on the go, your media travel with you. Plus, 4shared provides you with a never-ending experience of inspiration discovery. This social-rich platform boasts an impressive media file database, full of current and soon-to-be favorite music, videos and pictures for you. To make things more interesting, there is a great public search mode, which makes finding content a breeze. Whatever media you fancy, collect it to your 4shared account and enjoy! By the way, if you want to get your photos noticed, you can easily share them with family, or the whole world. Let’s ooh and ahh, laugh and cry together!

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for 1 Month / 1 user(s)


  • 100 Gb of online space
  • Ads free sharing
  • High level of security
  • Resume download
  • Direct download links
  • Backup


for 3 Months / 3 user(s)


  • 100 Gb of online space
  • Ads free sharing
  • High level of security
  • Resume download
  • Direct download links
  • Backup


for 6 Months / 6 user(s)


  • 100 Gb of online space
  • Ads free sharing
  • High level of security
  • Resume download
  • Direct download links
  • Backup


for 1 Year / 1 user(s)


  • 100 Gb of online space
  • Ads free sharing
  • High level of security
  • Resume download
  • Direct download links
  • Backup

4shared Review by Cloudswave

4shared is one of the most famous file storage and document management services with many additional features. There are dozens of similar services. But there is also the great demand for storing the files online, so each of them has its own users. It’s unbelievable, but only 10 years ago it seemed ridiculous to store files online. Today working with the data that is stored on the remote server seems as natural as to having the mailbox.

Why do we upload files online?

People are uploading files online with different purpose. Here are some of them.

Data backup

Sometimes it is important to upload really large files and to have a lot of space for files storing. It is handy to have the online backup of the music, photo, and movie collection. In this case the storage period really matters, because you need to be sure that the data wasn’t deleted because you haven’t accessed it for some time.

Data synchronization

Many file storage providers offer the data sync features in our days. Because most of us have more than one device for working with files (e.g. laptop, PC, smartphone) it’s incredibly handy. The user has the possibility of downloading the files from anywhere and in some cases even have access to the version history.

Easy data sharing

Usually file hosting services offer the easy way of sharing data with the other people. So when the file is stored online it can be sent to the bunch of people without using the archaic attachments.

What’s more is important?

Sometimes additional features really matter. Listening to the music from the user’s own collection online and convenient mobile app for uploading data are among them. Of course the reliability of the service means a lot. The majority of users prefer the file hosting that have been functioning here for some time.

What is 4shared?

Founded in 2005, 4shared is a popular file storage service that offers many additional features and even social ones. It allows storing various types of files in the cloud, easy sharing them with the world, searching for public files uploaded by other users. It is possible to view images, play music and video directly from the cloud without downloading to the local computer, smartphone or tablet (though downloading is also possible). 4shared actually have two main purposes: uploading, storing and sharing your own files; downloading files of other users.
It’s worth noting that 4shared is not the best choice when you need to quickly share some files with the other people. First of all, it is impossible to upload files to the server without registration. Secondly registration is also generally needed for downloading files. Despite the fact that you don’t need to register for getting images, you still need to create 4shared account or fill in your credentials from one of the social networks to download the majority of file types. 4shared 1

Free vs Premium

4shared has loyal restrictions for the free users of the service. Basic free registration allows you to download up to 15 GB of data into your account. The maximum file size is 2048 MB. The files are stored 180 days since the last login. It is allowed to download and upload files totaling up to 3 GB daily (or 30 GB monthly).
Free features include the online file manager, which makes it easy to create folders, to move, to copy, and to delete files, to listen to the audio files and to view the video files in real time. Users can also work with 4shared desktop client and with free applications for the popular mobile platforms. There is also free WebDav support. 4shared 2 4shared Mobile app for Android offers the standard set of functions: there are files search, downloading, uploading, and sharing. Using the app settings one can enable or disable the integrated browser for viewing images, videos and music directly through the app.
Paid plan costs $9.95/month (or $77.99 if you pay for the whole year). It includes 100 GB of space for storing files, the ability to upload files of almost any size (up to 100 GB) and to download 100 GB per month. The files are stored for 1 year. There is an option to use download managers and to resume broken downloads, and there are no advertisements while downloading the files. Also in addition to the media files streaming the user gets the chance to edit the text files online.

