Cloudswave Awards 2015: Introducing the 10 Best Document Management Software

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Cloudswave Awards 2015: Introducing the 10 Best Document Management Software

With mobility becoming an increasing lifestyle enhancement now more than ever, accessing your files from one device to the next, through one medium or the other, is rapidly becoming becoming a necessity.

Through the Cloudswave Score, a simple and straightforward scoring system that ranks business applications based on the ratings awarded to them by expert reviewers, we bring you the top 10 best document management software to allow you to store, access, organize, and manage your files.

1- StuffIt Deluxe | Cloudswave Score: 86


First on the list is the innovative file compression tool, StuffIt Deluxe , garnering a Cloudswave Score of 86 from a total of eight, all favorable expert reviews.

The application offers a full-featured 30-day free trial, but you will have to furnish your credit card information to activate it. If you don’t cancel within 30 days, your card will automatically be charged $49.99, the full price for a digital or physical copy.

Key features

StuffIt Deluxe compresses various file formats including JPEG, MP3, documents, and others without reducing the quality of the original file. Files can be securely uploaded, shared, and accessed from anywhere, including Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive, SendStuffNow, and Dropbox, among others.

Other key features include:

  • StuffIt Scheduler to schedule or automate file backups
  • StuffIt Destinations so users can create specific destination tiles where files can be dragged and dropped
  • StuffIt Archive Manager for more advanced browsing and search features
  • StuffIt Magic Menu to quickly access the various StuffIt Deluxe features without launching the program
  • StuffIt Magic Expander, a proprietary decompression utility which comes as an add-on to StuffIt Deluxe

What makes it unique

Many compression applications abound, but not all keeps the quality of your original file, which makes StuffIt Deluxe worth the purchase.

Bottom line

If you need a file transfer software that supports cloud storage integration, email, FTP, verification and recovery, archive extraction, and more, StuffIt Deluxe is a versatile, cost-effective and secure solution to managing electronic files.

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Interview with Fahim Niaz – Senior Product Manager at Smith Micro Software

Q1: What do you think makes your product stand out from the competition?

What makes StuffIt Deluxe stand out from the competition is that we’re able to provide compression and delivery in one package. Users can shrink photos, music and other documents without reducing quality. Files can then be accessed from anywhere, including Dropbox®, Google Drive®, Microsoft One Drive®, FTP, email and more.

Q2: Can you mention any future developments / features for your product​?

StuffIt Deluxe includes Destinations. A tool bar that floats on the user’s desktop and allows for easy drag and drop onto any destination tile. Each of these destinations tiles can be customized to either compress files or upload files to the cloud/FTP/email or perform both actions seamlessly. Future releases of the product will expand the ability to share on more cloud services.

2- Box | Cloudswave Score: 84


Next, with an aggregated Cloudswave Score of 84 from 55 expert reviewers, is cloud storage app Box . It functions like an online hard drive where you can securely store your files, organizing them as you would in your personal devices through folders. These are then synced throughout your devices and accessed through Box anytime, from anywhere.

The free plan offers up to 10 GB of data storage for one user. Collaborative packages start at $6 a month for 100 GB of storage. Box’s Business account costs $17 per month for a minimum of three users. They also have an Enterprise plan, which is a customized package, with price available upon request.

Key features

Box makes sure your files are always up-to-date. The app lets you regulate what content is available to users through its link deactivation and scheduled file deletion features.

With Box’s real-time reporting system, you know when document downloads and uploads are carried out, and when comments or threads are started about a document. Administrators get comprehensive activity reports to make certain everyone’s sharing safely.

Some of Box’s core features include:

  • Box for Outlook. This allows users to share links to files uploaded on Box from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Box for Microsoft Office and Google Docs, which allows users to access and edit files uploaded to Box through commonly used file management applications.
  • Software integrations. Box has ready-made integrations with business applications such as Salesforce, NetSuite, Jive, and others.
  • Developer platform. When building applications, tools like Box Content and Box View power developers’ content and data through user-friendly software developer kits and robust application program interfaces. Box’s HTML5-based framework, Box Embed, enables easy embedding of the Box experience on any website or application.
  • Box Notes. Box Notes is a collaborative feature that allows users to invite others to create, share, and comment on content or documents in real time.

