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Flurry is optimizing the mobile experience for developers, marketers and consumers. Flurry’s market leading analytics product sees activity from more than 500,000 apps on over 1.3 billion smartphones and tablets worldwide, giving the company the deepest understanding of mobile consumer behavior. Flurry has turned this knowledge into accelerated revenue and growth opportunities for app developers, and an effective, measurable advertising channel for marketers to engage their audiences on mobile devices.

Flurry Analytics is in an average of seven apps per smartphone and tablet. A technology company at our core, we take pride in the cutting edge platform we’ve built, handling more than three times the data volume of Twitter, and powering one third of all app activity worldwide.

We have an awesome team, work in a fun environment and tackle the biggest, most exciting problems in mobile which impact well over a billion consumers. The company is backed by tier one investors. Flurry headquarters are in San Francisco and we have offices in New York, Chicago, London and Mumbai.

We're hiring! Check out our openings. We'd love you to consider bringing your passion and talent to Flurry.

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  • Flurry Analytics ProsFlurry Analytics as applied to iOS apps allows the app owner to track usage of the app.Incorporating Flurry Analytics into an iOS app is extremely easy - register your app, download the SDK and incorporate the header and library into your project, and make standard method calls.Flurry's documentation is very well written and provides several examples of the use of the different method calls in code.Examples of analytics that can be tracked are number of times a user brought up a specific view; number of times a user tapped a button; time spent in a given view or in a specific activity within the app.

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    Javier J. Hernandez Garcia

    All opinions are personal, and they don't reflect the opinions of my employer either past, present or future. Flurry is part of Yahoo and is a tool that lets you see data from your app users. Things like active users, time on your device, etc. But it doesn't go much further than that, and it can be really slow and rather complicated to use as well.

    Pros :

    • Once you learn to use Flurry there are certain good things about it. Their classic dashboard is easy to use and very nice with a good level of information. From Avg Active users, to new users to the number of games/sessions, etc. Depending on what your app does.
    • The Usage and Retention tabs seems to be the best providing all the information that you can get from Flurry, including cohort of your users behavior. But the rest of information is harder to get.

    Cons :

    • Is not as user-friendly as other tools out there.
    • Finding things on Flurry can be very time consuming as their design is not as friendly as other designs. All basic stats are fairly simple and similar to other tools but if you want to dig deep creating funnels and searching for more specific stuff this could be a bit hard.
    • Funnel, in particular, are hard to use, and they take days to populate with data, if you create a funnel that you thought was right, but it turns out it wasn't the information that you were looking for then you will have to create another funnel. This means that it may take a whole week until you see data that you were actually looking for.
    • Flurry only allows you to see behavioral data of your users, how many sessions, hours, active users, etc. But doesn't give you any revenue data to crosscheck with user behavior, so you end up with half the story and trying to find that data in a difference tool.

    • April 13, 2016
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