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11 Expert reviews

Brand24 is a real-time social media monitoringandanalytics tool application. Thousands of brands of all sizes like (incl. Intel, IK...
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22 Expert reviews

InsightSquared delivers powerfully simple business analytics for companies of any size. Its award-winning analytics will maximize ...
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4 Expert reviews

Yurbi is an intuitive Business Intelligence software designed with the business user in mind; it doesn't require any programming, codin...
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16 Expert reviews

Sisense offers a business intelligence tool built for users with any level of technical skill. With this tool, executives can visuali...
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Adaptive Suite

3 Expert reviews

Adaptive Suite By Adaptive Insights provides the only unified Business Intelligence (BI) and Corporate Performance Management (CPM) sui...
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3 Expert reviews

Dasheroo is a Business performance metrics dashboards that monitor your business data from apps like Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytic...
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iDashboards Enterprise Suite is a unique dashboard solution, providing powerful insights in just a few clicks. With features such as ca...
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21 Expert reviews

Klipfolio is a fully cloud dashboard application that enables real-time visibility into the data and insights that matter most to your ...
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Solver BI360

3 Expert reviews

Solver’s BI360 Suite is the most complete BI solution of its kind. And with a powerful Collaboration tool, it’s the most ef...
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Tableau Desktop

18 Expert reviews

Tableau Desktop is built on breakthrough technology that translates pictures of data into optimized database queries. Use you...
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4 Expert reviews

BIME is a simple yet compelling service to connect to and examine data in any industry. BIME is focused on presenting an easy-to-use bu...
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Splunk Enterprise

10 Expert reviews

Splunk Enterprise is used to monitor, report and analyze real-time machine data as well as terabytes of historical data–located o...
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Panorama Necto

37 Expert reviews

Panorama Necto is a BI application based upon understanding of user behavior, one-click reporting, and collaborative decision making. P...
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8 Expert reviews

Birst gives business meaning to data, by enabling business users to analyze all of their data, from all types of sources, to solve real...
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Tagetik CPM

3 Expert reviews

Tagetik CPM software unifies a multitude of complex processes including budgeting, forecasting, consolidation, and performance reportin...
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