What makes it unique

Box started out targeting the mass market, and its appeal lies in its clean, simple, easy-to-use interface. As it expands and pushes for more market share in the enterprise arena, it brings this characteristic with it, differentiating itself from more serious, complicated, enterprise document management solutions.

Bottom line

If you want enterprise-level functionality with a user-friendly interface, Box may just be the right tool for you.

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3- Dropbox | Cloudswave Score: 83


Coming in third with a Cloudswave score of 83, Dropbox  is one of the most reviewed. Out of 383 expert reviewers, 49 rated it favorable and three left mixed reviews.

Dropbox Pro is at $9.99 a month with 1 TB of storage space, additional sharing controls, and remote wipe. Dropbox’s free package, Dropbox Basic, contains 2 GB of total space and supports simple file sharing. Dropbox for Business costs $15 per user per month and comes with unlimited file recovery, file sharing controls, remote wipe, and priority support, among others. Prior to a subscription commitment, you can test Dropbox for Business for 14 days free.

Key features

Developed a little later than Box, Dropbox shares much of the same features of the online hard drive model such as online file sharing and cloud storage, with social media-like capabilities where several users can collaborate on files or documents, see the changes made in real time, and start comment threads or discussions.

Dropbox also has superb sync features so any changes to files – additions, deletions, or edits – are automatically synced throughout all your devices. Other features include:

  • Offline editing capabilities. Dropbox allows you to work on files or documents even while offline. It then automatically syncs these changes once Internet connection is established.
  • Remote wipe. When the need arises, such as when a device is stolen or the security of the device is compromised, Dropbox lets you delete all Dropbox folders on a device the next time it connects to the Internet.
  • 30 days of Undo history. This feature allows you to undelete a file or restore a document to whatever previous version you prefer. The Extended Version History add-on, which preserves all deletions and previous versions of your files for up to one year, is also available. Dropbox for Business comes with unlimited version history.

What makes it unique

Dropbox imposes no limit to the file type and size that you can upload and sync. It also lets users control their bandwidth usage so that uploading particularly large files won’t hog your Internet connection.

Bottom line

If you’re aiming for more free storage and greater file type flexibility, Dropbox is your app. It also offers its users various ways to earn free space by inviting other users to register, linking Dropbox with their Mailbox for iOS account, and even by just sending them a feedback. While Box moves on to enterprise, Dropbox still looks pretty solid in the mass consumer market.

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4- PaperPort | Cloudswave Score: 82


PaperPort  comes in fourth with a Cloudswave score of 82, with all six expert reviewers rating the app as favorable. PaperPort is an all-in-one document scanning, organizing, storing, sharing, and retrieving solution. For a one-time purchase of either a physical or digital copy, available options include PaperPort 14 at $99.99 and PaperPort Professional 14 at $199.99. PaperPort Professional 14 offers a free 15-day trial.

PaperPort Enterprise 14 allows document storage and sharing in Microsoft SharePoint, on the enterprise network, or in the cloud. Pricing is available upon request.

PaperPort developer Nuance offers PaperPort Notes, an app for iPads, as a free download to enable users to quickly capture typed text, handwritten notes, images, audio, and web content. It can be used with Dragon Naturally Speaking, Nuance’s speech recognition software, to take down notes and capture ideas by speaking.

Key features 

PaperPort Professional provides a way for companies to save time and money by eliminating paper-related costs. Instead of making actual paper printouts and copies, users can scan documents into the PaperPort database or use their digital camera to capture and upload them to a document management system of their choice.

Other features include:

  • Document scanning. PaperPort 14 magnifies the scanning capabilities of your scanner or all-in-one device by speedily transforming all paper forms into searchable PDF documents with a click of a button. This makes sharing, editing, archiving, and searching for files more convenient.
  • FormTyper. FormTyper is a convenient PaperPort functionality that allows users to quickly fill forms, reposition fields, and remove and insert new fields.
  • PDF document creation. PaperPort has its own dedicated PDF viewer and editor and allows users to create PDF files straight into the cloud.
  • Secure document creation and management. Aside from it being a more convenient and less costly way to share documents, PaperPort safeguards your documents through passwords and PDF document encryption.
  • Paper-to-text conversion. With PaperPort, you can easily convert paper into text by dragging and dropping the scanned document onto a text application in the Send-to bar. The editable text can then be used in word processors or spreadsheets.

