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What Digital Signature Software Has to Offer

For many businesses, revenues aren’t recorded until the customer signs on the dotted line. Even in the digital age, this traditional part of a transaction remains for many businesses. However, this antiquated practice is no longer necessary thanks to digital signature software. While you can keep the necessary features signatures provide, the right software means you get to do away with its shortcomings and enjoy greater benefits.

Reduction in Costs

These days, every company would be wise to look for ways they can save, especially when it comes to preexisting operations. This is one critical advantage to implementing digital signature software. If your company isn’t already paperless, you may be hanging on to the old way of doing things for many reasons—one of which could be the need for signatures. Unfortunately, this “need” is costing you in paper, ink and even the price of maintaining your printers. Plus, if you need signatures from people outside the office, you’re even spending money on shipping.

Furthermore, you’re probably spending a lot of time waiting for a single document to go from party to party collecting signatures. With digital signature software, get the signatures you need without having to print a single document. It’ll be impossible to ever lose a document too.

Track the Signature Process

In fact, digital signatures make it fairly easy to track the entire process. So instead of sitting around and wondering if a customer received the documents you sent in the mail or faxed, you get updated about where your document is and whether or not it’s been addressed yet. A lot of software these days will even send your customers reminders that they have yet to sign.

Appeal to a Broader Customer Base

More and more, customers are warming up to the idea of a completely digital world. With greater numbers owning smartphones, it’s also becoming far more possible for us to handle ever-growing amounts of our lives from the palms of our hands.

So many customers aren’t keen on the idea of being able to handle the vast majority of a transaction while riding the bus or from the comfort of the couch, but then having to wait for a piece of paper to arrive so they can sign it. That actually sounds like a really great way to lose a customer to a competitor that could actually be charging more for the convenience they provide.
By offering digital signatures, your customers can complete the entire transaction online, from A to B, in the shortest amount of time possible. They never even need to install or download something on their end.

See Faster Payments

While keeping customers happy is important, and enough reason to use digital signature software all by itself, don’t forget that the main reason you’re associating with them is for profits. Aside from keeping customers, accepting digital signatures is an easy way to gain your payments quicker too. As soon as they sign, they’re able to pay, which means your company can then record revenues sooner.

Experience Greater Security

Everyone knows that the digital age has brought almost as many risks as it has advantages. Cyber criminals seem to enhance their operations every day and that means companies like yours become more vulnerable along the way. Fortunately, digital signature software is extremely secure and very difficult to tamper with. You can even have the documents safeguarded, so you’re alerted if anyone has changed so much as a comma before you sign (or after, for that matter). This makes it nearly impossible for someone to modify the document, while keeping the signatures intact.

Plus, it’s head and shoulders above traditional methods where security is concerned. Currently, physical signatures come with all kinds of risks. People could steal the actual documents, for one thing, or otherwise destroy them. Signatures can be forged too, of course. With stacks of files, it could also be a long time, if ever, before you realize someone tampered with them.

While digital signature software titles definitely offer the benefits we’ve covered above, each will have their own unique features as well. So be sure to review each option carefully, so you don’t miss out on a certain title that may have the unique features your company needs, specifically.

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