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Compare and Read Reviews for the Best Project Management Software85 results

Find Critic and User Reviews for 85 Project Management software

  • By Sellsy
Sellsy is your all-in-one solution for sales management: CRM pipelines, Invoicing, Timetracking, Helpdesk, ERP, POS and much more convenient featur...
By Powernoodle

Powernoodle is a thought leader in leveraging the cloud to help everyone make better decisions. From small teams to large enterprises, the platform enables collaborative, impact...

By Smartsheet

Smartsheet's cloud worksheets redefine how teams collaborate on projects and tasks. The web-based tool combines a familiar spreadsheet-like interface with file sharing, automate...

By Paymo

Paymo is the ideal solution for development teams, creative agencies, accountants, consultants, non-profits and teams that need to track time, manage projects and easily create ...

Atlassian Jira
By Atlassian

JIRA provides issue tracking and project tracking for software development teams to improve code quality and the speed of development.Combining a clean, fast interface for captu...

By Citrix Systems

Online work platform with everything you need to get your work done smarter. You can work with everyone on Podio: with your co-workers or with your clients in dedicated work spa...

By ProofHub

ProofHub is a web based project management software that helps to manage, discuss and communicate with team members and clients at one central place. It provides features like g...

Pivotal Tracker
By Pivotallab

Pivotal Tracker is an award-winning, simple, effective, agile project management tool that allows your team to collaborate around a shared backlog of stories in real time. Pivot...

Comindware Project
By Comindware

Comindware Project is a professional Project Management solution for Project Managers and team members that brings an innovative technology for efficient project planning, execu...

By Teamwork.com

Teamwork is an easy to use online project management app that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. By using Teamwork.com, y...

By Planbox

Planbox is an Agile project management tool that allows members of multiple business functions to plan, collaborate and deliver projects. It goes beyond software development and...

By Wrike

Wrike is an online project management tool that makes juggling multiple projects easier. The activity newsfeed and customized folder/subfolder & task/subtask organization he...

Project Drive
By TGMT Systems Inc.

Empowering you to optimize your everyday work needs, Project Drive is an intuitive, web-based solution for your project management needs. Collaboration and communication being t...

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What is it ?

Project Management Software is becoming essential to the organization and to the implementation of business activities. Depending on the software’s sophistication, it can manage planning and monitoring of activities, cost containment as well as distribution as well as controlling the stream of information. These versatile tools are adapted to the needs of small and large businesses, and are often complementary of CRM and integrated management package.


Planning and monitoring of activities 

It is one of the principal functionality of Project Management Software that is really a time management tool in the first place: it allows the division of projects into several steps, spreading out and coordinating tasks attributed to each team as well as fixing a time table of implementation and deadlines. According to the number of persons engaged in a project, planning is more or less complex, but these tools must permit to:

  • Correctly plan a project according to the production of interdependent tasks
  • Evaluate and affect the (human, material) “resources” necessary to the production of a project, according to the identifiable
  • needs
  • Manage the potential delays affecting the production timetable of the project.
  • Reinforce the internal collaboration of workgroups

Cost Containment

Time management, human resources, and personnel are very well interlinked to the aspects of project’s financial management. Project Management software is supposed to allow the finalization of the entire project within the time limit corresponding to the allocated budget thereto. On the other hand, the tool does not replace the remarks relative to the organizational constraints that strongly determine the implementation of a project: roles and functions precisely attributed to the workers, respecting the implementation specifications, software tool training (particularly if it integrates a working component).

Distribution, sharing and managing the flow of information

Project management software permits the supplying of information at different levels (shared or not) to the members of a project --managers and/or workers--. Amongst others:

  • List of tasks
  • Sharing of documents
  • General presentation (ex: graphic) of the necessary time for the production of a task
  • Recapitulation of the project’s progress and gap between the objectives achieved and planned objectives
  • Alert on the eventual risks affecting the smooth progress of a project
  • Information on workload and holiday planning
  • Optimization of the use of unused resources like “free” time for example

How to choose your tool 

During your analysis, we recommend that you concentrate on the following components:

  • Multi-Project Management: Take in consideration the number of projects that the software allows you to launch in the platform. In fact, numerous softwares that may not seem expensive at first glance see their running cost rapidly increase as you add projects
  • Ergonomy: User-friendly softwares can make you gain a great deal of time
  • User role: Make sure that the software allows multiple accesses for your team members and also allows you to manage specific roles: It is not necessary for all team members to have access to the same type of information
  • Reporting: Reporting must be rich (gantt diagram...) and made up of numerous indicators allowing you a precise monitoring
  • Notifications management: Notifications can make the task easier for you as it enables to inform the team members on the tasks’ advancements

In a more general way, one can classify the evaluation criteria in 2 groups: General functional criteria (conventional functions: gantt, timesheet, task list...) and more subjective criteria that are directly correlated with your daily operations. Setting in place a project management tool will most likely have a direct influence on the entire production, and thus, on the entire business. Taking the right decisions from the beginning of the selection and implementation process is therefore critical.