Using 4shared for files uploading

There are several ways of files uploading to 4shared. It is possible to use the web interface or the desktop client that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Premium users can also upload the files through the FTP or SFTP protocols (which is certainly faster). There is also WebDav protocol support. This allows working from the desktop with all the files added to 4shared account. You only need the client that supports the WebDav protocol. The freeware program CyberDuck is a good example.
The web interface supports drag-and-drop for files uploading (note that this feature is not supported in Safari and Internet Explorer browsers). This way separate files or even the whole folders can be uploaded. Drag-and-drop is also supported in the desktop application. Here it is possible to control the uploading speed and the number of simultaneous downloads, to predefine the destination folder. There also some advanced settings. For example the user can configure the program behavior if the file with the same name is already exists. It’s also worth noting that 4shared desktop client may use proxy for uploading.

Using 4shared for files sharing

Many users select 4shared from the tons of other file storage services due to the advanced sharing features. It is very easy to share the uploaded files — the ready link is always one click away. Once the public link is created it could be sent via email to the recipients. One more handy option is the QR-codes support. Every 4shared file has the unique QR-code, so the smartphone users that have the appropriate app, can get the download link very quickly. 4shared 3 However there are some limitations for the free users. The created links are not direct and show ads. The creating of direct links is available only for the premium users. Due to this feature there is no problem to embed the files links to the website (and many 4shared users actually do so!). Premium 4shared users can also view and analyze the download statistics which includes the info about the time of last downloading and the number of downloads.
Not only files, but the folders could be shared with other users, and there is an option to set the permissions for each folder and subfolder. Inside the account it is possible to create the own folder structure for easy and quick access to data. The information can be protected from the unauthorized access through setting permissions and setting passwords on critical folders. It’s also worth noting that even if the folder is public, the separate files in it can have different access levels.

Using 4shared for files downloading

Being the premium 4shared user it is intelligently to use the downloading features. 4shared has the integrated search engine, and the users may find and download the files uploaded by the others. It is possible to leave comments for file owners and even chat with friends. So if some of your friends also use the service it even can be the sort of social network.
The downloading is possible through the desktop client. There is the separate tab for it. The destination folder, as well as the maximum downloading speed can be configured. It is also possible to set the program behavior in case of existing files. 4shared 4 Premium 4shared users can use their favorite download managers for getting the files. The support of resume feature in download managers is great, especially if there is a need for downloading the big files. The number of simultaneous threads is not limited, but don’t forget about the bandwidth limitation (which is 100 Gb per month). Iа the bandwidth is exceeded the premium user loses its downloading advantages till the end of the month.
There are some more options that can be handy while downloading the big amount of files from 4Shared. The premium users get the option to view the content of ZIP archives while working with web browser. Secondly if there are a lot of files that need to be download one can use the online archiver and get one ZIP file. 


Whether you frequently need to upload some data online or downloading movies, music, and other types of content from the net, 4shared may help. Despite the fact that all its features are available only for premium users the price isn’t too high and many options are free.
We highly appreciate the free desktop client, the modern web interface with drag-and-drop support and free mobile apps. Integration with social networks is also a big plus, because there is no need to create the separate account.
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Critic Reviews

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  • There are a lot of similar file storage services or better file storage services with cloud storage which are better than 4shared in terms of storage and support. Services like Dropbox, Copy, Amazon cloud storage are better than 4shared if you want to store your files online. 4shared is mainly aimed at p2p users or people who share files at a large amount or who shares files frequently. But 4shared has it's advantage over others like no bandwidth limit on the free plan and a 15GB of storage.

  • I appreciate their user friendly outlook, comfortable navigation and absolute reliability. 4shared will definitely uplift your efficiency and productivity whatever purpose you use it for.

  • Pros:

    • 4shared protects your important files against potential antivirus threats
    • 4Shared lets you to send and share files with a maximum size of 5GB. It allows to store and share files in variety of formats according to your need and requirements


    • 4shared lacks a Microsoft Outlook plugin. It would let you to incorporate the service into your MS Outlook account that would use your contacts as well as other information kept in storage
    • 4shared doesn’t feature the upgraded dropbox properties which enables you to include an instant-upload widget to any website that you own. By introducing a Dropbox, your clients, affiliates, associates and colleagues could upload outsized files straight to your website and consequently stay clear of the complications of email or FTP

