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Adobe Analytics helps you uncover business opportunities and successes by turning customer interactions into actionable insights. With the market-leading solution, you can better understand the customer’s entire journey. Make business decisions based on digital channel data, and use these insights to personalize experiences, drive better ad spend, and monetize your content.

Adobe Analytics enables marketers and analysts to tell the story of what’s happening in their business by leveraging high-performance, real-time analytics across marketing channels. Marketers can take advantage of the information that flows through Adobe Analytics to continuously improve the performance of digital marketing experiences.

Adobe Analytics is the industry-leading solution that delivers the analytics and reporting capabilities needed to enable data-driven decision-making. It provides the insight critical to optimizing marketing efforts, such as personalizing experiences, driving better ad spend, and monetizing content and campaigns. Each measureable action that a customer or prospect takes while interacting with your brand represents an opportunity to:

• Align digital-marketing initiatives with key business objectives.
• Gain real-time insights into customer behavior across marketing channels.
• Find hidden patterns and behaviors in large amounts of data.
• Leverage insights to deliver relevant online consumer experiences that drive conversion.

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  • User review from

    Ronnie Rask

    So overall the Adobe Web Analytics solution is the best overall high-end tool. I'm already used to the Adobe application atmosphere and this offers a great way to interact with my data. Definitely offers the big-boy version of real-time analytics. Great support that can teach you the process of following customers and creating profiles on them through really advanced tools. But, it's very high learning curve and not cost effective. At the end of the day was not the right solution for me.

    Pros :

    • So Adobe Analytics offers really advanced tools like Discover in a WISIWIG editor.
    • These are the tools for following, digesting and sending out massive amounts of Data with great reporting.
    • So getting Data out of it in limited ways is very easy.
    • I personally was a little blown away by it, but the more advanced staff members that work for me were able to create very detailed data sets with variables that showed and predicted a customers' responses.
    • The featured I used most was the ability to work across multiple platforms.
    • My mobile devices, my laptops, the Work Computer.
    • It has the ability to integrate into most online work experiences.
    • You can very in depth looks into online behavior.

    Cons :

    • So overall Adobe Analytics is a great tool.
    • It's quite pricey to get involved with.
    • You really need a company with a large budget and a staff set to work this Application.
    • Without this your setting yourself up for failure.
    • It's very advanced.
    • I needed other staff members with deeper knowledge in setting Analytics measuring up to use the software.
    • Learning curve was rather steep.
    • Budget needed for this is way to high and not easy to maintain it's worth in the eyes of those who give the money out.
    • Spent many hours trying to prove that it was worth the cost only to fail and switch to another platform.

    • March 10, 2016
  • User review from

    Sean Caruana

    When it comes to analysing the success of a website, and the amount of traffic it is receiving, two of the best tools for the job are Google Analytics and Adobe Analytics. Both of these tools are ultimately used for the same purpose, however, both have their unique advantages. In the case of Adobe Analytics, many of the features are similar to those present in Google Analytics, however, there are a few which stand out. Adobe Analytics allows users to create very detailed and customised search filters on the statistics, such as viewing the amount of customers who bought a product within a certain time range. These statistics can then be exported to many external tools for analysis and business intelligence, such as Excel. Within Adobe Analytics, reporting is, on the whole, more flexible than Google Analytics, however, it is generally easier to get started with generating reports in Google Analytics. One of the best selling points of Adobe Analytics is that data appears to be unsampled by default, whereas this is only available in the premium version of Google Analytics. Similar to Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics differentiates between traffic originating from mobile or desktop browsers. Besides this, there are loads of filters available for zooming in on data, including originating countries and regions, age groups, gender and many others. It is also possible to view detailed information about when, how and where the website traffic originates from. The biggest issue in Adobe Analytics is that a number of features which must be paid for in Adobe Analytics, are available for free within Google Analytics. Adobe Analytics is also definitely not cheap.

    On the whole, Adobe Analytics has a tougher learning curve than Google Analytics, and it can take a while to truly make use of the product to its full potential. Furthermore, Integration with Google advertising tools such as AdSense and AdWords is of course very limited, and finally, HotJar style heatmaps are not available.

    Pros :

    • Detailed filters for viewing statistics.
    • Exporting of statistics to Excel. - Flexible reporting.
    • Unsampled data by default.
    • Ability to view information about traffic sources.

    Cons :

    • Adobe Analytics is not free.
    • Reporting is easier and more user-friendly in Google Analytics.
    • Much stronger learning curve than Google Analytics.
    • No heatmaps.

    • December 30, 2015
  • User review from

    Iurii Koretniuk

    I've 2 years of experience of using Adobe Analytics. Frankly speaking, I would never choose this solution by myself and was forced to use it by corporate policy. It definitely lacks intuitive aspect – you need to spend a lot of time to see what's going on with your particular segment before you actually get how to optimize the process of metrics gathering. It requires a lot of efforts and involvement from developing department to set-up an access and validate it, segment the data, and grant you access. The great thing about the tool is that it is highly customizable. You can literally automatize whatever you need, pull data from external services to see the clear picture. Once you've finished this road to the hell, you begin to love Adobe Analytics, but this kind of love usually looks like a lot of torturing and efforts to maintain.

    Pros :

    • Very high level of customization.
    • It is possible to connect external data sources to have all the metrics in one space.
    • Great segmentation possibilities.
    • Especially for global websites targeted to different countries. You can switch between regions/countries easily and be confident that the data are not mixed there. Just great to avoid bias.
    • High level of security – my previous employer where we used the tool on corporate level would never approve this solution for corporate level unless it passed the difficult and long-lasting due diligence process.

    Cons :

    • Very difficult to understand and requires a lot of efforts to get accustomed to its features. You must literally learn it from the stretch controversially to google's solutions, for example.
    • I wish it were more intuitive.
    • You need to involve your IT resources to customize it. Without customization it is just waste of time and money, in my opinion.

    • September 26, 2015
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