What makes it unique

Gone are the days when you have to manually retype documents so you can edit them on a word processor. PaperPort eliminates at least an hour of mindless retyping, thanks to its paper-to-text conversion technology.

Bottom line

If you want a scanner, paper-to-text document converter, file storage and document management solution in one application, PaperPort is a good app to try. You can save on paper costs, and with less paper trail, you help preserve the environment as well.

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5- pCloud | Cloudswave Score: 81


With an aggregated Cloudswave Score of 81 from 14 expert reviewers who all viewed it as favorable, online storage and file management app pCloud  hits the fifth spot on this list. pCloud can be accessed on your mobile device via pCloud App, on your computer via pCloud Drive, and on any web-based browser via pCloud for the Web. pCloud also has a dedicated API.

A free Basic Plan from pCloud includes 20 GB of storage space. An upgrade to Premium Plan costs $3.99 per month with 500 GB of total storage. The 1 TB Premium Plus Plan costs $7.99 a month. Available to try for 14 days free, pCloud Crypto, which is currently only available for pCloud Drive, is priced at $3.99 per month for additional file protection, client-side encryption, and zero-knowledge privacy.

Key features

  • File management. With pCloud, file archiving and searching is made easy using a dedicated search field. pCloud also filters your files according to format using quick search icons and saves your deleted files in a Trash folder, which can stay there for 30 and up to an unlimited number of days, depending on your plan.
  • Unlimited capabilities. Unlike other storage providers that impose file size limitations, pCloud supports uploading of any file type and size to your account. Regardless of the account type you have, free or paid, your upload and download speeds depend on the speed set by your Internet service provider.
  • File sharing. pCloud has an Invite to Folder feature that lets you share folders to family, friends, and colleagues and designate the activities they can perform on the content: create, edit, read, or delete. Upload and download links can be generated, where upload links are used so your friends can directly upload content to your pCloud account. Download links let them download your content to their computers or devices.
  • Synchronization. pCloud supports instant synchronization across multiple computers and devices. The Automatic Upload feature on your mobile device, when turned on, automatically uploads your images, videos, audio and other file types to your pCloud account.
  • Security. For guaranteed file security, pCloud uses passwords and various data encryption methods. Subscription to pCloud Crypto provides another layer of data security for your most important documents and files.
  • File versioning and history. Previous versions of your files and folders are kept in case you need to revert to an older version. A complete access history of all your files is stored for 30 days for free accounts and 180 days for paid ones so you know how your files and folders are used.

What makes it unique

What’s cool about pCloud is its pCloud Transfer feature which allows you to instantly transfer large files, up to 5 GB, to a maximum of 10 recipients even if you haven’t yet registered an account with them.

Bottom line

pCloud supports several languages and has a clutter-free user interface. With its reliable features rivaling those of other top contenders, pCloud is a strong cloud storage alternative.

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Interview with Tunio Zafer – CEO at pCloud

Q1: What do you think makes your product stand out from the competition?

Our main priority has always been to provide our users with a fast and reliable service combined with useful features and an intuitive interface. We believe that people need to store their files online, but more importantly they need to access and use them in the most convenient way, on any device, everywhere around the world.

What makes our product stand out from the competition is the quality of the software behind pCloud. Our core development team managed to design and build form the ground up an extremely fast and innovative cloud storage service using the most advanced technologies. This helped us break the existing speed and file size limitations and give our users the best possible experience.

We recently released our new desktop client pCloud Drive, which gives our users the opportunity to open their accounts as an external drive. They are able to access and work on their files, like they would on their local hard drive, but without taking any additional space. We believe this is one of our strongest assets in the competitive cloud market.

Q2: Can you mention any future developments / features for your product​?

We are also beta testing our new accounts tailored specifically for the needs of our business clients, providing them with all of pCloud’s advanced features and an easily manageable user administration.

Simultaneously, we are working on the next huge update of our desktop application, which will include a client-side encryption, giving our users maximum security for their data. This update is expected in early February and you can find more information about it at

6- Evernote | Cloudswave Score: 80


At number six on this list, this cloud storage solution has a favorable Cloudswave Score of 80. A note- and document-keeping app aptly named Evernote , it’s also one of the most reviewed with 136 expert reviews, 127 of which are favorable.

