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WebFOCUS Business Intelligence and Analytics platform empowers everyone in your organization to make smarter, more confident decisions. WebFOCUS extends to your customers and partners, too, giving them easy access to analytic apps and tools from any browser or mobile device.

For faster time to market with no heavy, upfront IT costs and resources required, WebFOCUS can also be deployed in the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. You can also use Skybox, a new cloud hosting service that allows companies to test and develop applications for BI projects without spending time and resources creating an application test and development infrastructure.

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  • Information Builders WebFOCUS 8 is a scalable business intelligence tool that provides quick insights for the entire company by utilizing in-memory processing and reducing the complexity of the reporting and analyzing processes.

  • WebFocus has one of the largest collections of data connectors. It has many granular access roles but there aren't any file size limitations for imports. In addition, WebFocus offers more than 300 different connectors, including DB2, Greenplum, Teradata, and numerous others. Unfortunatelly, WebFocus does not offer a free trial version.

  • WebFOCUS Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWebFOCUS is used across the organization as a user development tool. Its purpose is to allow departments an easy way to design, create, schedule, and distribute reports and data stored in various types of tables. It is a tool that users are able to install themselves with an instruction sheet and pretty quickly be able to connect to and report from various data sources with a minimal amount of training for the amount of ability of the tool.

    Pros : Allows users to connect to and combine data from various sourcesAllows users to create HTML launch pages even if they don't have previous experience in developing web pages. Users can tie a launch page back to a report that they wrote for their workgroup to share data access.Saved queries can be scheduled to send the results so that data is automatically emailed in various formats (text, spreadsheet, Word document, etc.) as often as needed.Exception reports can be scheduled so that the necessary

    Cons : The newest versions of WebFOCUS have an unnecessarily complicated security layout that makes configuration difficult to accomplish without bringing in the vendor for installs.This software tries to cover too many bases allowing you to switch from writing code manually to creating reports using only GUI tools. This sometimes complicates screens and functionality where the two methods don't always work well together. -though its nice to have the choice.The sales force is not as top notch as many

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