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User Reviews

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  • User review from

    Maryna Bondarenko

    4shared is one of the largest file hosting services. It supports category search and file sharing. The key feature of the service is providing public access to the files. However, you can use 4shared just for storing your files and their synchronization. The free plan is very loyal: 15 GB of disk space is offered. The size of a single file should not exceed 2048 MB, and the monthly bandwidth is set to 100 GB. Premium account pricing starts from $9,95/month. Paid users can take advantage of 100 GB of disk space, and download managers support, broken downloads resume. It is also possible to view and create archives on the server, to use (S)FTP Protocol, to use file recovery (even if they were deleted from the Recycle bin). Although there are many useful options present in the free subscription. Multithreading, file preview, and software support are among them. All data is backed up, however, file storage time is limited to 180 days since the last login. The desktop application lets you can specify a folder to synchronize, configure the properties of the file and the program behavior during the download and the uploading. The responsive web interface allows you to perform basic file operations, to search, to sort data and to change display modes. It is not easy to find a platform that is not supported by 4shared. There are desktop applications not only for Windows and Mac but also for Linux. Mobile support is not limited to Android and iOS. The Windows Phone, Symbian, Blackberry and even Nokia Full Touch users are also welcomed.

    Pros :

    • Easy sharing.
    • A lot of space is offered for free.
    • Extensive mobile and desktop platforms support.
    • It is possible to play back audio and video files in the browser.

    Cons :

    • Too small monthly bandwidth for sharing.
    • Ad supported.

    • December 2, 2015
  • User review from

    Leonardo Andrés David Zerón

    4shared is a web based file sharing application, which also combines some elements of social networking: Users can be followed, and comments can be left. It is also compatible with platforms such as Gmail, Facebook and Twitter, and you can in fact log in with those accounts at 4shared. It is important to note that 4shared is not a storage solution for business since it doesn’t support synchronization and safety options are limited. Besides, it features plenty of ads that can only be removed by subscribing to the premium version. File storage space is limited, even in the paid version which is capped at 100 GB. Summarizing, 4shared is a practical storage and file sharing solution for personal files that aren’t private. Media files can even be played directly on the site. It isn’t a business storage solution since it lacks the required storage space, privacy and security. 4shared could be considered a social file sharing site- for business use there are more suitable alternatives such as Google Drive and Microsoft One Drive.

    Pros :

    • Compatibility with Facebook, Gmail and Twitter accounts. 4shared includes elements of social networking, such as following users and leaving comments.
    • Practical and intuitive web interface- lightweight and easy to use.
    • Media files such as audio and video can be played directly on the site.
    • Sharing information is as easy as uploading the file and sharing a link.

    Cons :

    • Very limited storage space- the paid version offers 100 GB, which is practical for sharing media and other small non-confidential files, but not for the larger file volumes required by businesses.
    • There are plenty of ads and some of them include fake download buttons. New users might click on ads accidentally instead of actually downloading the file.
    • Limited privacy and security- 4shared is for files you actually want to share, not for confidential or private information.

    • October 17, 2015
  • User review from

    Tapan Jain

    4shared is an online file sharing service. One can share files which are too big to attach over an email. It was developed just to solve the basic problem of sharing your digital content which is difficult to share over email. Moreover, 4shared can be used as a cloud storage service as well. One can upload the files to 4 shared and then these files can be accessed from any location and any platform provided there is an internet connection available. Mobile apps are also available for all the major platforms.

    Pros :

    The users can follow a particular user and receive the feed whenever there is a new upload by that user. One can even download the files depending on the permissions set by the owner. The best part is that audio and video files can be played inside the 4shared service as well. To download the shared content, one does not need to be a registered user of 4shared. A simple web based link can be shared with unregistered users. To share the uploaded files, one just needs to input the email address of the intended recipients. Round the clock customer support is available as well and all files are scanned for malicious content before they are allowed to be uploaded to the 4shared servers. One can even restore accidentally deleted files. The download automatically resumes once the internet connection is up after any interruption. One can even preview text files, zip files and even zip files online.

    Cons :

    The major problem with 4shared is that the files do not synchronize with other computers like Dropbox has. It does not sync with a dedicated folder on the computer whenever there is an addition or deletion of a file. The files are not secured using encryption. Only user credentials and basic firewalls are protecting your data. Even the maximum size of a file that can be stored or shared by a premium account holder is restricted to a maximum of 5 GB. Free accounts get a maximum file size of 2 GB only which is way too less when compared to other cloud storage providers.

    • September 14, 2015
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