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GoSquared helps you understand and improve your online presence, it provides analytics behind your site’s traffic the moment a visitor lands on your homepage. Not a second later.

The dashboard provides you with an overview of all the most important metrics behind your site’s traffic. From source information to visitor count, and from a dynamic timeline to engagement metrics, the dashboard is simple-to-read and accessed in one.

GoSquared dashboard is just one example of a powerful, yet simple solution built from its API. Take advantage of the variety of widgets available for integration and learn about every visitor, one-by-one, in real time.

Your website’s data on its own doesn’t give you the full picture of your Internet presence. That’s why it analyses social data from referrers to your site to give you a better indication of what’s working and what’s not. Gaining a lot of people to your site doesn’t matter much if they’re not actually reading or consuming your content. See who’s just written about you, who’s tweeting about you, and what people are searching to reach your site.

GoSquared gives you minute by minute data so you can see how you’re performing today against yesterday, and improve. Your most important GoSquared data can be downloaded in JSON or CSV formats, any time you want. Developers love its API, bring powerful real-time data into your site, the only limit is your imagination.

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  • GoSquared Use Cases and Deployment ScopeGoSquared is used by our representatives to easily connect and track our customer for our energy trading portal. It allows us to see our customers interest and therefore allows us to provide better and faster service to them. Our system needs to be fast and responsive, so does our analytic system, and GoSquared delivers this by providing real time information.

    Pros : Provides real-time statistics and trends which is invaluable to representative to establish solid connections with our customersAllows us to see current trends and product engagement. Also allows us to compare unique visitor counts with relevant dates.You can go big as you need, and pay as you need with instantly upgradable and affordable plans.Customizable dashboard is a great add-on for representatives to remove screen clutter and have clean informationYou can always directly communicate with

    Cons : It would be better if it would have some kind of history, so we can dig further information.

  • When compared to Google Analytics, paying any sort of price would seem illogical at first glance. After all, Google Analytics is completely free to use. I’d argue that the ease of use, the user experience and the quality of information more than justifies the monthly fee for anyone considering it — especially if you’re wanting to move away from Google anyhow.

  • GoSquared can help many website owners monitor one or sites using real time statistics. The application is ideal for users who need a little personality with their data. GoSquared presents the information in a way that is very easy to comprehend.

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