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eVisit Analyst is a comprehensive set of analytical reporting tools focussed specifically on customer interaction, and through advanced filtering and Key Data analysis.

By giving you the power to see how visitors are using your site, eVisit Analyst enables you to improve visitor interaction, smooth out sticking points in your visitor paths and raise your ROI on online marketing. eVisit Analyst can offer a javascript tagging solution that does not rely on cookies or log files to function but still provides a full suite of advanced web analytics reporting.

You really need to know what's happening on your website right now, not several hours ago. That's where eVisit Analyst's Real-time Reporting comes in. It allows you to see all your important website metrics live, including visitor activity and conversions.

eVisit Analyst allows you to segment visitor journeys in a variety of ways that will assist you in tailoring attraction mechanisms like campaigns to aid you in optimising key entry points for targeted traffic acquisition. eVisit Analyst's Social Media monitor will highlight the positive and negative comments made about your brand so you can see how the online crowd perceives your business, giving you the opportunity to respond.

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