Top SEO and Digital Marketing Facts for 2017

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2016 has been really a busy year for both SEO and major search engine companies such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Search engines will still be used all the time, with methodical and constant SEO improvements like user optimization and content publishing to your website, you can always stay ahead of your competitors. There is really no end to SEO, it is an ongoing process, if you are not constantly moving forward and staying ahead, you will lose ground.

If you are not quite familiar with the basics of digital marketing here are a few of the key points:

Inbound Marketing to enhance your SEO

inbound marketing

SEO is part of the growing online marketing ecosystem with inbound marketing. It has been on the rise for over a decade now and will continue to be the most effective method of digital marketing in the near future. Inbound marketing is an umbrella term which includes other marketing tactics such as social media platforms, content, community engagement, conversion rate optimization, brand marketing along with SEO and other activities.

Quality Content is the ultimate key

quality content

What we do know for certain that in 2017, creating quality content will pull people towards your website and company which will also help your organic search results increase gradually because search engines love websites that are uploading quality content which attracts engagement – such as likes, comments, and shares. When people interact with a piece of content you put up, search engines see it as real humans who are enjoying what you are posting, meaning it holds value and will generally rank it up higher. Content has a lot of potential because you can easily convey a message in a variety of ways through videos, info graphs, blogs, articles and copywriting. This means there should never be a shortage of content and if the audience absolutely likes it or find it useful, they are going to interact with it some way.

Content Marketing and Marketing Automation to Increase Digital Marketing

content marketing

A recent interactive poll on Smartinsights showed the number one method of digital marketing will be content marketing (20.67%), and the second best method of digital marketing was voted to be Marketing Automation (18.6%). It seems to be a continuing trend that the future of digital marketing relies on content marketing because this way, it is always pulling in more people and helps massively with SEO because it is all organic and can be shared around easier.

Another interesting statistic shown below is that the amount of mobile users has increased over 400% since 2007 has overtaken desktop users, although this graph ends at 2015 it is clear to see that This is due to a lot of recent advancements in technology and society, with smartphones becoming bigger, higher tech specs and more affordable for people. This also means that the market for mobile advertising and marketing also grew exponentially in size over the years.



What does this mean for the future? A lot of company’s primary focus will most likely shift to prioritizing mobile optimization over a desktop.
Here are some tips on how you would adapt to the possible shift and use mobile optimization:

  • Creating a responsive design for your website so that it runs flawlessly on mobiles and tablet devices.
  • Implementing structured data in mobile versions of site.
  • Once you have a website that runs on both mobile and desktop, ensuring that the content you post is the same throughout both device types is important.
  • Revise current link building strategies and plans to ensure you are secure.


The main predictions for digital marketing and SEO in 2017 do look quite similar to those of 2016’s… expanding the power of the mobile and also all about producing top-notch content.

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