6 Things to Look For In an SEO Expert

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6 things to look for in an SEO expert
Are you a website owner struggling to attract traffic to your site? Have you tried all techniques to rank high on search engine result pages (SERPs) to no avail? Do you believe there is no way to learn Google algorithm to improve your ranking? If you have answered yes to these questions you are most likely one of those who believe search engine optimization (SEO) is a myth. Well, you just have to check your competition to know that SEO is alive and kicking.

If your website is not ranking highly on SERPs your target audience simply doesn’t know you exist and most likely they have moved on. If you are relying on web traffic it is time to invest in an SEO specialist to leverage the growing numbers of internet users. There are so many SEO experts out there and many scams and as a website owner it behooves upon you to be on the lookout. Here are some things your SEO expert must have:

          1. Experience


Every SEO professional will claim to be a specialist but for how long have they worked in this industry? The more the years they have been in the industry the better.  An experienced SEO specialist will bring in the technical expertise to audit the site architecture, determine how search engine crawlers view your site and more importantly understand the trending SEO practices. If they have been in the industry for some time they will also understand Google Webmaster Guidelines to avoid penalties when deploying SEO techniques as this would affect your ranking.

          2. Marketing Savvy


SEO is technically speaking an important part of your marketing strategy. While the initial stages will involve web audit to determine the site structure, your SEO specialist must appreciate the larger picture in boosting your ranking and improving SERPs ranking. A good SEO strategist must enquire about your marketing goals when taking a project and they should demonstrate some knowhow on how best to promote your business. All the tools deployed by the specialist should aid customer experience and boost your business.

          3. Communication Skills


While SEO is a technical undertaking you have to appreciate the importance of communication in the smooth flow of the project.  You will hand over your website to someone else and for this reason you need to constantly get updates on what they are doing behind the scenes. You have to know how the project is going on which means regular updates have to be provided on the development of the SEO campaign.  During initial consultations make sure you assess how well you are communicating with the SEO specialist before hiring.

          4. Team Working

Team work

SEO experts will have to interact with your in-house IT staff or the web administrator. Research shows that most SEO projects fail because there is no cohesion between a website owner’s team and the incoming SEO team.  As such evaluate whether the SEO has team working skills to guarantee conducive working environment. It is important to hold a consultative meeting between both parties to create a common ground on how the project will continue. More importantly, agree on how communication between both parties will be maintained to avoid any collisions.

          5. Well-rounded Expertise

well-rounded expertise

Your SEO specialist needs to have a well-rounded perspective in order to meet your business objective. For a start they have to understand your brand, objectives, current marketing goals, the competition and your products.  What are you selling? How will the SEO campaign fit into your current marketing goals?  All these considerations will go hand in hand with the structuring your website. The SEO specialist will have to understand your audience and use the techniques that are appropriate for that audience. More importantly, they must have the technical skills required to structure your site in order to attract traffic.

          6. Innovation


Is your SEO specialist still stuck on link building wheels? If so, you better look for an alternative because SEO is a volatile industry where things change in a matter of seconds.  Today the SEO trends that were popular last year are obsolete. If your SEO is not talking about voice search, responsive web, mobile optimization, long tail keywords among other techniques you are losing out.  Always work with someone who is bold enough to try new ideas to guarantee better ROI.

Search engine optimization still remains the only tool to guarantee a better ROI for your online business. Go ahead and hire an SEO specialist who truly understands your business in order to leverage the growing internet market.


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