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Panorama Necto is a BI application based upon understanding of user behavior, one-click reporting, and collaborative decision making. Panorama positions the product upon three strengths of social business intelligence, insights, and intuitive self-service.

Panorama Necto is advancing Business Intelligence 3.0 to the next level, bringing together the very best of Enterprise BI with Visual Data Discovery, providing enterprises with new ways to collaborate and create unique contextual connections.

Necto is the only BI solution on the market today enabling users to connect to any data source and data model using in-memory technology; create business ‘stories’ using easy to use and understand infographics; analyze information leveraging suggestive insights; and then socially collaborate with colleagues. And Necto delivers all this capability in a single web-based user interface and in a controlled, secure ‘governed’ environment.

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Features & Specifications

Key Features

  • Suggestive Discovery
  • Users can create and share Infographics
  • Intuitive Web-Based UI
  • Measure and monitor KPIs
  • Geo Analytics
  • infographics and graphic visual representations
  • Recommendation Engine
  • Create custom visual elements for Infographics
  • Native Mobile BI apps


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Australia,  Canada,  Germany,  Israel,  United Kingdom,  United States
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  • Desktop Windows
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  • 74

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  • All in all, Panorama Necto software is one of the first to present BI data via highly visual infographics.

    Pros: Geo Analytics feature, focus on social collaboration, includes both basic and advanced analytics features.

    Cons: Not compatible with Macs, not supported for Blackberry devices, no profit or predictive analytics features offered.

  • Panorama Software helps businesses grow revenues, minimize costs, and boost corporate performance by allowing social decision making and revealing actionable insights that are contained within their data. It allows business users have insights more efficiently, more quickly, and with greater relevancy.

    Pros :

    Cons :

  • I used Panorama Necto for a regional sales dashboard and I confirm that it is One of the best data discovery BI tool I have ever used. What I extremly appreciate is that the tool is easy to use , with a simple click , you can import Data from multple sources and build Visualisations , It's very intuitive and very good for interactive analytics. Panorama-Necto have an excellent In memory performance. It helps to limit the dependency on IT for data discovery in the company, It's a very self-service BI tool .

    Pros : The features that really stood out are data discovery, the good performance. I also really appreciate it's highly visual and understandable infographic format

    Cons : Panorama-Necto does not have support for Linux or commodity hardware, I think this cqn really improve the the tool. The Big data Technology support is very limited. I would also appreciate if there is a personal edition that I can install on Windows home edition for my client to assess the product.

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