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  • Trackvia gives you a web-based service where you can set up an unlimited number of applications. These applications reside on the Trackvia servers. However, the company has told me that a white-label option (where you can brand with your own colors and logo) is something that is “in the works.” An unlimited number of people can be given user logins and permissions within the account. This means they can log in and use the apps that the company has built anytime.

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  • Buying shrink-wrapped, off-the-shelf software now makes less sense compared to subscribing to cloud-based software. TrackVia online application platform has empowered business users to build their own custom “just right” solutions for their unique requirements in a simple and affordable way. Therefore, a company’s unique projects can now have a unique project management application for it.

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  • I Don't Know How I Did It Before TackVia

    We first looked at WebOffice but found that it just didn´?¢t allow us the flexibility to make the changes we needed. It didn´?¢t have enough features for us. I looked at QuickBase, but there were too many limitations, including tight restrictions and extra fees for records and users. Pricing was clearly going to be an issue, resulting in questionable ROI. After researching different players in the cloud database market, I decided to implement TrackVia. Within a couple of days we could start to see the benefits of changing to TrackVia.

    Pros : We are no longer reliant on emails or manual, error-prone processes. With TrackVia we have vastly improved efficiency, data accuracy, and execution confidence. We couldn't imagine a better platform to help drive our firm's growth.

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    With TrackVia We Have Been Able to Grow Our Business by 25%

    We needed a solution to monitor the business in a granular, real-time fashion across both our organization and that of our supplier. That solution is TrackVia. TrackVia´?¢s combination of ease-of-use, data security, and powerful productivity and workflow features made choosing TrackVia a no-brainer for Healthways. Within two months of deploying TrackVia, we were able to transition an employee responsible for managing data full-time into another, more strategic role within the organization. Growth within the screening business has exceeded 25% year-over-year, and with TrackVia in place, the Web Operations team has been able to support this growth while decreasing staffing by 20%.

    Pros : My colleagues were blown away by the capabilities and ease of use. TrackVia is going to streamline our process on many levels. They unquestionably differentiates itself through its support team´?¢s accessibility, professionalism, and can-do attitude.

    Cons : N/A

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    TrackVia is Perfect

    TrackVia is perfect. The lay-out is so intuitive and the usability is unmatched. I use the internet-style search all the time. I tried the other online databases and they just don´?¢t compare ´?¢ they are inflexible and hard to use.

    Pros : Implementing TrackVia to manage inventory workflow and communicate daily status on a nationwide basis has yielded tremendous benefits. Productivity has increased among regional distribution teams. TrackVia has saved each of them 5-10 hours per week.

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