FreshBooks Plan Super Guide

Bookkeeping is an important part of maintaining a business, and most people think that QuickBooks is the only solution. QuickBooks, however, is expensive, complex, and uses clunky and slow Flash technology. FreshBooks saw an opportunity to disrupt the bookkeeping market, and their service has become popular for a number of reasons, not the least of Continue reading →

Product Review – Solve360

It is known that today it is important for companies to add social media to their traditional communication strategy so as to create closer links with its customers and better integration within the organizational teams. A new concept has been introduced in the industry by a cloud based application – named, Solve360 – to integrate Continue reading →

Product Review – BrightEdge

The contemporary business environment is the one of having a strong online presence and bringing visitors to one’s site. Search Engine Optimization is extremely important for a business to grow and even to sustain its presence in consumer markets. Today, a business is expected to look simultaneously after development of new areas, have a rapid Continue reading →

Product Review – CentralDesktop

Marketing communication is one of the most extensive and time consuming activities in contemporary businesses. The reason for such phenomenon is that marketing requires involvement of a large number of team members and perhaps no other function of an organization comprises of brain storming activities and exchange of ideas as marketing. Also, marketing communication takes Continue reading →