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  • An excellent service for measuring KPIs, but with a learning curve

    Kissmetrics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeWe use Kissmetrics to track our marketing and sales funnels as well as to track user activities within our SasS. Kissmetrics touches all departments in the company, from development to customer service to (of course) marketing. The main problem Kissmetrics addresses is involve KPIs across the board: How many new users do we have between X and Y dates? When did X user do the following activity? How impactful was X email?

    Pros : The URL API, when combined with reports and people search, is very powerful. It allows you to create and track a virtually unlimited number of cohorts using property and event tracking.Live view is fantastic for a bird's eye view of what's going on with your users in real-time.Kissmetrics support is bar none– they're friendly and speak in terms that even the most novice of users can follow.

    Cons : In-app reports are often not quite "enough" as is. Kissmetrics lacks secondary/tertiary sort of filter functions that let the user distill the collected information in a useful way on-screen. What we sometimes have to do is export reports and use functions within Excel to get the data view that is useful for us.We've gotten some conflicting advice about whether or not the ideal identity to use is an email address or some other unique identifier, and that has made implementation/reporting more co

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    Kissmetrics helps keep data simple.

    Kissmetrics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeKissmetrics gives us essential information about key metrics along our motion rate which are critical for adoption by our users. These insights put us in a position to be proactive in identifying trends contrary to our assumptions during development/ release and also closely support the effective pursuit of our OKRs for the whole Product team.

    Pros : Very simple UX for non tech professionalsKeeps the important metrics front and center with daily summariesEasy to integrate with minimal burden on systems

    Cons : Would love to be able to drill down on the data more (once it's available).

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    Engineer + Data Analyst Perspective on Kissmetrics

    Kissmetrics Use Cases and Deployment ScopeKissmetrics  has been deployed to our whole company. We use it as a self-service analytics tool to calculate metrics around key events that happen within our system. Our advanced analytics are done using a data warehouse. Its an OK analytics tool to complement Google Analytics. 

    Pros : Tracking Event Data.Debugging Implementation Issues/Verifying the implementation is doing well.Always adding new features.

    Cons : The interface is really cumbersome especially for basic tracking of just specific events over time by property.Because it's an event driven system there is no way to modify events in the past. For example if you are selling products and returning products there is no easy way to just look at the orders that were not returned.I wish the data export was more real time then the batch transfer to S3.

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  • Kissmetrics is one the best tools that can be used to recognize holes in the funnel. You can get in detailed reports about the behavior of your users from this tool. It has some unique features that you cannot find in other popular tools such as Google Analytics.

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  • Powerfull tool but be careful with their billing practices

    We have been using the tool for a couple of years to measure precisely our conversion funnel on various A/B tests. It requires quite a bit of training before you can really master the various options and reports but it is powerful. Over the last couple of years they have been increasing very significantly their entry pack which makes it today a pricey solution. The price varies based on the number of events you track per month. The main issue is that you don't receive any warnings if you go over your plan limit and they start charging you the next plan automatically. On top, as you don't receive any invoice by email you need to be on top of your credit card statement to know how much your are spending

    Pros : Customizable Reports Scalability

    Cons : Expensive Poor transparency on billing practices

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    A great way to analyze your conversion funnel

    we have been using kissmetrics over the last 12 months to better understand user engagement on our app and web site. It has proven to be very effective and lead us to improve a lot our conversion funnel

    Pros : you can get very detailed and customized funnel reports in just a few clicks

    Cons : i did run into a few bugs while running custom reports from time to time a bit expensive ..

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    My daily tool of choice.

    Forget Google Analytics. Kissmetrics gives you the metrics that really matter for your business. For me the big difference is that I can see actual people that did actions on my site instead of page views. The tools is very powerful and you can create custom reports to keep a constant eye on your business progress.

    Pros : Persons vs page views. The metrics dashboard. Deep analysis of your user base. Timeline of events a user did.

    Cons : Learning curve.

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  • What do you like best?

    Kissmetrics is a great tool for analytics, especially if you're looking to see in-depth insight on visitor journey instead of just visitor figures and pageviews.

    What do you dislike?

    Not much, though the price can be a bit too high for some businesses (especially small businesses/small brands).

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    What do you like best?

    Kissmetrics was one of the first analytics platforms to really focus their attention on individual visitors rather than page views. In doing so, they allow marketers to understand the visitor's journey and provide a better experience.

    What do you dislike?

    Kissmetrics can be a little pricey for some small businesses, and not all businesses need to spend additional money on online analytics.

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    What do you like best?

    KISSmetrics really is a great thing. I use it on a daily basis, and it informs nearly everything I do in terms of outreach to users. Have they used my company's product? How much? When? Where have they traveled on my website? There is just a wealth of information that you can sift through, user by user...with customized tracking events so you are getting granular data on exactly what you want.

    What do you dislike?

    The searching service is notoriously slow. It's hard to enjoy having this as a vital cog in my workflow because the slow speeds are simply annoying sometimes. And the problem is algorithmic. They can absolutely speed things on their end with better code.

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