5 Great CRM Software You Need to Know

5 Great CRM Software You Need to Know

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No matter what type of B2B business you are running, in today’s digital environment you have to get on board with high quality CRM software.

Sales and marketing has become so globalized and competition is so fierce, that you must make maximum use of your time each day and get maximum output from each sales and marketing effort.

You can be sure that your competitors will be using CRM software to fine tune, expedite, and track their sales efforts.

Without your own CRM, your sales associates simply will not be able to compete and will lose out on winnable prospects.

Luckily, there is a wealth of CRM resources available to you.

Some of these programs are extremely expensive, and although they provide great features, they may not be realistic or necessary for every small and medium-sized business.

Here are 5 Great CRM Software you really need to check out that can totally overhaul your sales capabilities and that won’t break the bank either.

1) Pipeliner CRM

Pipeliner stands out as a CRM platform with a focus on sales.

It allows sales managers and their teams of sales professionals to create, track, and manage their sales processes from end to end – meaning, from the time a lead made first contact with the company until after they’ve made a purchase.

Built on a framework that’s highly customizable and powered by drag-and-drop technology, Pipeliner is equipped with features that support:

  • Account management
  • Contact management
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management
  • Pipeline management
  • Sales management
  • Productivity
  • Reporting
  • Online and offline CRM
  • Task scheduling
  • Document management
  • Integrations with third-party business tools

Subscription to Pipeliner CRM starts at $35 per user per month.


2) Teamgate

Used by companies such as Bauer, Avis, Eurocash, and FranklinCovey, Teamgate is a great CRM software that supports sales management, sales forecasting, insights, lead tracking, pipeline management, customer management, email automation, and reporting and analytics.

It allows users to capture and convert leads, track the sales process from beginning to end, generate actionable reports, and make informed, solid decisions based on those reports.

Teamgate lets you track and gauge individual, team, and enterprise sales performance versus targets, and the software’s visual reporting tools such as graphs and charts show sales managers how everyone’s efforts are faring in real time.

Teamgate follows a simple and straightforward pricing strategy: $21 per user per month, if paid annually.


3) Sellsy

Not only is Sellsy a fully capable and powerful CRM program, but it’s a fantastic value.

Sellsy software offers all the standard CRM features, but it can also help with invoicing and expense tracking. This is great for small businesses because you can get all these functions in one platform.

For businesses who don’t have a large staff that focuses on invoicing and expenses, this can make it very easy for the sales associates to go directly from quoting and communicating with clients to invoicing them. Coming in under $31.00 a month, it’s an unbelievable value.


4) Work ETC

Work ETC is a CRM platform that also has some billing functionality. One of the strengths of the interface is its ease of use, but it also lets users input an amazing amount of customer information and details.

This helps sales associates keep track of the hundreds of prospects they may be juggling at one time, and with the program, sorting and grouping these contacts is simple as well.

The platform is easy to learn at first, but users will also be able to pick up the more advanced features over time. At $39 per month, this is a great CRM software that lets small businesses hit the ground running.



5) Infusionsoft

Though the other software platforms on this list are less known alternatives to popular CRM products, Infusionsoft already has a great reputation for being an incredibly powerful sales and marketing software.

If your company focuses on ecommerce, Infusionsoft is one of the best pieces of software for you. It offers robust tools for both email marketing and ecommerce, so companies that are doing their business online will find amazing functionality.

Organizing sales contacts and creating targeted email blasts is very easy. You can even automate some of the functions and email blasts, so that certain leads are automatically sent specific emails based on their activity on your website or their latest sales activity.

This program can save a company an incredible amount of time and vastly improve their email marketing. The only downside to Infusionsoft is its high price tag.

Unlike the other platforms on this list, Infusionsoft will cost you a much larger initial investment.

The basic software package is $199 per month, and because the interface is often confusing for beginners, you’ll also have to pay for training.

Still, once it has been set up, you will likely see your online revenues go through the roof.




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Final Word

These are just five of the great CRM software currently on the market.

All of these platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, so depending on your business and its most critical needs, you will have to decide which program would provide the most value to you.

All CRM programs require a large investment of time and money, but the day of the rolodex is over, and businesses who don’t invest in these technologies have a hard time competing with the ones that do. We all know how the Internet has become a tremendous driver of sales and marketing.

It’s important that your business takes full advantage of the technology that’s out there, so that you can make your sales more efficient and more effective than ever.

For more of the best CRM tools, Cloudswave maintains a comprehensive list of web-based business applications.

Essential Guide to CRM Software

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