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An Introduction to Web Analytics Software

Every company nowadays does business online. If yours isn’t, you should really make that a priority before competitors who already are quickly putting you down for the count. For those businesses that are online, web analytics can’t be overestimated in terms of their importance. If you’re trying to conduct business over the Internet and you aren’t using web analytics software, your company is essentially flying blind.

What Is Web Analytics Software?

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page about web analytics. This term refers to the science of collecting, measuring, and analyzing web data in order to better understand how visitors are using your website. It includes things like finding out where they’re coming to your page from, how long they’re staying on each one for, what keywords brought them in, what they’re buying, how much they’re spending, etc.
Web analytics software allows you to collect this information and then study it in a number of different ways. With the right choice of web analytics software, you can bring a forensic approach to understanding your online market. Obviously, this should be seen as a huge advantage, if not a necessary component in today’s day and age.

How Web Analytics Software Helps

As we mentioned earlier, without web analytics, you’re flying blind. That doesn’t mean your website can’t be successful without it, but it almost certainly guarantees it won’t be for long. That’s because you’ll only be able to guess about which parts of your website are working best. Plus, as competitors adapt and begin using web analytics software, you’ll simply be outmatched. They’ll make the most of out of the parts of their website your market likes most and you’ll be playing catch up as much as possible.
We already touched on some of the benefits of web analytics software, but let’s drill down to some more specific examples. Obviously, one of the main benefits is helping you increase your CTR (click through rate), whether that refers to actual purchases, signing up for your newsletter, reading your blog, etc.
Web analytics software can do this by actually showing you how many people have clicked through. While that’s all well and good, it’s hardly going to revolutionize your approach. Instead, use this software to track where visitors decided not to go through with your offer. If you’re selling something, for example, you could find out where in the checkout process potential customers decided it wasn’t what they wanted anymore. As it stands, you probably have no idea how many customers you’re losing, so how can you possibly hope to convert them?
A lot of web analytics software these days is made to track social media campaigns. Given how potent social media has become, it’s essential that you understand how it’s working for you (or if it’s not). You can use web analytics software to see how many people have stopped following your Twitter account or Facebook page. Now you’ll have some idea of how you’re turning people off, if you are. The software can also be used to measure the influence other social media users have. This will help you prioritize which customers to focus on so you’re getting the most from your social media resources.
These are just a couple of examples of what this type of software can do. It essentially pulls back the curtain on what’s going on behind the scenes when it comes to your web presence. The insights are invaluable.

Choosing the Right Web Analytics Software

Like so many types of software these days, picking the right kind will have everything to do with scale. You could spend your entire budget on this type of software if you wanted to, but that won’t make it a good investment.
Start by eliminating options that provide you with benefits you simply don’t need. At this time, you may simply not need to know which of your Twitter followers is the most influential. While that day will probably come, save your money for now.
Also, spend more for better interfaces. Not all web analytics software is user-friendly, which can render it essentially useless if you’re not extremely tech-savvy.
So long as business is being done online, companies need web analytics software. It’s the only way to ensure you’re doing everything necessary to profit in the digital age. 

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