Whether saving notes offline or online, Evernote lets you save notes in any format – handwritten, in text form, a photo of a receipt, an MP3 or interview recording, or a web clipping. You can capture whatever information you need, using whatever medium you have handy at the time, and Evernote keeps this information easily accessible and safely stored in its database, never to be lost or accidentally thrown away.

Evernote offers a free basic package with limited features. For more features, such as enhanced search features and offline access to notes via mobile, the Premium plan is priced at $5 per month. For collaborative file sharing purposes, Evernote’s Business plan is at $10 per user per month.

Key features

Some of Evernote’s notable features include:

  • Availability on the web, on Windows, Mac, and on mobile devices
  • Fast and reliable syncing
  • Snippets and web clips saving
  • Better note-taking experience with Business Notebook by Moleskin, Related Notes, and Related Results
  • Easier and less time-consuming creation of business presentations through Evernote’s Presentation Mode
  • Offline access
  • Single central repository of notes, clips and various other information, whether personal or for business
  • 60 MB of monthly data upload capacity for free accounts, 4 GB for Premium users, and 4 GB for each Evernote Business team member
  • Business level support where companies with 10 or more users can schedule phone support with Evernote’s Business Success team, besides chat or email

What makes it unique  

Compared to other file storage solutions, Evernote’s emphasis is on note-taking, which can be gleaned from its “notebooks” and “clippings” interface. It makes saving all your personal “for future reference” notes a breeze with tags. Even texts within images are searchable.

Bottom line

If you’re an employee keeping notes of company-critical data, a journalist keeping audio snippets of interviews and video clips of field work, a parent saving health and recipe links for later use, or a college student wanting to keep all your study notes together for more efficient organization and quicker access, Evernote would be ideal.

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7- Zoho Docs | Cloudswave Score: 78


Online document management system Zoho Docs  is at number 7 with a Cloudswave Score of 78. The app garnered three favorable reviews from four expert reviewers.

For a minimum of five users and a maximum of 250 GB shared storage capacity, Zoho Docs’ Standard Plan starts at $5 per user per month. Premium costs $8 per user per month for at least 10 users, with shared storage of 1,000 GB. Zoho Docs also has a free basic package with a total 5 GB storage.

Key features

Zoho Docs presents itself as “the homepage for all your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, pictures, music, videos,” and more. Zoho Docs has the capacity to let you edit various file types including PDF and .ZIP. The app also has other Zoho apps built into it – Zoho Writer for text files, Zoho Sheet for spreadsheets, and Zoho Show for presentations.

Other noteworthy features include:

  • Online chat and collaboration tool
  • Secure file sharing through role-based access controls
  • Password-protected sharing
  • Multi-level folders
  • Online workspace
  • Reviewing and tagging
  • Search
  • Admin reports
  • Complete history access
  • Document version control
  • Google App, Zoho Mail, and Dropbox integration
  • Native mobile apps for iPhones, iPads, and Androids

What makes it unique  

Reviewers rave about Zoho Docs’ interface, which is reminiscent of other commonly used desktop programs, making usage and navigation a breeze.

Bottom line

If you want an online document management platform with ready-made tools to manage your word, spreadsheet, and presentation documents in a familiar interface that also gives you the power to collaborate with other users in real-time, Zoho Docs is a good fit.

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8- WatchDox | Cloudswave Score: 78


With two favorable and one mixed reviews from three expert reviewers, the eighth on this awards list is WatchDox . The app has a weighted Cloudswave Score of 78.

WatchDox offers two pricing plans. Aimed at small and medium-sized organizations, WatchDox Business is at $15 per user per month and includes features such as workspaces, mobile apps for viewing, editing and annotating, sync clients for Macs and PCs, and file control, tracking and revocation. A free trial is available.

WatchDox for Enterprise adds SharePoint, file shares and identity connectors to the usual WatchDox Business feature set. Pricing is available upon request.

All plans can be deployed in the cloud or on-premise.

Key features

Among other things, WatchDox takes pride in its enterprise-grade security architecture that can be broken down into the following:

  • Role-based access protocols, Active Directory integration, and single sign-on and multi-factor authentication
  • Dynamic watermarking
  • Full rights management capabilities to maintain file-level control
  • Tracking and audit trail
  • SSL/TLS protocols and 256-bit AES encryption
  • Amazon Web Services’ data center availability and security
  • Data leak and data loss prevention through its proprietary next-generation data encryption
  • Secure FTP alternative by design
  • Mobile content management
  • Online collaboration
  • File share and sync
  • Remote wipe

What makes it unique

Created as your document security watchdog, WatchDox was “built from the ground up with security as a priority.”

