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An Introduction to Market Research Software

Like every company out there, yours needs to be concerned with its market. Obviously, no matter how great your company is doing now, its market could change all of that tomorrow. Furthermore, if a competitor of yours has a better handle on the market, you can expect that this rival will soon become your superior. Fortunately, as with so many things these days, there is high-powered software designed to help you master your market, beat out the competition or even just gain a necessary foothold.

What is Market Research Software?

Market research software can be one of many things. Obviously, it all revolves around helping companies do more with their demographics. The more you know about the people you’re trying to sell to, the better a shot you have at hitting your goals.

Perhaps the most common form of market research software is using surveys. Online and mobile surveys have become fairly common methods for companies to gain useful insights on their markets. One of their biggest advantages is that the company can actually create the questions that get asked. No more poring over someone else’s research or trying to make the most out of statistics that weren’t necessarily gathered specifically for your industry.

Another big one comes by way of analytics. No business is taking their online presence seriously without making analytics a priority. It’s a way of looking at every footprint a visitor leaves on your website from multiple angles. Doing this can give you all kinds of valuable information, especially when you have enough footprints to form an aggregate.

Some forms of market research software actually focus on specific companies. eBay and Amazon, for example, are virtual marketplaces in their own right. If you sell products that can also be found on those sites or are otherwise competing with them in some way, it can be a huge help to have software that helps you monitor them.

Major Goals of Market Research Software

As the name makes clear, this software is all about helping you gain insights into your market. Being software, though, these titles mean to do this as efficiently as possible. Before the Internet, helpful market research could easily take a quarter. Today, with the right software, a month would be considered a fairly long timeframe.

However, it’s also worth pointing out that market research software makes it possible to constantly be in fact-finding mode. You can have a survey posted on your site at all times, for example, and just take the information as it comes in. You could also elect to have analytic software running 24/7 so that you capture valuable information about anyone and everyone who steps foot on your site.

Any market research software that doesn’t give you a compelling vantage point on your customers isn’t worth a penny. It should go above and beyond the simple reporting most websites come with these days. These titles should also make it fast and easy to pull reports about whom you’re trying to sell to.

Choosing the Right Option for Your Company

To some degree, the type of market research software that will make the most sense for your business will have a lot to do with what exactly your company does. However, for the most part, the majority of companies will be happy with the same type of platform.

There are a few ways to help thin the herd. First, look at which other businesses are using the title you’re thinking about. Large corporations may have their own homegrown versions, but snoop around and see if any companies you recognize are making good use of the market research software you’re considering (most titles will advertise prominent customers of theirs).

Next, look for options. Surveys are great, but hardly a homerun in and of themselves. You want software that will give you multiple angles for looking at your market. Some markets, for whatever reason, just don’t respond to certain techniques. It’d be a shame to put all your company’s eggs in the survey basket only to find that they simply aren’t getting taken.

Enough cannot be said about how important usability is. Imagine market research software that could hand over endless data on your customers. Now imagine if you couldn’t make any sense out of it. Any platform you seriously consider should be able to present you with data in a way that is immediately readable.

Along the same lines, you want implementation to be a breeze. You never know who in your company may have reason to get their hands on some solid market research. Software that is easy to implement tends to have a welcoming learning curve as well, which will make a big difference in how well your entire business is able to use this type of program.

Market research software could be a game changer for your company. Whether you’re struggling to get a solid understanding of your demographic or just want to make sure you never miss an opportunity, these titles will prove to be a lot of help.


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