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  • I use Statcounter for all my sites. In fact, anytime I log online, I always track the most recent search queries driving traffic to my sites from search engines before doing any other thing. Easier and fast for me to track compared to using Google Analytics which I analyse once in a while.

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  • StatCounter is not Google Analytics and that is a good thing.

    StatCounter Use Cases and Deployment ScopeSting is one client for whom I have used StatCounter. The main reason is Google Analytics has a learning curve and I want my clients to have easy solutions like StatCounter. For most, it provides more than enough data, in good contexts, to quantify and qualify my efforts as a Digital Marketing Strategist.

    Pros : Reports are general, which sometimes is all a client wants to know.Data is ordered logically and is easy to flip between screens.It's simple to add to any site.Their communication is excellent. Rarely are there issues but if so, they go right to Twitter and engage immediately.

    Cons : I honestly cannot suggest a thing. Again, StatCounter is used for specific reasons and exceeds my expectations.

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    Long-Standing, Rock Solid, Simple, Affordable Web Stats for Your Analytics Mix

    StatCounter Use Cases and Deployment ScopeI have used StatCounter for my personal hobby web properties for what seems close to a decade now as well as a primary/backup statistics source for a number of million+ hit websites that I personally designed and managed for my previous employer. We used it primarily in the Marketing department but used the reports to inform various departments and key individuals of course.

    Pros : StatCounter is reliable and accurate.StatCounter has always been easy to use.StatCounter maintains your statistics for many, many years compared to many web services that restrict how far you can go back.StatCounter is very affordable and has been.

    Cons : I can't think of any weaknesses.

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    StatCounter: I approve

    StatCounter ProsIt's helpful to easily view the hostnames of visitors to get a real sense of your audience.My top 5 views are recent pageloads, recent came from, download activity, exit link activity, and keywords.I appreciate being able to choose free vs paid for log activity.

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  • StatCounter is a helpful tool for anyone who is learning how to monitor their website’s stats. The application is ideal for small business and freelancer websites. The user can keep it inexpensive with a free plan or pay a small fee for more access. The user is given a number of stats and viewing options that help them see where their users are coming from and what they do when they visit.

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  • All in all, this is a great tool especially if you’re doing SEO or have a site built to monetize content. Statcounter has received positive feedback from users, and I give it a strong recommendation.

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  • Statcounter is ideal software for the internet marketers. The price of the software is also quite competitive which has led to its popularity. There is no limit to the free service of the software. Thus, users can access all details that are preserved in the software.

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