Bottom line

If you want top-of-the-line document protection and security, WatchDox as a file storage and management platform is worth a try.

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9- SpiderOak | Cloudswave Score: 77


With a Cloudswave Score of 77, SpiderOak  makes it to number nine on the list, garnering 13 favorable and two mixed reviews out of 15 expert reviews.

With its zero-knowledge privacy promise – meaning the app’s server has absolutely no knowledge of the plain text contents of the files and documents it stores – SpiderOak’s Personal plan is at $12 per month or $129 if billed annually for a total storage space of 1TB. They also have 30 GB and 5 TB plans at $7 and $25 monthly, respectively. SpikerOak’s free trial comes with 2 GB of storage.

For solopreneurs, small and large enterprises, SpiderOak offers four different monthly plans, depending on the number of users, features and storage bandwidth you need: Professional at $12, Blue SMB at $5 per user, and Blue Enterprise (both hosted and private cloud) at $5 per user.

Key features

Focused on simplifying data backup, synchronization, access, and management, SpiderOak markets itself as an online backup tool. Aside from its zero-knowledge, 100% privacy promise, other features worth noting are:

  • Hive. File syncing is not a problem with the SpiderOak Hive folder where you can drag and drop files without installing anything. Automatic syncing is enabled all the time you’re connected, granting you same-file access across all your devices.
  • ShareRoom. This feature allows other users to access specified files/folders using a unique URL, a ShareID or RoomKey.
  • Mobile. Available to various computer and mobile platforms such as Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and N900 Maemo, this tool lets the user keep duplicates of their important or personal data.

What makes it unique

One strong selling point for SpiderOak is its claim that not even their employees have access to user data stored on their servers. Data is encrypted end-to-end, and only the user has the power to decrypt it using his/her password, which is never stored in the SpiderOak database.

SpiderOak is also partially open source, with the company planning to make it fully open source in the future, which is good news for those wanting more customization capabilities.

Bottom line

Gadgets, hard drives, and backup discs that get lost, destroyed, or compromised can be replaced. The loss of critical project data, sensitive business information, or personal files, however, is undeniably hard to deal with. SpiderOak positions itself against this fear of data loss by emphasizing their user-friendly, noninvasive, secure, and space-efficient (no more stacks of external hard drives, USBs, and backup CDs) file backup solution.

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10- Dropmark | Cloudswave Score: 76


Last but not the least is the visually arresting online file storage and management tool Dropmark  with a Cloudswave score of 76. All five expert reviews are favorable.

Dropmark has a free Lite package with basic features. Pro costs $4 per month, if billed annually. Team is priced at $5 per user per month, and pricing for Enterprise, which includes the features of other paid plans plus priority support, 100+ users, custom branding, and more, can be availed upon request.

Key features

Dropmark has a highly visual, easy-to-use interface that allows users to drag and drop files into “collections,” where you can decide who gets to see what and how to present the material.

The result is beautiful – a visual presentation of your featured, personal files collection. Dropmark can also be used to collaboratively create podcasts, playlists, mood boards, slideshows, and so on by dragging audio and video materials from your computer, Vimeo, YouTube, or SoundCloud. To make file upload to Dropmark easier, simply install its Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browser extension.

What makes it unique 

What differentiates Dropmark from its peers is its leaning towards visual aesthetics. Anyone can upload and save files to any online backup storage app, but Dropmark refuses to adopt another boring list- or folder-type interface.

Bottom line

As has already been said, Dropmark ups the fun and interesting in file storage. Without complicating things, you can put together collections of all the things you find important to make a beautiful gallery.

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Final word 

With increased mobility and globalization, file storage and sharing apps will flourish. As more and more companies realize the value of the cloud for business continuity, it can get pretty difficult to find the best fit. With Cloudswave Score’s top 10 of the best document management software solutions, we aspire to bring you the best according to market sentiment.

Please comment below if you have any questions or suggestions with any part of this.

Good luck, and talk to you below!

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